Lotor, Kid One Piece & K Project by Emperor Cosplay, Germany

Welcome to our Cosplayer Interview Series, it’s been awhile since the last featured Food Wars Cosplay by our lovely cosplayer Yuki. I’m very proud to present to you another impeccable work from our featured cosplayer today. He’s showing us a bunch of his Kid One Piece Cosplay, Lotor, and K Project. 

This will be the first time for us to see a Cosplay from One Piece Animé (my favorite) I’m sure you’ll like all his works. He is Emperor Cosplay from Germany. What’s interesting about his works? they are all flawless and attractive like those you see in the animé itself. 

I’m sure you’re all curious of his cosplay of K Project, right? he’s cosplaying Mikoto Suoh, one of those characters that you should look forward to. Let’s thank again our cosplayer for today for letting us know his story and experience of being a cosplayer. 

Thank you again for sharing it with us! We’ll certainly support you and your future projects!

Kid One Piece Cosplay

Kid One Piece Cosplay

Eustass Kid photo by Trysh Cosplay

Hi, I’m Max AKA Emperor Cosplay from Germany. Mainly I like to cosplay from Animes, Mangas, and Games. So far I’ve attended all bigger cons in Germany and some smaller/regional ones to meet friends and hang around with them. I also visited a few European conventions like MCM London or Japan Expo.

I’m not part of a bigger cosplay group but I have a few people I often cosplay with, such as, my partner Trysh Cosplay.

Trysh took me to one of the biggest cons in Germany (Connichi). That was the first time I came in touch with cosplay. After this unforgettable experience, I started consuming more Anime and Manga stuff and decided to start cosplaying.

First Convention and Experiences

Kid One Piece

Eustass Kid photo by Trysh Cosplay

Actually, my first convention as a cosplayer was Connichi in 2013. It was one year later after my first ever convention attended which is Connichi as well.
One of my unforgettable moment? it was on a very hot summer convention after my exam, I was totally dehydrated then someone offered me an energy drink afterward my circulation started to go nuts. That’s for sure something nobody wants to experience.


Lotor Voltron

Prince Lotor photo by Trysh Cosplay

I’m not a great sewer but my crafting skills are good, so I split work with my partner. The first cosplay we made was Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice.


Rin Matsuoka

Rin Matsuoka photo by Trysh Cosplay

I don’t really have an “Idol”. There is a giant bunch of very talented people out there, and everybody has something that makes them unique.

Of course my cosplay friends are a big inspiration and motivation for my work, especially Trysh who manages all our cosplay plans and puts a lot of time in our hobby.

Definition of Cosplayer

Mikoto Suoh

Mikoto Suoh photo by Trysh Cosplay

Personally, cosplay is a very nice hobby. There are only a few hobbies that need such a huge set of skills. On the other hand, it’s a very socialized hobby, you meet lots of wonderful people wherever you travel.


Suoh Mikoto

Suoh Mikoto photo by Trysh Cosplay

For me, Kuja and Lotor were characters I always wanted to cosplay. Kuja because I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy series and Lotor because he is a very interesting character and I always wanted to make an armor.

Both cosplays were a lot of work, very time-consuming and cost many nerves but I’m very proud how they turned out.

Piece of Advice

Kuja FFX

Kuja FFIX photo by Ironking

My advice? depending on the cosplay, it could be a lot of work. But from what I’ve learned, I would say it’s a long way to your cosplay looks “perfect” There are always these things that you are not satisfied with and want to remake.

So take your time until you are happy with your result. Setting small goals can help. If you don’t know how to craft something, Google and YouTube are your friends (there are tons of really detailed tutorials).

Open Message

trio cosplay

Keith, Cain, & Rein all photos taken by Trysh Cosplay

Cosplay is not about gaining fame, it’s about having fun, creating small pieces of art and socializing with a great community. Sure, a small form of response on social media can boost the motivation.

It’s always nice to get feedback on your work but we are cosplayers because we want to feel like a villain, an awesome hero or a sexy character for a day.

If I have the time I’ll go to all bigger cons in Germany and sometimes also visit bigger Cons in Europe (two of my favorites are MCM London and Japan Expo in Paris).

Here the list of the German conventions I will be with certainty: LBM (Leipzig Book Fair), Animuc, Hanami, Dokomi, FranCon, CosDay, Animagic, Connichi, FBM (Frankfurt Book Fair)

You can follow me on my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & WorldCosplay. 

Bonus Photo from One Piece
Bonus photo One Piece

Cosplay: Corazon (One Piece)
Photographer: Bunycap Cosplay
Editor: Trysh Cosplay

Lotor, Kid One Piece & K Project by Emperor Cosplay

emperor cosplay pinterest

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