Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges – Hotel Review for 4 Days and 3 Nights Stay

Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges is a 3-star pleasant hotel situated near Mont Saint Odile of the mountain range of the Vosges and nearby the Alsatian wine route.

The hotel is mostly proud of its artistic and exquisite authentic dishes of Alsatian cuisine, prepared by its resident chef.

The Hotel des Vosges also equipped with private bath facilities, sauna, and hammam. And offers other services such as a hot tub and an indoor swimming pool.

Hearing about these good and positive qualities of the hotel makes you want to back your bags and stay there. Well, today, we will let you find out more about this hotel, and as well our 4 days stay. Did it go well? Hmm, you’ll see.

Arrival at the hotel

Arrival at the hotel

Arriving early in the afternoon, around 1:00 pm. Finally, we arrived at the location of the hotel. I was frolicking around, seems happy that we are in Alsace after a long trip.

We were thinking of to do an early check-in but, since it was indicated at the hotel information that Check-in will start from 2:00 pm. We still tried to ask at the hotel receptionist, hoping that we can get a room early.

Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges was indeed a huge hotel, as I’ve read online, it has up to 60 rooms, and that’s really a lot.

Entering the building, it was quite an old model house and very neat and clean. There were some clients before us, so we discreetly waiting for our turn.

After a while, it was our turn to ask for our check-in. Unfortunately, we got there early, so our rooms weren’t available yet. (Not even surprised, I know it was a 50-50 chance anyway)

Even though it was a bit disconcerting, the receptionist offered us to leave our luggage on their custody so we can go have our tour first in the city then get back after for the check-in process.

Finally! Checked-in

At last! After our quick tour in Obernai, Alsace, we drove back to our hotel, and there, finally, we are officially checked-in. The receptionist was very kind and helpful. She even went with us to show our room location and explain every single detail that we need to know.

I’m not pretty sure maybe it’s because we reserved a demi-pension room (promo sale), which includes a full-course dinner and a buffet breakfast. But, hey, I think it’s their standard service.

Above, you can see a small video of my hotel room tour of Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges. Honestly, it wasn’t that a WOW reaction when the first time I entered the room.

You have to understand, I have been to hundreds of hotels already, in all categories, perhaps it wasn’t that striking as much as others.

On the other hand, I like the outside view. It was a glimpse of a beautiful charming landscape of Kligenthal town with matching the church view and the mountains.

Our Room

Comparing our room, to what I have seen on the online site of Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges. I would normally feel defeated. The rooms of the hotel showed in Agoda or Booking or other sites, were far way better than what we have.

However, given that we bought a promo sale package, it’s normal to have a classic room. Anyway, I don’t have any complaints about our room. To describe it, I would say, it’s a bit old fashioned, but at least convenient.

The Indoor Swimming Pool

One of the many aspects that I like in this hotel is its indoor Swimming Pool. Aside from that, they also have a hot tub and sauna hammam. It was before dinner time that I went to see the swimming pool area.

I didn’t expect that It was really big, unluckily, I haven’t brought any required bathing suit with me at that time (I’ll think about it next time)

The side of the pool, was decorated with an Asian Buddha statue, with a small garden, filled with plants and fountains.

Wandering around to get to see the sauna area, I finally saw the door to access it, but there was a sign that sauna hammam wasn’t available at that time. So I went back upstairs to get ready for our full course dinner at the Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges.

La Table de Nadia (Restaurant & Food)


As I’ve mentioned, Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges is proud of its very own restaurant, with its resident Chef (Nadia). The restaurant has many doors to enter, I accidentally stumble into one of the rooms. Inside, there was a long table, with a piano in the corner. For sure, it’s a table for a group of people.

The area for our hour dinner was on the other side. It was way bigger, filled with uncountable tables. We installed a four-chaired table near the window, with a wonderful view. And there, we waited until we were served for our dinner.

Day 1 full course dinner

Here, I’m showing you all the dishes that we ate during our stay in Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges, a full dinner course for 3 days.
The drinks are not included in the dinner package, so we have to pay for it even the water.

Day 2

They served us an entrée or appetizer, then, le plât or main dish, and finally, the dessert. So far, it was excellent, the main dish especially, I was really startled how tasty it was.

Day 3

My favorite dish would be the ones from our 2nd day, it was more refreshing, and the presentation was fine and chic. The tasty was an explosion of flavors, I really love it!

The less that I like was from the 3rd day, it was still good, but I find it very heavy to eat. But overall the taste was exceptional! Bravo to the Chef!

Author’s Review 8/10

Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges Review

Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges is a warm welcoming and ideal for family stay. In terms of parking, you’ll be happy to know that they have enough space for everyone and it’s free of charge during your stay at the hotel of course.

Regarding the Wi-fi connection, it wasn’t also bad considering that there are many clients in one building. The staffs from receptionists to restaurants were really kind though we had quite a long time waiting for our meal, the restaurant staff made sure that we are well served.

Let’s no forget to mention, pets are allowed in this hotel which I was a bit surprised but it’s very nice that they have this service.
Would I come back? Yes! I would love to!

Tips for you:
To pay a cheaper price for your stay at this hotel, take the promo package that the hotel is offering. I have checked online, the regular price is from 80 euros and above per night. Visit the official site of Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges to avail the promo package.

Hôtel Restaurant Des Vosges – Hotel Review

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