Love Live School Idol Project Movie Lallu Cosplay, Italy

Good day everyone! For our Cosplay Interview today, I would like to feature another exceptional cosplayer from one of the European Countries. She comes from Italy and does an Umi Sonoda Cosplay with Cyber Bunny and Cheongsam from Love Live School Idol Project Movie. 

Her name is Lallu Cosplay, She does a bunch of Cosplay from characters like Noel Aiiro, Mew Mew Lettuce, Luka Megurine, and many more. I’m super excited to share with you her life story about cosplaying. 

Thank you again to you Lallu Cosplay for taking part of our interview and being open to everything about your cosplay life. Let’s all welcome Ms. Laura and her outstanding works! 

Love Live School Idol Project Movie

Love Live School Idol Project Movie

Umi Sonoda Cyber Bunny photo by Teito ph&gr

Hey there! My name is Laura, I’m 22 and I live in Italy, more precisely in Bologna! In Italy, the world of cosplay is very extensive! The conventions are from north to south of the country, but I usually take part in the north! My favorites are Sigurtà Park near Verona, Lucca Comics & Games (the biggest convention in Italy!) and absolutely Riminicomix!

I discovered cosplays in 2012 when I was 17! already in the “nerd” environment of comics and video games, I took part in the conventions with my friends since then. I always saw so many people dressed as cartoon characters, I saw how much passion they put in the interpretation and so I wanted to try too.

But the main reason that pushed me into this world is another: I wanted to get out of the shell and try something new! I found myself right away, I met fantastic people who are my friends with whom I share this passion!

First Convention and Experiences

Umi Sonoda Cyber Bunny photo by Teito ph&gr

Umi Sonoda Cyber Bunny photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

Ah, how to forget! The first convention I attended as cosplayer was Riminicomix in 2012. It was summer, it was a tremendous heat and I dressed as Luka Megurine’s cosplay in Magnet version with a friend as Miku Hatsune.

As the first convention was tough, we dressed an unsuitable cosplay at July’s temperature even though our sleeves were short, we dressed all in black! Riminicomix is a convention in part in a park and partly on the beach! We went directly to the beach at 5 pm.

We saw the wonderful photos of the last years that the cosplayers took by the sea and we wanted to try it too! But with the sun in the face, the hellish heat, the sea and sand winds about our photos shortly afterward we looked like two scumbag maracas! LOL!!

The memorable fact of that convention was that we started to learn the pros and cons of making cosplay. Looking at my recent photos, I’m so much better! It was also important to study poses, how to style a wig, how to do as better as possible the make-up and finally to start sewing and make everything (or almost) by myself!


Umi Sonoda Cyber Bunny photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

Umi Sonoda Cyber Bunny photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

My first costume entirely made by me was Inori Yuzuriha’s cosplay from Guilty Crown anime. It was 2013 (it’s amazing how at this moment I can remember the time that’s gone, I usually have a bad memory!) And I still didn’t have good sewing skills, so I decided to commission it to a dressmaker that I didn’t know.

But when I got home it was horrible! There seems lost threads from all parts, some of these fixed with hot glue! In two weeks to the convention I decided to redo it, so I followed many tutorials and I still like the result!

As a tailor-made costume, it’s not a bad result, but then I tried again with other models!

Other cosplays I made are:
  • Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,
  • Liz Thompson from Soul Eater,
  • Ashe from League of Legends in the base skin version and pool party version invented by me,
  • Chisaki Hiradaira from Nagi No Asukara in the Art book version,
  • Kida from Atlantis The Lost Empire and I did also the
  • Milo’s cosplay for my boyfriend,
  • Luka Megurine from VOCALOID in Just Be Friends and in the Christmas versions,
  • Mew Mew Lettuce from Tokyo Mew Mew,
  • Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica,
  • Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games,
  • Black Lotus from Accel World in the first OVA version,
  • Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto in the child version and I worked on some missing details in costumes I bought used or from websites.
Lallu cosplay photo by Cherries & Bubbles Photography

Lallu cosplay photo by Cherries & Bubbles Photography

I’m not very good to make armors and weapons, in fact, most often I commission them, I still have to work it on a lot! The only armor costume I realized was the Black Lotus cosplay!

The wings of the costume made of foam with a plywood base to keep them stiff at the support. The arms and legs armor were also made of foam. I redid it five times because before to get a good result all the other attempts before were terrible!

