Hunter X Hunter Cosplayer, Matthew, USA

They say there are millions of people who love to help. but cannot entirely help that much due to various reasons. this next Cosplayer will undergo to our “Cosplayer Interview Series” is a Hunter X Hunter Cosplayer from Alabama. An amicable person who loves to help others, especially “Cancer Patients”

As we all know Cancer spread throughout the globe affecting millions of people. Mostly women, breast cancer is the most known one, even my closest friends had it as well. I wanted to raise an awareness to all, especially young ones to take care of their health as early as possible.

Matthew uses his superpowers to “support, honor and fight breast cancer”! through selling his photos of Nightwing for a cause. Discovered him not so long ago from a common friend who admires his passion and works. 

Usually attends on different conventions in the city like Kami-con, Momo-con, Hama-con, Magic city con, Akai-con, Dragon-con, AWA, Fal-con.

Without further introduction, let’s welcome our Cosplayer of the day!

Hunter X Hunter Cosplayer, Matty G. Cosplay

Hunter X Hunter Cosplayer

Hisoka Morow by Cubster Photography

Discovering Cosplay

I found out that the English cast of cowboy bebop was gonna be at Kami-con (2014). So I decided to go to it when I found out that a lot of people was gonna be in cosplay.

I thought that would be fun! I made a bad Yusuke Urameshi cosplay, (Yu Yu Hakusho is my fave anime) and went to the convention.

Seeing people who like the same things that I do. It made me want to go to more cons meet more people with the same interest and to cosplay more characters that I love.

First convention as a Cosplayer

I went to Kami-con 2014 (as Yusuke Urameshi) as I walked into the convention to get my badge I ran into a young Genkai cosplayer (a character from Yu Yu Hakusho) and her Genkai cosplay was really good!

Seeing people who like the same things that I do, It made me want to go to more.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

My first sewed cosplay was Yusuke Urameshi.

Chat Noir

Chat Noir by Cubster Photography

 What does a Cosplayer mean to you?

Cosplay has changed my life for the better I’ve met my closest friends in cosplay at conventions, I also enjoy getting to show my passion and creativity with cosplay.

Worst and Unforgettable Experience

When my green lantern Nightwing cosplay lights broke before I got to wear it at Dragon-Con 2015

Cosplayers you look up to

YES!!! I look up to a lot of cosplayer and I don’t care how many or how few followers they have.

I just love to see so many talented cosplayers and how they make their cosplays.

Unfortunately, they are too many for me to name.

 Your Greatest Achievement

My Beastboy Cosplay

Beast Boy

Beast Boy by Workman Reflections

Advice would you give to New Aspiring Cosplayers

Cosplay the characters that you love and you are passionate about don’t just cosplay what’s popular.

Where can we see you?

Kami-con, Momo-con, Hama-con, Magic city con, Akai-con, Dragon-con, AWA, Fal-con and more. If you want to keep a closer track you can follow me on my accounts.

My next con will be in Fal-con


Nightwing by Troy Nelson


Matty G. Cosplay

Matty G. Cosplay

Our cosplayer Mattew has indeed a huge talent to share with us! due to his situation, I completely understand and feel the sadness even the way he answers my questions.

I love his perception about Cosplay, that one should cosplay the character he/she is passionate about. I’m contented of having him in this interview!

Thanks again to our friend Sean for recommending him, I would like to extend my gratitude on Matty. Since I’ve mentioned about his fundraising, here is your chance to help him as well.

He is not just a Cosplayer but also a prop maker, Anime/comic Gamer, Fitness enthusiast and IT guy I will surely support him.

Help Matty fight cancer!

From his Instagram account written and below are the photos he is selling.

I am using my Nightwing superhero powers to support, honor and fight breast cancer! Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and has included members of my family, including my Grandmother and Aunt.

I am raising money for Nightwing Breast cancer awareness by selling 8×10 photos of me posing as Nightwing for $7.50. Photos taken by The Triforce photography and mailed.

Donations are also appreciated!

Don’t forget to follow him on his social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Aditi says:

    All this great stuff for a cause – that’s really nice. I found his costumes and style quite different from the others in the series. There’s something unique and creative about it. Good to read through…. Cheers!!

  2. Travelquartz says:

    Each cosplayer has such amazing stories and passion behind them. Thanks Alexine for sharing with us. Matthew is very creative and I liked all the pictures. Hope he gets a great response on his photo initiative from Instagram .

  3. Helene says:

    Wow awesome! I love that Matthew is using his creativity to help charitable causes:) I used to read Hunter X Hunter, I really liked it:) His costumes are great! Love the GoT:D

  4. DTG says:

    Amazing post and costumes, and a great read. I will have to look into this topic a bit more as I am really getting into it since reading all your posts.

  5. Some great photos with such elaborate costuming and make up – looks like a great experience 🙂

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