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The 4 days and 3 nights in Prague have adjourned, its time to measure some pros and cons of our hotel stayed. We stayed in a 3-star hotel called Hotel Wilhelm at the western corner of Prague. Simple yet effective I could presume.

To find the hotel wasn’t that much of a trouble, just a mini-struggle with the one-way rule road. We arrived just in time after a quite haul with air traffic and getting our rented car.

Its place was in  Prague 06 area, a bit of a residential than a commercial one. Try to notice its site, it’s in a nontouristic area, which is perfect for us.

Hotel Wilhelm

Wilhelm Hotel

Wilhelm Hotel’s Reception

It was around 1:00 pm when we arrived at the hotel, parked the car just right in front of it and buzzed the doorbell at the front door. At that moment I realized that this hotel has at least privacy for its clients (since you can’t enter easily, they leave it locked always)

View of its residential place it might be ideal to have it private, there might be some neighbors barging in without permission.

Reception Area

Reception Area

As we entered inside, the receptionist was waiting for us at his desk. We greeted each other and presented our documents of the reservation. He asks our ID’s or passport and I handed it to him.

The hotel’s reception area is quite modest, enough for a small hotel, however, this particular hotel capacity of 52 people about. If you calculate their available rooms of 26, let’s say 2 persons will occupy each room. So this area is quite paltry to accommodate even 10 persons in one transaction.

Receptions Interior Designs

Receptions Interior Outlook

astronomical clock

sofa and designs

The receptions interior design wasn’t bad at all, it has its own unique allurement. Hence the diameter of the hall wasn’t convincing for me.

Asking the receptionist about the parking area, so he told us that the road next to the hotel has a blue line which means exclusively for residents. He advises us to park our car on the upper part of the second road just the adjoining street on the right.

hote'ls corridor

hotel’s corridor

Took out all our affairs and headed to our designated room, but before that, my partner went back to take the car and came back afterward to help me arrange everything in our room.

Ms. Questionnaire

Before leaving the receptionist, I have to make sure if every essential question asked. I have this attitude of being Ms. Annoyance sometimes asking a bunch of questions.

Well, its more of valuable information to know about, such as about the parking, nearest restaurants, groceries stores, tourist spots, road directions, banks, etc. and lastly let’s not forget the most important “the wi-fi”.

The Room

The bed

The Bed

The room was pleasant, as expected, there was this feminine touch that I could sense. It looks just perfect for me. The color of the blanket corresponds to the theme of the hotel. It was not enough for two persons.

There’s a window on the right side with a sling curtain, the closet for clothes with hangers provided and a small T.V. It didn’t bother us about the television screen since we don’t really watch T.V. (except me actually) I love watching Nat Geo, but this time I didn’t really think of it.

I love watching Nat Geo, but this time I didn’t really think of it. There was also a luggage storage and a safe deposit box.

Salle de Bain

La Salle de Bain

The room equipped with all we needed, the bathroom looks cozy and super clean. It has a shower place, hair dryer, and toiletries provided.

The two things that annoy me a bit were the squeak of the bathroom’s door, and the clash sound after the toilet. Other than that it was flawless.

A Surprise

As we are up for the start our first day of adventure, the receptionist called me and greeted me a “Happy Birthday” I felt flattered, I didn’t even mention to him about any personal details. But I recall, I presented to him our IDs. In behalf of the hotel, he presented me a bottle of red wine as a gift for my birthday (we brought it with us at home).

It was the most unexpected geste that I’ve receive from a Hotel (thumbs up for that)

The Dining Area

Dining Area

Entrance to the dining area

The receptionist told us about the breakfast, it’s from 6:30 am to 11:00 am in the morning. He didn’t say if it was a regular breakfast or a buffet so I was inquisitive to know.

dining place

Dining Place

dining area

The first experience that we had, it was in the day after (2nd day) we headed to the underground place of the hotel where the dining area situated.