But finally, I succeeded! The costume I am most proud of is now Mew Mew Lettuce, is a character that sums up my childhood and that’s why I love it so much!

Making the cosplay was not easy, I also had to do it quickly because between university and work sometimes I don’t do it in time! Also, for this reason, I often commission my costumes to the amateur tailor I trust, I am trying to graduate and do my best to have enough time for both things: my life and my passion.

Unforgettable Experience

Luka Megurine photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

Luka Megurine photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

When some let to stretch them hands I can’t stand it! Many times it happens that they are asking me to take a photo together and then, standing next to me, they hold my hips or my bottom. Cosplay does not consent! …to do whatever you want!

Definition of Cosplayer

Umi Sonoda photo by 91Cam

Umi Sonoda photo by 91Cam

Being a cosplayer has pros and cons like about all the things that exist in the world! Let’s start from the cons: people tend to criticize, they often tell me to stop it with these “children’s things” as if cosplays were carnival costumes.

Even my parents in the early years saw this thing as stupid, then they realized how important it was for me and they accepted it and still support me to continue this passion.

And here’s the pros: being a cosplayer makes me happy, seeing a costume made by myself makes me proud, having met fantastic people who share my passion with me makes me complete.

What about the community? In 2012 it was all different, now it’s all in competition at least in Italy. The cause of all this in my opinion is given by the social that impose a model and if you don’t respect it you suck.

But at the same time I think if something like a cosplay makes me so happy to even forget about my troubles for a day, then it’s worth keeping it and overcoming the bullying created.

This passion or hobby helps my self-esteem which, by getting myself out, also delights me. And I began to love this environment more than myself, with its pros and cons, because despite everything when approaching a convention I feel alive more than ever.


Noel Aiiro photo by Giorgia Cingolani PH

Noel Aiiro photo by Giorgia Cingolani PH

I met so many cosplayers going to conventions! Many of these, most of them, became my friends! Others are friends who I almost never see because of the distance, but good or bad all my dearest friends are cosplayers!

Entering into this world to gave me a lot of encouragement and thrust were also world-famous cosplayers, such as Kamui and many more. I recommend you to give chance to many Italian cosplayers, some are really professional!

I don’t know who to recommend, certainly someone who has little visibility, a bit like me. Among my friends there are so many examples I could cite, I really don’t know how to decide! But surely I would make my choice on male cosplayers, which unfortunately aren’t often noticed.

One of these is surely my friend Mattia, tailor-made is perhaps very good because it’s also a bit of his job! 


Chisaki Hiradaira photo by Cherries & Bubbles Photography

Chisaki Hiradaira photo by Cherries & Bubbles Photography

Well, as I already said, here the competition is a strong point. The more you are competitive, the more you get the rewards. I don’t want to have any prizes or to be competitive because I think the competition takes the fun away.

I have never been invited to events as “protagonist”, but I have won some competitions at the exhibitions I made in cosplay! Sincerely, my goal is not to be famous, but rather to have fun and if someone at the convention stops me because he or she follows me I enjoy it!

It’s already happened and I’m really happy about it! This is enough having people who follow me and who like what I do!

Piece of Advice

Umi Sonoda photo by 91Cam

Umi Sonoda photo by 91Cam

Believe in what you do, if you want you can! This is my motto, whether for cosplay or for other things in my life, this is my guide. So, first advice: don’t give up, there will be people who will try to stop you, don’t bother you!

As for being a cosmaker or whatever you want to do, you can learn everything, just want it! Are you wrong? Please try again until you get the result you want. I learned by following tutorials, asking for help, experimenting with the fabrics and slowly my experience grew and I with it!

Try it, do it wrong, do it again, get angry if you want, but go ahead! I recommend a very wise technique to the big feet like me! Finding shoes of a very large number is difficult, for cosplay could be a real problem!

But often I use the shoes I put on daily, I simply cover my shoes with fabric to not ruin them or with foam if its special cosplay shoes. You can find many tutorials to cover your shoes, like this: HERE

Open Message

Mew Retasu photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

Mew Retasu photo by Valli Cosplay Photographer

You can find me at Mantova Comics & Games on the 2-3-4 March! I will probably be dressed as Umi Sonoda in the bridal version with a complete group of idols!

Thanks for coming down here! I hope I didn’t get bored! I had a lot of fun and I hope I have sent all my love of cosplays!

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Love Live School Idol Project Movie Lallu Cosplay, Italy

Lallu Cosplay Cover Pin

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