How to Drive Traffic to your Blog 2018

There are hundreds of ways on how to drive traffic to your blog, Personally, I felt motivated and inspired to share with you my simple ways on how to. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers on some bloggers group that most of their major problems are: low number of views or readers.

How do we really get a lot of people to read our blog? does it matter if we have a few people who view our pages? Do we have to be online all day and all night just to have permanent subscribers?

Why is Blog Traffic Important

how to drive traffic to your blog

Every blogger’s dream is to find his/her content number 1 on Google Search, or on the first page of other online search engines. The essential thing about driving more traffic to your blog is to improve your blog’s status or ranking in the field.

Others would see it as an opportunity to attract more sponsors and brands to collaborate with their blogs or business. Well, that’s true cause to promote a company or products you need to have sufficient number of followers or subscribers on your blog.

My Blog’s Progression

Lexieanimetravel stat

I started officially blogging in August of 2017, at first, it was a bit hard to learn all this blogging stuff that I must integrate and learn. At the first trimester, late October of the same year my Domain Authority climb to 15 and Page authority of 24 that was a great feeling.

It was like a huge award to received that after just 3 months, something did happen, it means I’m on the right track. As of now the end of the year of 2017 my blog has a Domain Authority of 27 and Page Authority of 34.

Ways How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

page views

So how did I do it? One reason, of course, is getting a lot of Page Views, second, would be following SEO Regulations and there’s a lot more. I started to understand some important things about blogging when I joined a specific blog challenge. I have to thank that bloggers group who hone my blogging skills in just a nick of time.

Today I will show you 5 simple ways on how to drive traffic to your blog this year 2018.

Sharing is Caring

how to drive traffic to your blog

You have to share others post. I know it sounds ridiculous, you’ll probably think “Why would I share others post if I want to have visitors to my blog and not to the post of others that I’m sharing?” Yes! it sounds ridiculous. But the thing is?

You are doing a favor to your co-bloggers and he/she will maybe reciprocate. more than 50% of bloggers do reciprocate so you have a great chance of getting reciprocated by others.

On the other hand, when you share a content, such as, a tweet, a post on Facebook, or even a post on Pinterest, the first thing that the audience would be curious to know is who shared it? or who is the author of that post? In the end, the audience would possibly visit your profile and your page.

Plan your Writing

write more

Secondly, Write more often and write better titles, how to do this? The easiest way for better titles is Keyword. To get good keywords and titles you have to go search the trending ones. The easy way is to find it on Google AdWords, there are more ways but the easiest one is this.

To write more often, I suggest that you have to plan. Planning is the key to it, You have to write your articles/contents in advance so you can meet your desired amount post per week.

Now, how many times you need to publish your articles per week? the ideal frequency is 3 times a week. I know it’s a lot right? but it’s the right thing to do if you want more traffic and more progression on your blog.

Have more Share Button

social sharing buttons

Thirdly, Expand your social sharing buttons, Yes! this is a must! You must put your social sharing buttons either on the top, on the sidebar, or at the bottom. Make sure you have all the primary social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbledUpon and Pinterest. It’s more convenient for others to spread the word.

The easy way is to install a plug-in to your blog, this way you don’t have to do it manually. There are some lists of free plug-ins for that in my case I use Shareaholic.

Why is it important to have more social sharing buttons? Simply it gives your audience more options where to share. Not all people use all social media networks, there are some who prefer one or two only so better have the largest list. Your audience to have more options.

Blogger Threads

different threads

Fourth, This is one of the most important, You have to join bloggers group. There are a lot of groups that will accept you, some search for specific criteria, some are just searching for bloggers to join them.

Put in mind that you have to choose the right blogger’s group. There are decent threads to join where you can get to know more about other bloggers and more about blogging in general.

Rightful Share

traffic on your blog

Last but not the least, the last easy way on how to drive traffic to your blog is to share your post or content on the right social media network. What do I mean by this? You have to share your content with its proper group of a social network.

Such as a post about food or recipes are practical to be posted more on Pinterest with your corresponding vertical pin and on Yummly which there are millions of recipes shared on that network.

Don’t forget to share your post most often and share it on all social media account that you have. Another tip for you is to share your content on StumbledUpon it’s a great way to get more traffic on your page.

These are my simplest ways on how to drive traffic to your blog for the year 2018. If you like to have a one on one coach about getting more page views and decent numbers of readers just subscribe to my Blog.

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Let’s do it guys! I’m counting on you! More Success to us all and Happy New Year once more!

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