Finally, I saw the food displayed on the table, which means it a buffet!


breakfast 2

Souvenir Plates


plates 2

Designs of the plates are unique, you can also see where it’s made and the description which country it was. I have seen some from Germany, Luxembourg, France, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and much more.

I really like those special plates presented in the wall of the area, this was collection of ancient plates or shall I say souvenir plates from different cities of the world. Ancient because this has the old design from 15th – 18th century.

The Food


Czech food day 2

There were a lot of choices at the buffet breakfast, they have cereals, salads, cheeses, and Czech cuisine the one I’ve chosen. It was with sausages, veggies, omelet, and others. My partner chose to eat bread with ham and cheese and butter.

Coffee, Tea, hot and cold milk and juices are also available. In terms of desserts, there were also fresh fruits and other Czech delicacies. This is one of those complete package breakfast buffets that I had.

czech cuisine

Czech cuisine day 3

From day 1 to-day 3 there were varieties of Czech cuisine to discover, on the third day I took veggies with sausages and omelet. It was the most delicious, normally I don’t eat breakfast but here I can’t resist this enticing cuisine.


Hotel Wilhelm

View from the parking place

The hotel is 8.2 km away from the Prague Ruzyně Airport (PRG). Public transportation? no problem you have them just about 1.8 km from the hotel you’ll find Borislavka Metro Station, that’s less than 10 minutes of walk.

You can also find a Grocery/Convenient store name Delix Market, and a Pharmacy Hvezda Petřiny Pharmacy in the vicinity.

Tariffs per night may vary on the season, as for our case it was 189 euros for 3 nights, 63 euros per night, including breakfast. One more thing, the receptionist is super helpful. He’ll explain you everything that you need to know.

Lastly as based on our experience normally the check-in time is 2:00 pm but we were able to check in before the specified time.

Other services offer

  • Airport transfer
  • Car park [on-site]
  • Shuttle service
  • Car park [free of charge]
  • Rental car

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Czech
  • Spanish


Check-in from: 14:00
Check-out until: 10:30
If you wish to book a room in Hotel Wilhelm, click HERE

Verdict: 8.5/10

Prague hotel Wilhelm

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16 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Really interesting review! We tend to stay in apartments when we travel as we have our daughter with us and it’s much easier when travelling with children. However the breakfast here looks really good and would even tempt a die hard air’b’nb-er like myself!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Alex, yes the breakfast was flawless you can as much as you can. Meanwhile with the other rooms for family clients, maybe they do have more optimize rooms for it.

  2. Helene Choo says:

    Looks like a great hotel! I love how arty the reception area is! The food looks really nice, too! Yay for the bottle of wine for your birthday:D It’s always awesome when they go out of their way to make your experience special:)

  3. Travelquartz says:

    Interesting review. I almost felt like I have visited there. The feel of vacation is in this post. The breakfast looks too good. I love the picture you have taken with various rooftops. I bet this hotel is placed is awesome location. I would love to go for a walk there. Noted for my future travel.

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks you Travelquartz, glad to hear that you felt like you viisted here. Honestly the location is not really bad. It was calm and peaceful just perfect for us who doesn’t like tourists around.

  4. Tyra says:

    Nice review of the hotel. It seems like a place I would probably stay in if I was with my boyfriend. I’m still in my “I love to stay in hostels” stage haha. However I’m always down for places that offer breakfast! Was it free?

  5. Michael says:

    63 Euros per night for two people doesn’t sound bad at all. Nice review.

  6. Aditi says:

    Looks like an amazing property for a decent price. It looks so homely and that couch in the reception area is so welcoming. Cheers!!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Aditi, the price wasn’t bad at all. It’s worth paying for with a good comfort and especially the food though (buffet) that’s the best advantage.

  7. DTG says:

    WoW what a cosy and homely place, I loved the pics of the plates not he wall and the food looked so delicious – and what a fab price you paid. Great read.

  8. Joan says:

    I would love to go to Prague, sounds like a nice place for a vacation. Thank you for the hotel review really helpful.

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