Lensball Review – Travel Photographers’ Must-Have Accessory

What is Lensball? Is it just an ordinary lensball like other lensball? or is it made differently? What really makes it special from the rest of the lensball accessories that can be found in the photographers’ world?

First and foremost let’s define Lensball. Lensball is an ultra-clear sphere made of K9 crystal. K9 crystal is incredibly hard, scratch resistant and most commonly used in lenses and optics.

lensball photo

Generally, the 80MM Lensball gives you the best possible result but its weight 650 grams. The smaller version is 60MM Lensball weighs only 250 grams. The smaller one opts to be perfect for traveling because of its convenient weight but the same effect of the bigger lensball.

According to lensball team, they make a photography accessory that helps both professional and amateur photographers get more creative in their shots.  They are based in Enschede, the Netherlands, with a small team but definitely growing they were the first to create and sell a crystal ball specifically for photography.

Why Lensball was created? 

Lensball creation

People photograph and share more and more of their life. Because so many people share so much content, it’s sometimes hard to not be boring.

The camera only points one way, but often it’s the whole experience you want to capture. It’s so easy to take your phone out, point it in the best direction and shoot, but with Lensball you need to go out there, find beautiful environments, and get creative.

We love creative photography, and seeing more and more people use our tool to get creative is an amazing experience.

-Lensball Team

Unboxing of the product


I made this post to really share what I think about this product. Since now you know a bit of information what lensball is. It’s time to share with you my own experience using this product.

This month of September, my birthday month I have received this gorgeous Lensball. I have received the package myself in the morning (luckily, I didn’t go out yet). I didn’t have time to unbox it that day since I have an important “rendez-vous”.

The day after, I decided to unbox my parcel and make a quick video about it. You can see here below my video posted on my YouTube Channel. 

Unboxing the package was super exciting! while my hubby is taking the video with my phone. It was a pleasure for me to unbox this wonderful product. For the record, I never had any kind of ball or lensball as an accessory even before this is my first time to have one.


The packaging and the content were pretty nice. I love the fact that Lensball team added some sample photos which contains the information about the photographer and a code to get a discount.

This photos also serve as an inspiration to those who will buy this product. At least through this, you’ll get some great ideas on how to portray your envisioned result photos.

Taking photos with Phone

phone photo

Later on, the unboxing was done and it’s time to test the product by taking photos from a simple phone. I took some photos with my Samsung S7 Edge phone and this was the result. A view from the window of our apartment on the sixth floor.

I made a close-up photo to see how it looks like using a phone with no specs on lenses just an automatic mode of Samsung camera.

photo using phone

Because of its spherical effect, you’ll actually get to see 180° degree view of your surroundings which is quite unique and impressive to see.

The next photo was a bit far than the first one, the distance of the phone and my hand with the ball was a little far. My purpose is to see how is the result of taking a photo putting some distance.

I used auto-focus of the phone features and took a random shot and it came out like this. It’s really cool and amazing to see the result even without using your DSLR or special lenses.

Using DSLR

using dslr

As I’ve mentioned in my review on my Instagram account of my experience of Lensball. Honestly, at first, I already thought about what kind of photo (result) that I should get.

I went downtown to get some great site to experiment with the ball. My hubby and I went to the Grand Place to take some photos and see what can we to improve the outcome.

In my mind, I already thought of taking a photo of “Hotel de Ville” or “City Hall” which is a huge and the longest building that you can find in the Grand Place. I thought of using the lensball to get a full reflection of it.

grand place photo

There were many people at that place all I thought was to take a good angle with the ball and get the ideal photo I’m searching to have. I used a different approach with the camera and used various kind of features but I still haven’t got that perfect reflection.

Minutes later I gave up photographing the City Hall and just get some photos around the Grand Place itself. Afterward, we went to eat our lunch and there I visited Lensball page and search how can I get that perfect photo I wanted to have.

Finally, I saw tons of photos on Instagram and it made me realized that I was wrong. I take closeup photos and it doesn’t work when capturing a huge building or area.

Trial & Error 

trial and error


As we went back to the Grand Place late in the afternoon before sunset. We searched different places and angles to get the whole reflection of the City Hall. After a bunch of trial and error, I finally found the right timing to get the perfect photo.

