Une Jounée in The Louvre Paris

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61 Responses

  1. Fantastic description and eye catching pictures. ✌️

  2. Seafox says:

    So dreamy.Great photography.I cant wait to go there some day! 🙂

  3. RoseNapoleon says:

    I love Paris ! Beautiful pictures 🙂

  4. restlessjo says:

    There was so much to see and do that we never made it into the Louvre so thank you for the guided tour. 🙂

  5. iballrtw says:

    You’ve done a very good job showing us the Louvre.

  6. Great Pictures! I love Paris, such a beautiful place to visit.

  7. Bellewether says:

    Great post! Some of my favourite exhibits 🙂 One day is really not enough there..

  8. I’ve been and it’s amazing there. The place is huge and the decor is amazing. Each room has something amazing every where

  9. Wonderful post and beautiful photos! I would love to visit the Louvre!

  10. Sadly we missed a trip to the Louve when we were in Paris. Clearly we really missed out! But all the more reason for another trip

  11. The Compass Is Calling says:

    Great info! I almost felt like I was there with all of the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  12. lloyd says:

    Great post and fantastic photos! the collection they have is just unreal! i must visit this place 🙂 thanks for the great share

  13. Great information, thank you. Paris is still my favourite city on the planet and Le Louvre is a must do but my favourite place to see art in Paris is Musee D’Orsay, have you been?

  14. Natalia says:

    Great pictures! I’ve been to Pars quite a few times but never went inside the louvre, looks like next time I’ll go in!

  15. Who do I do says:

    Paris is the city I could visit again and again! I haven’t been to the Louvre for years. Looks like I’ll need to make a return trip! Excellent pics!

  16. Ruth says:

    Great article. And great photos! There are usually so many people looking at the Mona Lisa it’s hard to get a shot like that.

  17. I would love to go to the Louvre! The only thing that always held me back was the tales of huge crowds and infinite queues, it seems they weren’t wrong!

  18. Joyce says:

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed article! The Louvre is not a place you can rush at all to see everything…

  19. Lovre, Paris was in my bucketlist since the time I have read the book ‘Da Vinci Code’, would like to visit there soon.

  20. Lyf&Spice says:

    I’m impressed by the way you managed to roam around Paris in a single day. I guess you did the best you could do. Would love to people-watch, walk the streets and gaze at art galleries when I head there. You’ve shared some really beautiful pictures there. Cheers!!

  21. Sam Sparrow says:

    I have to admit that I never got on with Paris, and I visited the outside of the Louvre but never got the chance to go inside – you’ve convinced me I need to give it another go!

  22. DTG says:

    I have not been to Paris in a long time, thanks for all the information and gorgeous photos, think I need to take a trip to Paris again soon Love your blog.

  23. Hra Karidi says:

    I have been there!! Louvre is amazing!! Perfect photos, you make me remember this place! Thank you 🙂

  24. pip_says says:

    I LOVE Paris, what amazing photos you have taken. I really need to get back there asap, I have been utterly inspired with this post

  25. Yeshi says:

    Your pictures speak volumes, this is definitely on my travel list and you’ve made it all the more exciting!

  26. Gabrielle Rae Travis says:

    Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. spleendingo says:

    That is awesome that you got to experience it! 7 million visitors a year….wow. I knew it was popular but never thought that many people! 😃

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