Lisbon, Unforgettable week in Portugal – One Day Travel Guide

Lisbon is one of the Cities in Portugal that attracted me most, with its Language Portuguese that with some Spanish similarities which I’m culturally influenced. Also, know as Lisboa for Portuguese people, this city is very rich it filled with wonderful places and beautiful kind people, very friendly and helpful.

Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugral

To start my adventure in this incredible Country, It was my first time, I’ll tell you first what did I’ve planned for this trip.

A hotel from IHG in the city center not so far from a subway station, we rented a car from Six so we can do a little tour to other cities proximity from the area. You can check here other places Where To Stay In Lisbon 

From the City Center itself, you can see this city is really vibrant, colorful, and very welcoming. I also bought this little book for travel guide called Cartoville Lisbon (French version) but as for me, I do like to follow this booklet just for city map reason not to be lost in worse case scenario.

Our Adventure in Lisbon

lisbon portugal hotel
I didn’t buy any prepaid ticket for visiting museums or tours or other kinds of stuff online for this vacation.

For the first day, We ask a full City Map from the reception at the hotel and ask some details about the place,

  • Where to eat,
  • Best and cheap restaurant around.
  • Interesting places to visit in near areas if its walking distance or not,
  • Don’t forget to ask for the weather for the week so you can at least bring umbrella with you,
  • Nearest supermarket,
  • Easiest ways to get to the subway stations,

This is a must to do before leaving the hotel for a tour, however, compare to other after arranging personal stuff in my room I won’t go out for a tour directly instead

I normally go out for a shopping, No! just kidding it’s actually groceries the most important part of my voyage. If you want to save while traveling this is the best solution but you can always go to eat outside if you like everybody has their own choice.

Botanic Garden

botanic garden lisbon

There were a lot of featured places in this Cartoville, however personally I don’t follow all this guide cause sometimes I prefer to explore more on my own. If ever I’ll feel lost I can certainly look back on the booklet.
On that first day after buying groceries and everything that we need to the rest of the days, we went out for a short walk.

It was 16h00 and still the sun is shining so it was a perfect timing for a walk. We went to the famous Park/Garden called Botanic Garden, which has a Historical museum inside.

A Museum for 15 minutes walks in the vicinity.

botanic garden LisbonInside the garden, there were lakes and big bamboos, butterflies and animals around and even cascade-like figures as seen here in my lovely photos, a walk which took us about an hour and that’s it for our first day.

Lisbon City Center

lisbon city centre

The second day was more things to do, the hotel has breakfast included so we ate as much as we can. Our route is to go to the city center visit some popular places around and eat some Lisbon’s specialty and of course walk a lot.

Taking up subway to the famous place where the tram 28 passes nearby Baixa. However, that time tram didn’t pass yet so we decided to walk around.

Went to this famous Elevador De Santa Justa or also known as Santa Justa Lift open from 7h to 21h45

Santa Justa Lift

justa lift

To visit the lift you must pay 5 euros but since we bought our Subway ticket for that day no need to pay for the lift cause lift fee is also included on your ticket.

(note: you can buy subway ticket for 1 day or 2 days or more) apparently from the photo that you’re seeing here, the lift is under construction at that time but I’m sure it’s already done by the end of 2017.

Taking the lift was not too scary it has a large space for even 15 – 20 persons inside, arriving on the top the scenery was really amazing. There’s a terrace where you can see the whole city view of Lisbon.

Its perfect view of the castle, the bridge, the houses, the well-known Tagus river, and ocean are very exceptional.

View of Castelo De Sao Jorge from Justa Lift

castle Jorge

View of Castelo De Sao Jorge

Way to Castelo De Sao Jorge

City centre view

After this magnificent view the next destination is  Castelo De Sao Jorge or Sao Jorge Castle but before arriving there we need to walk for about 2-3 kilometers from Santa Justa Lift.

Tuc-Tuc of Lisbon

tuctuc lisbon

Passing by the center and make a little tour around. Something attracted my eyes this is the “Tuc Tuc” or tricycle like the motorcycle with three wheels which is very famous in Lisbon.

It’s a means of transportation some for locals but mostly for tourist. This serves for transporting tourist to make some tour in the city, you can rent them for hours or even a whole day.

Castelo De Sao Jorge or Sao Jorge Castle

san castelo

Finally after almost half an hour of walking. we have arrived in this hilltop with this no. 1 tourist spot in this city Sao Jorge Castle.

Open from 9h-18h and 7 euros entrance fee per person. It’s quite a big area inside including a Museum, the Castle, and some ruins.

There’s a place where to eat, and vendors around with their paintings and souvenirs. We didn’t stop but just walking around and taking pictures.

castelo jorge interior

We even climb up on the walls of the castle which I have seen a formidable view from the top. I’m gonna show you some of my photos that I really treasure a lot.

Wonderful View from the top

castelo lisbon view

view on the top of the castle

The day didn’t end there we decided to look for some souvenirs in the shops outside the castle. We ended up buying some souvenir stuff.

Praca do Comercio or Commerce Square

lisbon wall

Next stop is Praca do Comercio or Commerce Square which is near Tagus River. even it’s almost 18h00 the sky is still clear so here we go another walk for 15 minutes till we arrived at this wonderful wall.

Praca do Comercio or Commerce Square

With a giant clock on it, there were more people than expected and plus the tram passing by.

I had to take pictures of it, the day ended that’s all for the day in Lisbon. The Tagus River just beside the place was clearly everyone’s favorite.

Destination hotel because my exhausted feet can’t take it anymore from walking about 9 kilometers on that day.

commercio place

Follow our next adventure, the best day of my life I can say. Check out our voyage to the North of Portugal.

Lisbon, Unforgettable week in Portugal

Lisbon unforgettable week

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  1. Nice article and photographs. Took us right back to our wonderful week in Lisbon – a place we hope to return to soon again. Thanks for the memories.

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    It’s a great looking city, with something for everyone 🙂

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    I love the pictures, so beautiful! Great commentary, too.
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