My Perfect Shot

perfect shot

lensball 80mm

Using lensball had made me realized a lot of things. By using this accessory I’ve opened a new door to a new innovation world of photography. To get to that envisioned result I’ve given a lot of patience, imagination, and truly let my passion work to achieve that goal that I wanted to fulfill.

Perhaps you’ll tell me that “my perfect photos” aren’t perfect to your eyes but these are only the beginning I’ll surely improve and make some impressive raw photos in the future.

I’m so thankful to have a lensball that is surely a must-have accessory of travel photographers and other aspiring photographers as well.

Some Inspirational Photos

Lensball by Enzo Balda  @goatherd_k PANAGIOTIS KOUTROUMPIS GR
@huyghetim Tim Huyghe italy  @takumyi Takumi Ruedreal TH

Perspective of an Amateur Photographer


Though I cannot and will not compare myself to professional photographers, all I can share with you as tips is to be patient. As part of our passion “Photography” patience plays a big role.

When using lensball always bear in mind that it’s a surprising accessory that can let you experience whatever you like to experience. It’s a whole new evolution of a new photography world.

Don’t be afraid to fail, at first, I was so upset about not getting what I want to with lensball but after thinking of a solution I found the right path. Use your creativity and imagination. With lensball, it will surely come out naturally.

Lastly, I recommend you to use DSLR camera for higher quality and more options for taking photos of the lensball and your subject. You can use different lenses as well or different cameras. Finally, Bring this ball with you whenever you travel and take tons of photos whilst on your travels!

I give this product a 10/10 

Visit the Lensball Official Website and purchase your lensball
Use code: LEXIEANIMETRAVEL15 to get 15% off (can be used even the product is on sale)

Lensball Review

lensball review

must have accessory

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24 Responses

  1. Jyoti says:

    Lensball looks like a totally amazing accessory. I’m definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Corinne S says:

    My mum has one of these and we were struggling to get a good shot. These tips are really helpful and kinda make me want one of my own! Amazing shots!

  3. sumit walia says:

    Another interesting product, I am an amateur photographer and would love to have one but unfortunately, the list of purchases is so long and photography expensive 🙂

  4. Rio says:

    I’ve been thinking recently about getting a lensball as you can get some really cool shots with it. Thanks for sharing your review, it was very helpful.

  5. Nicole says:

    That is so cool! I have never seen this item before but I think I need it now. Thanks for so many details, your photos look great.

  6. Sheila says:

    How cool! I have never seen one of these. Now I want one for myself. Now that you have had it for a little while are you worried about it getting scratched? Do you find it is heavy/bulky to carry around? I’m wondering if I would tire of it and end of leaving it at home. It sure looks like it would be fun to play with, thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you, Sheila, about the detail of being scratch actually it’s a scratch free product how cool right? It’s not that really bulky, there’s two versions anyway. If you feel like bringing the bigger lensball or the small one it’s up to your luggage free space.

  7. Johnny says:

    Great read Lexie! At first I honestly thought the Lensball was just a special globe (I know – very short-minded :p) but reading on and seeing the great pics you got with it I’m impressed to know that Lensball more than just a globe and for the budding photographer it helps fine tune their skills and techniques with a professional camera.

    Happy Birthday by the way 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Oh my! that’s Johnny for your greeetings! you’re the first one who greeted me here. About the lensball’s capacity to enhance ones photography? I personally think that it does challenges a photographer to do its best to came up a greater result out of the lensball. Have a great travel!

  8. Paul says:

    I’ve never heard of this little gadget but your photos look fantastic. Such a different and interesting way to mix up your photography. Definitely interested now, thanks for sharing.

  9. kasia says:

    I’ve been seeing so many pic with these lens balls! I’ve not really been tempted to get one but now that I’ve read your review it’s something I might consider. I am liking how creative the shots come out!

  10. David says:

    An interesting device to gain a new perspective on your travel photography, thanks for the review.

  11. Anjali W says:

    Wow! Lensball seems such a great accessory to view and photograph places. I would love to buy this for my husband and add this to our travel bag. Thanks for the great recommendation <3

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