Hotel Alexain Restaurant & Wellness – Our best days in Alsace, France

Visiting the magical universe of Alsace was the best thing to do whilst on our travel, but, did I should share with you our best experience with Hotel Alexain Restaurant & Wellness in Trois Épis, Alsace.

Finding your way to Alsace would be a difficult journey if you won’t find the perfect hotel for your stay.
So we’ve visited this French region for 4days and 3nights, and the verdict? It was phenomenal!

Hotel Alexain Restaurant & Wellness in Trois Épis, Alsace.

Now, it’s time to spill some detailed information about our petit adventure in Alsace. As you have already read about the magical world of Christmas in Alsace, I will share with you more about the hotel (Hotel Alexain) where we stayed for our whole trip.

I bet you all know already about Alsace, oh, not yet? Really? Let me tell you a brief trivia about it. Alsace is one of the popular regions in France, known for its Alsatian dialect. A low Alemannic German dialect in Alsace.

It was formerly a disputed region in eastern France that has passed between French and German control five times.

Arriving at Hotel Alexain

The day wasn’t that easy, to begin with, we drive from southeast Belgium to Alsace for about 4 hours. Since our hotel starts its check-in at 15h00 which is 3:00 pm, we’ve decided to go to the town of Kaysersberg. And, have a quick tour of their Christmas market square.

After a while, we went to check in to our hotel in Trois Épis in Alsace. 12kilometers (20 minutes drive) away from Kaysersberg. Finding the hotel was really easy, we followed our GPS and brought it there in less than 30 minutes.

We quickly went to the reception area and checked in. Our rooms are way too far from each other cause we have booked two different rooms (1double and 1single room). The receptionist was very helpful. She explained everything that we should know. From the buffet breakfast, wifi, up to the dinner, which was also included on our reservation.

And, there you go, we have finally installed ourselves in this little hotel nest for the next days. Guess what we did next? Don’t tell me that we have to sleep. No, no, no. It’s time for the apero (welcome drinks) well, we welcome ourselves with the finest Alsatian wine from the hotel.

Our first Night – Dinner Time

After our apero, it’s time for the dinner meal. First, we have our entrée (starter dish). It was with seafood soup with bread (fish form) as the bread from vol au vent.

Next, we had our plat principal or main dish. They serve it with volaille with legumes and pasta (but I think it wasn’t pasta, it was kind of like tempura). They also serve as a piece of Fromage (cheese) before the dessert. And, finally, we had our dessert with a scoop of flavored cream sprinkled popcorn and special sauce.

You’ll surely ask me now, how was the dinner right? Well, it was parfait! Perfect!

Our Room

Hotel Alexain our room

We’ve talked about the dinner already without letting you know about our room. So here it is. The room was really simple yet charming at the same time. I really love the interior design and the color patterns that they made. We have a wonderful balcony, perfect to see the sunrise in the morning.

We also have a desk, a closet, an LCD TV with cable channels and a private bathroom with a shower. I could say that the room was well maintained and very clean.
Let’s not forget to mention that the wifi connections in the room are quite good. The overall package, Hotel Alexain was ideal for us.

Next Day 

Waking up, a bit late on the next day, my Hubby was waking me up. I immediately went to see the beautiful overlooking picturesque view of the Alsatian landscape. The sunlight was really good to feel, and the breeze of early morning wakes me really quick.

It was around 8:00 am, I need to get ready. I took a snap of the view, from the balcony, including the parking lot space. The parking area is free of charge, which I find excellent, for road trippers like us.

First Buffet Breakfast

Meanwhile, I was getting ready my Mom-in-law came, all the three of us went down to get our breakfast. Normally, I don’t bring my blogging stuff early in the morning. I prefer to use my phone taking photos at the restaurant cause I find it more discreet and respectful from other eating privately. You know what I mean.

I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of what we ate (haha). I think I was too sluggish at that time. We ate a lot last night, and this morning I’m not even hungry. But I did force myself to eat something (drink coffee and ate yogurt)

While eating in the restaurant, I got a glimpse of some mountains covered with snow. We asked the receptionist about those mountains. She told us, that it was the Grand and Petit Ballon d’Alsace.

It was very beautiful! Even though it was in December, snow wasn’t ready to fall yet in the Alsace region except on the mountain hillside of France.

Wine Tasting in Obernai

Since we’re talking about the best experiences in Alsace. Aside from the hotel Alexain, we also had a great time during our wine tasting in Obernai. This is actually our second time to come here, the first one, was late April the same year.

