InuYasha Cosplayer Angelina, Germany

Continuing our new generations cosplayers, next one is also a very active cosplayer in her city. As I have seen her works I could have imagined how far she got after just a short time of cosplaying. She is an InuYasha Cosplayer, one of the most popular Anime Series in my time.

Yes, InuYasha is one of my Top Favourite Animes, the moment I saw Angelina’s cosplay style I said this is it I have to ask her for an interview.

No more bubbling for me, I’ll leave the stage to our exceptional InuYasha Cosplayer to present herself. Let’s welcome our next cosplayer of the day.

InuYasha Cosplayer Lady Darkaria Cosplay

inuyasha cosplayer

InuYasha by dark soul pics

Hello! My name is Angelina, I am 18 years old and from Berlin, Germany. I am Cosplay since March 2016 and I could live anymore without it.

I mostly cosplay male characters, because many female characters are not my type or to put it simply, I’m just too tall.

Cosplay Discovery


InuYasha by dark soul pics

I actually followed someone on Instagram and this one day she posted a new picture of her wearing Cosplay, so it looked different for me.

She was wearing a wig, that much I could tell and before that no one whom I know did that. I looked into the hashtags and fun the one #Cosplay. I hadn’t any idea what it was so I asked her.

She answered me really quickly but that wasn’t enough. I searched on the internet and found so much about it. I am an Anime and Manga fan since I am young and as I heard that I could be any character I want, I had to try it out.

Playing a role, dressing up and jumping into this, sounded just simply amazing.

First Convention

Black Butler

Undertaker from Black Butler by Abdulsalam Ajaj

My first connection was the Leipziger Book Afair in March 2016. After I found about Cosplay, I was sure to go to a convention as soon as possible.

The first I found was the LBM (short form). It was really big and I only were there for one day, a mistake, I can say that now.

There were so many things who came up to me, so many expressions. I never knew such an atmosphere. I was really mind-blowing.


Well, I have to be honest and so I have to say that I bought my costumes. I only do the accessories like weapons or something like that.

Mostly I do the little things which you don’t get by buying a Cosplay. But anyways, my first Cosplay was Undertaker from Black Butler.

I fell in love with him first so he had to be the first one. how many… I don’t have that much, but I guess for other people are this much. Seven, I have seven now.

There will come more!

Definition of Cosplayer

Cyborg, Anna

Cyborg, Anna by Angelina

Oh, I love that question! Cosplay means to me to be the character who you like most, adore or wanted to be. Sometimes it happens that the character you like is like you and you feel even needed to do him or her.

So such as, when I am in Cosplay I’m someone else for a day and can live in that created, unrealistic and a better world (depends on the person) I want.

I need to escape sometimes and that’s the best way in my opinion.

Worst Experience

Miss Joker

Miss Joker by

One of the “little” worst experience is for me seeing my sword broken. I was at the LBM this year and sadly some piece of my sword what was the first one who turned out well, fall of and I couldn’t fix it.

Luckily it was nearly the end of the con and no one wanted a picture. The worst experience was when someone touched me on my butt.

I was so confused so I couldn’t react. On the other hand, it was kind of funny because this means maybe though I was a girl with long hair my Cosplay was a guy, so I don’t know.

If I know who stupid he was, missing out me being a guy that day then I can only laugh about it. But trust me, that will never happen again, next time I show him how scary I could be.


I do, but it’s more like searching for inspiration. For improving myself or getting better to be that good as them. I would love to tell you but then the list would be endless.

To make it clear, everyone I follow wherever that it is, I follow them because of one thing I love about them.

It could be Cosplay or those pictures or something else.


For starters, asking for giving an interview is pretty big. That’s just amazing. I also wear called ”favorite Cosplay” in an amateur YouTube video, which made me pretty happy, cause the person saw me on the second convention I ever entered and then be calling that was so cool.

After all, I have to say something about the “little” achievements. Being able to go to a convention in a Cosplay, as a character I love, is every time something great.

Also, an achievement is having friends who share my hobby or helping me out going to a con, like taking my backpack for me while I pose for pictures.

Taking awesome pictures is also an achievement because not everyone is able to do so. So may you say that everything that happened to me because of cosplay is an achievement. Yap, I go with that.

Piece of Advice

Just start, even with only wearing a wig. That the difference and show you include in the fandom called Cosplay


I will be at the MMC, here in Berlin. This time as Shu Sakamaki (Diabolic Lovers) and as Ichiro Kyriu (Vampire Knight).

My next year well (hopefully) start with the DeDeCo in Dresden in February and it will definitely start with the LBM in March



Lady Darkaria Cosplay

Once again what an impressive talent you have Angelina, those poses are just fabulous. I have chosen you, as InuYasha Cosplayer cause you were flawless on those photos. 

In a short period of time, you have evolved so much like a pro now. 

Thank you again for this wonderful share of your Cosplay life. perfectly said as for advice that you gave. “start even without wearing a wig” that’s absolutely true. 

I’m sure you’ll get wherever you want with your talent and skills. You’ll surely progress your skills more. Those fierce eyes show how passionate you are in Cosplay. 

Thank you so much, “Danke” more success will come!

Let’s us support Lady Darkaria Cosplay for her journey, follow her accounts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.


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  1. Marie says:

    Angelina is such a creative genius!

  2. Paulette says:

    The art of cosplays, is amazing so must work goes into it. Love your take on the Joker, I made my Joker girl costume a few years ago too!

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