Hotel Alpenblick Berghof – The perfect place to stay in Bavaria, Germany

Visiting Bavaria would be a hassle without a comfortable hotel luckily, we have found Hotel Alpenblick Berghof the ideal and perfect hotel for everyone who wanted to explore the Bavarian region of Germany.

Hotel Alpenblick

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof is a family-run hotel that offers comfortable and spacious accommodation with a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alps. Located in Moorbadstraße, Halblech, Germany, only 8 Kilometers away from the touristic area of Schwangau.

You may be familiar with Schwangau since it’s the town where you can visit the sensational castles of Germany. Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles are just a couple of miles away from Halbach.

Therefore, the hotel Alpenblick Berhof would be a perfect hotel for you if you visit the Bavarian region.

Hotel’s Information

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof information

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof offers many activities to its clients. You can do hiking trails, alpine hikes, bike rides or mountain biking, paragliding, hang gliding and winter alpine skiing and sledding fun, and cross-country care. It also features escorted tours for motorcyclists.

As I’ve mentioned, this hotel is not that far from castles like Neuschwanstein, and Hohenschwangau.

There’s also another palace that you should visit is the Linderhof Palace, only 50 kilometers away, and conveniently accessible by car or public transportation.

Hotel Alpenblick Bergof

There are some other landmarks that you should go like Wies Church, Tegelberg run, Banwaldsee Lake, and the crystal Therme Schwangau.

Other popular landmarks in the environs are Old Monastery St. Mang, Staatsgalerie Im Hohen Schloss, Train Station Reutte In Tyrol, Alpentherme Ehrenberg, and Hahnenkammbahn Höfen.

Our Arrival

Our Arrival

It was late in the afternoon when we arrived in the Halbach area. It was a very long road trip from Belgium up to the hotel. Finding the hotel was easy peasy we didn’t encounter any difficulties.

The small town of Halbach has a spectacular view, and the Schwangau area has this unbelievable magical landscape view of the Alps.

hotel's information

Nevertheless, it was our first time to visit in this area, and we are already stupefied. As indicated in the hotel’s description, there’s a free parking area so we directly parked our car, and went for our hotel check-in.

Entering the hotel was surprising. Indeed, a pleasant place with an outstanding view of farmers life, and as well as the icy mountains. We waited for the receptionist to arrived but apparently, we have to call using the private phone that they left in the counter.

Arrival at the hotel

The reception hall has this charming ambiance with some photos hanging on the wall. The Neuschwanstein Castle photo caught my attention and the photos of the bikers (I presume these are the photos of their previous clients)

After a while, the receptionist arrived and assist and showed us around the hotel area. It was sympathetic to have this kind of hotel service.

The Charming Room

Our Room in Hotel Alpenblick

Our room was surely is a gem, it was spacious (30 m²) and well presented. After the short briefing of the receptionist, Hubby and I checked for the wi-fi connection via on the hotel’s website. And there, we found out that the receptionist was the owner of the hotel.

We had a king bed with a Balcony/terrace. There was also a TV flat screen, and a closet. The owner told us that we also have a kettle plus complimentary sachet of tea and coffee. The bathroom was fully equipped with shower area, towels, hairdryer, and toiletries.

Hotel room

The owner explained to us about the breakfast, it wasn’t included in our reservation, but we ask to have it every day. It was 6,50 euros per day/person. Our wi-fi connection wasn’t bad at all since our hotel room is located right after the reception hall, we had a great wi-fi.

View from the Room

landscape view

The day after, I had a quick time to sort out my camera and take pictures of the wonderful landscape view of the Bavarian Alps. Having a small private terrace makes a difference.

The view of the hotel’s location was really impressive. It was one of the most beautiful and enchanting views that I’ve seen.

view of Halsbach

view of mountains

I would wish to wake up every day with a stunning view of the mountains. Apart from the view, there’s another interesting part of this terrace. You can hear the sounds of the birds humming and chirping.

The hotel was encircled by some residential houses, and as well as some farms nearby. I remember the first time we drove in Halbach, we saw a small bakery that we would love to visit.

Restaurant and the Breakfast


Hotel Alpenblick Berghof has a common living area for everyone who wants to unwind while glaring the beautiful mountain view. A public room with couches and tables where clients can install peacefully.

living and pantry

On the other hand, there’s a small room (Pantry) where clients can buy some food (snacks, drink, etc.,) by just writing the items that they’ll take and to pay at the hotel of course when checking out.

Hotel Alpenblick restaurant

Meanwhile, just the room after the living is the dining area or the restaurant. Here is the place for the buffet breakfast. Early in the morning, we went for breakfast. It was about 8:30 am, and we opt to fill our empty stomach to get ready for the day.

The buffet was not that bad, honestly speaking, it is ideal for European clients. However, for Asian clients, it would be a bit difficult since we, Asians love hot/warm dishes for breakfast.


The hotel’s buffet breakfast offers various food for its clients. There’s yogurt, cereals, bread, fresh fruits (raisins, apple, orange, banana) jams (orange, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, apricot) ham, cheese and many more.

breakfast Bread on buffet
For drinks, they offer juices, tea, and of course coffee made by the owner himself (the husband of the receptionist). They have also different kinds of tarts for desserts which I find cool.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of cheese, so I just opt for bread, ham, fruits, and jam. I also took some desserts slices and a coffee.


exterior view

There must be some pros and cons in this hotel, that’s evident of course. From my experience, I could say that Hotel Alpenblick is one of the perfect hotels that you can find in the Bavarian region. Regarding its cons, I would say, that firstly, for its non-English or German-speaking clients, it would be hard to communicate but you can find ways with technology now.

If you are looking for luxury and modern space, Hotel Alpenblick would not be on your list. It’s more of a homey ambiance and very laid back style residential type of hotel. In regards to its buffet breakfast, it would be difficult for Asian clients since they don’t serve hot/warm dishes on its buffet.

Pros and Cons Hotel Alpenblick

Other than those I’ve mentioned above, the hotel owners are very accommodating. You can ask them anything or any questions, and they will surely be there to help you.

Hotel room cost 45-65 euros or above per night depending on the season. So make sure to go there on the low season so you’ll enjoy your stay in full potential.

We are very grateful and happy with our short stay. We would love to come back again in the future!

Visit Hotel Alpenblick Berghof for your reservation

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof Review

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof Review 1

Hotel Alpenblick Berghof Review 2

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2 Responses

  1. Danik says:

    Quality review guys and I stand by your every word! I was there in JUNE for my daughters 3rd birthday (we were driving from London, UK to Rimini in Italy and this was our second night stop). I was so glad to find this hotel. We were only there for one night and then we drove south we were very surprised to be near the ‘Disney’ castle (even though I was already there 10 years ago), I thought that was funny. Would also totally recommend a stay here.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Danik, that’s really cool to hear about your story as well. It’s nice to hear other clients experience! And wow already 10 years ago and you still remember that’s awesome!
      Hope one day you’ll come back there 🙂

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