This was the best experience ever! We had a blast!
We tasted all our favorite wine at Domaine de Cathy and Gilbert Lang. I would definitely recommend you to come here, once you visited Alsace.

My favorite Alsatian wine? Well, I love Gewurztraminer, whether it’s the normal one or the VT Vendange Tardive.

Break time after the visit

After the wine tasting, we were a bit tipsy (haha). My mom-in-law and I drank all the wine that we tasted. Another interesting fact, when you taste a wine you normally don’t have to swallow them, you usually spit it out after, but in our case, we didn’t.

We went to visit Obernai, and, after that, we went for a snack break before heading back to the hotel Alexain. I took a slice of cheesecake and a cup of cappuccino while my Hubby took a coffee and Mom-in-law got a slice of an apple pie and a cappuccino with extra cream.

Day 2 Dinner Night

Dinner at Hotel Alexain

Finally, we finished up our day with the late dinner at the Hotel Alexain. As expected, the meal was really impressive. All the dishes were tasty and deliciously impressive.

As I’ve thought, there were a lot of people staying in this hotel. It’s quite amazing to see. There were people of all ages. However, there are older people than young ones. At first, the restaurant wasn’t full, but after some time a lot of people were coming for dinner.

For our entrée (starter dish), we have a salad mix with sliced ham, cucumber, boiled egg, and a piece of bread. Oh, let’s not forget, we also ordered wine before starting our dinner. (Yeah! Vive le vin!)

Next on the dinner menu is the plat principal (main dish), it was with potato, cordon blue, add up with some mix beans, and sauce Blanche.
It was so delicious!
Lastly, for dessert, we had some sort of mousse/creamy sorbet sprinkled with some hazelnuts on top.

Last day of Food Galore in Alsace

On our third day, we went out again to some of the Alsatian villages. And, we’ve opted to try the pizza like a famous dish in Eguisheim. It was called tarte flambée or like like a pie, but it looks like a pizza.

We also ordered a 50 ml Eguisheim wine, it was a pinot gris, and it tastes like heaven. About the pizza, oh, I mean tarte flambée, it was really good, better than a pizza. A must-try dish in Alsace. 

Our last dinner in Hotel Alexain

We’re down, to our last dinner, at the hotel Alexain. We had an excellent dinner, with 3-meal-course, a real gourmet restaurant, with some astonishing presentable French cuisine. As you can see from the photos, the presentation is just over the top!

The entrée was with minced scampi, pesto sauce, chickpeas, and with tortilla chips. It was pretty imaginative and creative at the same time. Going on to our main course, it was as colorful as a rainbow. With a piece of meat, topped with baby carrots, Broccoli Romanesco, pasta, and a red sauce.

For the dessert, it was simple yet very perfect for sweet tooth people. A slice of cake with a special touch of that red fruit sauce. Very artistic and original.

It’s time to say goodbye!

day 4 dinner at hotel alexain

It’s our last day here, and it’s so sad to let go of this adorable hotel. We had our last buffet breakfast before heading back home. The restaurant was quite full, this time, I ate more than usual, cause we will be on the road for hours.

I ate some croissant and pain au chocolat with jam. I also had some scrambled eggs, bacon, some beans, and salads. All in all, Hotel Alexain buffet breakfast is worth of your money. Not mentioning, you can eat anything that you like with no limit.

We’ve checked out around 9:30 am and settled everything. I’m sure, you’ll ask, how was our experience staying here in Hotel Alexain. I would say, It was incredible! Would I recommend it? It’s a big YES!

I’ll give it an 8.5/10

Hotel Alexain Restaurant & Wellness other information

hotel alexain suite

Hôtel Alexain is situated between Munster, Colmar, and Kaysersberg. Located in Trois-Épis, Hotel  Alexain Restaurant & Wellness is on the Alsace wine route and offers panoramic views of Colmar, the Vosges, the Black Forest, and the Alsace Plain. 

It is highly recommended for family or couples who love to walk and get to unwind and relax with their loved ones or friends. It features free WiFi access, a terrace, and rooms with a balcony. Other amenities at the hotel include a swimming pool, a sauna, and a hammam. 

Some rooms of Hotel Alexain feature rooms that are suitable for guests with reduced mobility. There’s a buffet breakfast every morning, and an on-site restaurant serves a 3-course menu for dinner.  

Hotel Check-in from: 3:00pm until: 9:00 pm
Check-out from: 07:00 am until: 11:00 am

For more details, check out Hotel Alexain Official website for special offers and discounts.

Hotel Alexain Restaurant & Wellness

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