Loki Thor Cosplay by Elena Asgard, Greece

Good day Anime and Cosplay lovers! now we’re up to the next featured cosplayer of the week. I’m sure you’re curious about the Loki Thor Cosplay by one of the Cosplay artists in the astonishing country of Greece. 

Are you ready to see her cosplay works? I’m sure you do. First up, Let me introduce you a brief story of this cosplayer star. She’s actually recommended by one of the cosplayers that we’ve interviewed before. 

Her cosplay works are stunningly amazing! I adored her Maleficent Cosplay and as well as her Diablo Crusader but this time I will show you one of the best of her works which is Loki Thor Genderbend Cosplay.

I would like to thank you again, Ms. Elena, for giving us the chance to know you more and for sharing us your beautiful cosplayer experiences.

Loki Thor Cosplay

Loki Thor Cosplay

Loki Thor (Genderbend) photo by Karachiel & Lady of Barians Cosplay

Hey everyone! My name is Elena, I’m 19 years old and I’m a cosplayer on wheels! My cosplay nickname is Elena of Asgard and I’m from Athens, Greece! I’m also in college studying on International Hospitality Management.

I discovered the art of cosplay 5 years ago from a random photo of another cosplayer online! It seemed really exciting, so I decided to give it a try after a while.

First Convention and Experiences

Loki Thor

Loki Thor Genderbend photo by Karachiel & Lady of Barians Cosplay

My very first convention was ComicDom Con in Athens back in 2014, when I had cosplayed as a plain version of Loki. I was feeling kinda nervous at the beginning but then I realized that it was actually so much fun!

However, the most memorable convention was a fantasy one, it’s called Excalibur if I’m not wrong, and I had cosplayed as Arwen from Lord of the Rings. I remember a little girl asking her mother why I was in a wheelchair and she answered that since I was a princess I needed a throne.

It was such a moving moment! Moreover, last year I had the amazing opportunity to meet Ron Marz, one of the creators of my favorite comic character, The Magdalena (one of the characters I’ve cosplayed)

He said, he loved my costume and he even uploaded a photo on his page. It was so awesome and I felt so proud of my work!


Loki Thor Genderbend

Loki Thor Genderbend photo by Karachiel & Lady of Barians Cosplay

To be honest, I’m not good at sewing, that’s why I always choose cosplays with armors and just a cape or something. My mother and my grandma help me a lot at the sewing part. So I’m basically more of a craft-lover!

I think I have created around 10 costumes. All of them my armors and I’m using many techniques and materials. For instance, one of my favorite materials is craft foam. You can literally make ANYTHING with it!

It’s really affordable and such a great material. I’ve even used worbla in a couple of costumes though, but I can’t say I love it. I guess some people like it, some people don’t. I prefer working with the foam family!

Elena Loki Cosplay

Loki Thor Genderbend photo from Elena Asgard

This is a list of the costumes I’ve made:

  1.  Loki (I only made some parts of it)
  2. Arwen (I only made some parts of it)
  3. Maleficent
  4. Blue Twi’lek Jedi
  5. Magdalena
  6. Blood Knight Elf
  7. Lady Loki – Armor Version
  8. Crusader Diablo
  9. Amazon (from Wonder Woman)
  10. Chloë Frazer (I only made some parts of it)

My favorite one is Magdalena from the Top Cow comics. We have many things in common and it was one of the most detailed costumes I’ve made! I love both the colors of it and the whole design!

Unforgettable Experience

The Magdalena

Magdalena photo by Captain Marvel Cosplay

Well, everyone has unfortunate moments, let’s say, mine was around 2-3 years ago when a part of a costume of mine just collapsed five minutes before leaving for the convention, even though I had checked and tried everything more than three times.

I think it was one of the hardest times I’ve had while cosplaying. Luckily nothing’s got ruined during a convention all these years!

Definition of Cosplayer


Maleficent photo by Spirosk Photography

A cosplayer for me is an artist in many ways!

We design costumes, we create them, we paint them, we need to have makeup skills, we act And we are entertainers all at once. The best part about it besides the creativity is the way we inspire others and make them happy!

Making someone smile is one of the greatest gifts you can make to yourself! Especially making kids happy. Oh, making a child smile is totally amazing!


Maleficent Cosplay

Maleficent photo by Spirosk Photography

Meeting other cosplayers is pretty easy when you attend conventions. My role model in the cosplay world was an old friend of mine and ex-cosplayer.

I wouldn’t like to mention his name but other famous cosplayers who inspire me are Misa On Wheels, Kamui Cosplay, Iron Pirate, Loki Of Asgard (AKA Medieval Loki), Leon Chiro and many more.

You should definitely interview Lady Of Barians, Captain Marvel, and Raikoh Cosplay. They are all some of the most amazingly talented Greek Cosplayers and I admire them so much!


Crusader Cosplay

Crusader photo from Game Athlon

I suppose my greatest achievement is the development of my crafting skills. Also, the huge support on my Instagram and Facebook pages from my amazing followers have helped me A LOT all this time!

I’m not planning to make anything else in the cosplay community since my goal was to improve my skills. I really want to create another version of The Magdalena someday though, just for a photoshoot or something!

However, my cosplay career is over and I’m actually an ex-cosplayer so I have no other plans. I did what I wanted to do and I’m so happy that I have some amazing memories of this artistic journey!

Piece of Advice

Crusader photo by Makis Gonatas

Crusader photo by Makis Gonatas

What I want to say to all the new cosplayers is enjoy every single moment in this community. Always keep in mind that your main goal is to have fun and don’t get into any cosplay drama (cause we have plenty of it).

Never underestimate your skills and don’t be afraid to go out there and show what you’re capable of! We can’t be excellent from the beginning. Nobody was.

But practice makes us better and trust me, positivity always makes things easier! So be positive, enjoy it, be creative and NEVER EVER stop trying.

Having and making dreams is fantastic! But making those dreams come true is out of this world!

Open Message

Elena Spanou

You will probably see me at AthensCon (Greece) I’ll keep attending cons even without cosplaying. I didn’t mention that before but I’m into vintage related stuff so you can also see me at vintage events around Athens. I’ll be announcing everything on my Instagram page shortly!

You can also visit my Vintage blog here: A VINTAGE ATHENIAN

If you want to be featured on my blog, do some collaboration etc. just contact me! I love new ideas and working with other positive people is my favorite!

I’m working on many vintage (40’s to 50’s) projects (costumes, photo shoots, collaborations etc.,) and I’m planning to even have my own vintage events in the future.

If you want to follow my journey in this just follow my Instagram account and check out my blog!

Thank you so much for this amazing interview!

Elena of Asgard Pin

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