Hotel Review – Weinstube Castor Hotel of River Moselle

Coming from one of the previous posts that I’ve made, the one from Trier, Germany. This time, it’s about a hotel review of Weinstube Castor Hotel in Treis-Karden near River Moselle.

Treis-Karden is a perfect place to stay when you’re visiting some of the tourist destinations in River Moselle. This includes the fairytale castles like Eltz Castle, Thurant Castle, Ehrenburg, Cochem Castle, Metternich Castle, and many more.

Hotel Review - Weinstube Castor

Weinstube Castor Hotel is located in the charming town of Treis-Karden, which is known for its historic architecture. The pretty street St.-Caster Straße is just a 15-minute walk away from Hotel.

The hotel is also a 3-minutes walk to the famous River Moselle. On the other hand, Treis-Karden Train Station can be reached in 5 minutes by car.

When planning to visit Burg Eltz (Eltz Castle), we stayed here for one night. My hubby was the one who found this hotel, which is very convenient when visiting the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany.

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Finding the Hotel

Weinstube Castor Hotel Review

Driving from our last destination, Monschau, Belgium, we headed to Treis-Karden to retrieve our hotel reservation. Finding the hotel’s location wasn’t that pretty complicated.

The village has one-way only so we had to drive around and follow the road rules. We parked the car in a parking lot area, a 2-minute walk to the hotel.

At first look, the hotel was easy to locate, but the moment we searched for the door (access to the hotel), it was nowhere to find. After a while, we finally found the way to the reception of the hotel. We rang the doorbell, but nobody was there to open.

reception - hotel review

Finally, there was a client who went out of the building, and I’ve asked him about the hotel. He helped us the way to enter the building, and at last, we reached the hotel’s reception area.

Entering the reception area makes us feel hungry. It smells like the perfume of a mixture of honey, wine, and other artisanal products. After a while, the receptionist arrived and assisted us in our hotel room. The hotel is a large apartment located above the house’s wine shop.

For this hotel review of the reception, I will give it a fair score, which is 7/10. It’s unfortunate since no one welcomed us at the hotel.

The Bedroom

Caster Haus

The room was very spacious, 25 m² with a queen bed that looks pretty cozy decorated with beautiful paintings. We also had a balcony/terrace, which has a great view. Inside the room, we also had a closet, a TV with cable channels, and a sofa.

bedroom hotel review

When we entered the room and had our welcome drinks which were nice on the part of the hotel. The receptionist was kind to us to explain every detail that we should know especially for the Wi-fi and for breakfast venue.

bathroom hotel

Though she was having difficulty to explain to us in English anyhow we understand each other. On the other side, the bedrooms bathroom is very large. It was well equipped with hairdryer and other toiletries.

Buffet Breakfast

buffet breakfast

We only booked for 1 night, and 2 days, so we had a buffet breakfast on the day after. The breakfast was a decent one, it suits mostly for European clients, since they love these kinds of western-style breakfast.

I took some bread partnered with jam, a coffee, and as well as one yogurt. My hubby was very well pleased with the breakfast because it was his style. Personally, bread with butter is not my type, I prefer warm food in the morning.


The hotel also has a very famous restaurant that offers excellent wines. According to hotel review feedbacks on the site, the hotel has its wine cellar, and it offers delicious food and wine.

A lot of people liked the food (breakfast) at the hotel, but the biggest feature of it is its location. It is near to every tourist spot in the region.



Weinstube Castor hotel indeed a charming place to stay, and some many activities like fishing, biking, and other tours are just one drive away. Apart from that Treis-Karten village is a very peaceful one and convenient as well. There’s a bank with ATM a few walks from the hotel.

It is 780 meters to public transportation, and it’s also a 20-minute drive away to A48 that provides links to nearby Koblenz.

Another good feature of the hotel is that they offer free of charge car park, Luggage storage, Express check-in/out, and pets are also allowed in the hotel.

The hotel’s tariff may vary on the season, from 50 euros per night or above. The check-in time is from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm, and check out is until 10:30 am.

I’ll give it an 8/10 score

Hotel Review – Weinstube Castor Hotel

Hotel Review - Weinstube Castor Hotel 2

Hotel Review - Weinstube Castor Hotel 3

Hotel Review - Weinstube Castor Hotel

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