I’m an Asian (Filipino) living in Brussels, Belgium for years now and my journey of travelling has begun way back 2009 when the first time I went out abroad.

From then on I realized that the planet earth is really big, there’s a lot more to see, a lot more to discover and explore.

I migrated to Belgium and considered it as my second home but I will always be a Filipino in my heart.

My dream is to explore the neighbouring countries and the whole europe and later the rest of the Asian countries.


I have travelled more than 10 countries with my partner as thrifty travellers, well not always.

We do mostly city trips 2-5 days or if we have more than the budget we can get a week as maximum stay. We always try to find some cheap hotels, and cheap flight tickets. Personally I always try to minimize our spending when it comes to travelling.

Among the countries are:

And more than 30 cities, way back 5 years ago I only had my lumix digital camera and now I got a canon, time really flies that fast.

My Passion, Photography

I wanted to become a professional photographer that’s one of my dreams. and because of travelling I discovered that I can make good photos. and at the same time I can maybe share it to the public or to those who are having the same passion as me.


Some people ask me if I’m a journalist but unfortunately I’m just a simple person who loves to discover the world with my own means, and spare a little time to my other outdoor activities and my original job of course.

I love taking pictures of nature, landscape, mountains, rocks, and a lot more. Everytime I get to travel I don’t miss any chance to take the best photo as I can.

About my side of Anime lover genesis

I have a geek side in me, I love Anime and Manga stuffs every time I go on vacation or travel, anime accessories are always with me.

It started when I was a little kid, my love for anime ignite when I watched Dragon Ball Z way back in 90’s year. Reminiscing those days where we didn’t have a television yet so I tend to watch Animes series on our neighbour.

Meanwhile in Highschool days, Slamdunk became the fame of my heart, then Flame of Recca came and HunterXHunter. After some time I discovered One Piece and became addicted to it and just followed all its hundreds of episodes.

Attending conventions started when I was in college having a clinch, admiring those cosplayers with their awesome looks. Then I begun to chase conventions until now and crack my best to get some cool shots of cosplayers (of course not always).

Join me in my ongoing adventures and next voyages especially within Europe and in Asia (Philippines) hopefully in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand in the future.

If you want to connect with me don’t hesitate to follow my accounts at my Facebook Instagram Twitter Google

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