The Hobbit Cosplayer Julia, Ukraine

Good day to everyone, today is another day to feature another cosplayer. I have found a beautiful and elegant artist via Facebook, I’m captured by her featured hobbit cosplay works posted by Cosplay Culture so I decided to invite her to take part in our Interview Series.

Surely you’re curious which of the characters from the Movie series The Hobbit is she cosplaying. Well, I have to say her works indeed impressive, she’s cosplaying Thranduil, known as Elvenking in the story. Happy to present you Diva Lustmond from Ukraine.

Thank you again, Ms. Julia, for sharing your cosplay life with us. Wishing you a great career ahead!

Let’s know more about our next featured cosplayer of the day.

The Hobbit Cosplayer Diva Lustmond

The Hobbit

Thranduil photo by Eugene Li

My name is Julia Wedard (most known as Diva Lustmond). I was born in Ukraine – Donetsk in 1990. For today I take part in Ukrainian cosband “Oh, my Bets!”

Cosplay Discovery

The hobbit 2

Thranduil photo by Eugene Li

I discovered cosplay when I was about 12 years old. For that time I very often search different elven pictures and found a lot of elven cosplay. It impressed me and I dreamed to take part in cosplay one day.

I dreamed that I’ll be an elf, a Storm from X-Men and after all of these years I become all of them. Dreams come true!

First Convention


Photo by Eugene Li

My first convention as a cosplayer was one year ago. I cosplayed Storm in “X-Men” humor scene. And our sketch took the 1st place at the festival. The next one and a huge festival that I visited for my first cosplay year was Khanifest in Kharkov.

Here our scene “Beauty and the Beast” took the 1st place took. Every convention changing my life. Before cosplay, I was too shy and scared to cooperate with people.

Now I feel myself confidently, I can even show you different character emotions. It’s unquestionably my own win.


Thranduil photo

Photo by Eugene Li

My first sewed costume was Storm. For today I have about 5 costumes. The most problem is to find fine craft master. Props and attributes the should  make good or cosplay looks like trash.

My favorite one is Thranduil imagination. I feel so free and powerful in his shape. And another one is Crystal Maiden, where I can feel myself I am who I am, cause I’m a curly girl who was born in December, love the winter and had husky pup before it becomes mainstream.

Definition of Cosplayer

by Eugene Li

I have told earlier that cosplay helped me to unfold. I feel free now. It’s always interesting to feel yourself in a shape of your favorite character, to think like he thinks or etc.

I tried it once and still in love with cosplay for now. Try it too and you’d like it.

Worst Experience

aras Buteyko

Photo by Taras Buteyko

My worst experience and the dummies thing that happened to me during conventions was this September in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) at “Akihabara” festival. We went to the city for about 4-5 hours.

The organization was very bad, it was cold, rain and no place to sit. “Akihabara” rules told that scene should no longer than 13 minutes and we make it right, but the group who won, those dudes with the scene that has 1-hour duration.

OMG really? I’ll never visit that dirty city with their dirty minds.


Taras Buteyko

Photo by Taras Buteyko

I find a lot of cosplay friend during the festivals. Its funny people with whom is easy to talk and cooperative. Find Dmitry Wolts and Elis Duval.


by Eugene Li

Our cosband has 2 first places at scene nomination, 1st places at karaoke, the best actor plays and of course, best festival art is for me.

Piece of Advice

by Eugene Li 0

I recommend you to visit cosplay feasts and talk with different cosplayers, ask them about their costumes and craft, analyze defile, scenes and etc. In one word widen one’s horizon.

Future Conventions

You can see me at my twitch. I’m drawing a lot, playing and do makeup, and I have the practice to do it with cosplay.

Open Message 

You can me at my website Lustmond, VK, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITCH TV, and DEVIANTART


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