High School DxD Cosplayer Veronica, Philippines

Next featured cosplayer today is from Asia, the Philippines, one that’s close to my heart. It was quite difficult to choose the best cosplay works she had. Her name is Veronica a High School DxD Cosplayer with some impressive resemblance to the character. 

Probably my second to the most struggle of choosing lovely and exceptional photos next to Jimmy Sherfy if you remembered him? Yes! the Disney Cosplayer from the USA with some fantastic cosplay photos as well.

I’ll let you adore her style and her cosplay life story. Happy reading guys!

High School DxD Cosplayer Veronica Manuel Cosplay

High School DxD

Rias Gremory of Highschool DxD photo by Emman Chris Es

I am Veronica Kristine L. Manuel, a Filipina Cosplayer from the Philippines. I’ve been cosplaying since 2011 in various cosplay events in Manila like Cosmania, Fantasy Quest, Best of Anime, and other events here in my city.

I am part of ZCTrolls and Ambox Zampen, we’re organizers of most cosplay events here in Zamboanga City.

Cosplay Discovery

I’ve always been an anime fan/otaku ever since. Growing up, I also loved playing dress up, experimenting with makeup and somewhat was a frustrated model (haha !).

I would practice poses in front of the mirror, buy some fashion magazines, but still continue to watch animes. My first exposure to cosplay was way back 2003, when I had my summer vacation in Manila,

I attended an event sponsored by Questor Magazine and there was a cosplay competition back then. watching cosplayers do skits on stage while sitting on the floor in awe. I said to myself,

« If there was an opportunity for me to do cosplay, I would really want to try cosplaying my favorite anime characters! »

First Convention

Saber Bride

Saber Bride photo by Bernard Garbo

Years after that, I got really excited since there was going to be an event in our city called MCTV’s Otaku Fest 2011. I did not have any second thoughts in joining the cosplay competition, the moment I had my day off from work.

I went to register for the competition as Lala Satalin Deviluke from the anime To Love Ru. had my costume made by a seamstress since I had no idea on how to make the costume. ordered the wig and contact lenses online and started crafting her wand prop.

On the day of the event, I was thrill to see other cosplayers there, it was just more of a gathering than an event but nonetheless, it was really fun! I was able to win 3rd place during the cosplay competition and it was an amazing feeling.

Not only did I fulfill my dream cosplay, it was an added bonus to actually win something.

I found my passion and I realized that I wanted to attend more cosplay events so I flew to Manila last 2012 and attended most of the events there with JC Zala.

I loved Cosmania, Best of Anime, and Fantasy Quest events because those events where the most memorable for me that I shared with my cosplay friends. have not been to any cosplay events yet outside of the Philippines, but JC and I was able to visit Cebu to attend TORCH Cebu Leg there as con-goers.


The first costume I have sewn was Rin Tohsaka’s uniform from Fate Stay Night. I have watched countless of video tutorials and studied basic sewing techniques to make the blouse and skirt.

Borrowed my aunt’s portable sewing for me to be able to practice sewing. I was able to complete it and it turned out okay in pictures but it wasn’t even close to perfect! was afraid that the stitches might get easily ripped off when used or the pieces might fall apart.

I also made Rias Gremory’s apron from Highschool DxD and just recently, Hyolyn’s « Paradise » Live Stage Costume (KPOP artist). There are other projects that I would want to work on but I hardly got time to sewed anymore with my work schedule these days.

Definition of Cosplayer

A cosplayer is an inspiration to everyone, to encourage creativity, builds up social skills, and to explore other forms of art. I believe that cosplay is a stress therapy for me and a temporary escape from reality.

I love cosplay because I never knew that it was going to be my outlet for being creative and bringing animated characters to life even for a moment. It is one way of showing my appreciation as a fan.

Worst Experience

I remember the night before our flight to Manila for Cosmania last 2014, I was cramming to complete the details on my props, I was spray painting it in my room and just slept for a few hours after completing it.

When we arrived in Manila, I had to buy poster paints and continue painting my other accessories as well. I hated the pressure and stress that I had undergone that time. Luckily, on the day of the event, everything went smoothly as planned.



Oko of Hoozuki no Reitetsu photo by Chops Bardos

I look up to a lot of cosplayers! I love international cosplayers such as Vampy, Yaya Han, Onnies, Orochi, Tsubasa, and Jesuke!

On the local scene, I admire Jin, Miguel, Loki Heart, Lin Ling, Charess, Ai Natsumi, Gibs, Lyron, my friends my ZCTrolls, and many more!


I was able to win 1st place when I cosplayed Neytiri from the movie Avatar during MCTV’s Movie Mania back in 2012. I had my hair braided with the help of my friends and had my face painted by Drackz.

Also had my good friend Leo help me out with my bow and arrow props. Borrowed the costume from my friend Riena as well. Without them, I couldn’t have completed everything on my own.

Since then, I’ve been invited to guest as a judge in various local cosplay events and gatherings in my city. I don’t only judge in events, I also help in organizing them too.

As I have mentioned in my introduction, I am a proud member of ZCTrolls who organized ADZU’s Otaku Attaku 2013 and Mindpro’s AniCon 2015, and AMBOX Zampen’s Mindanao Cosplay Summit: Zamboanga Leg 2016 and Matsuri Fever! 2017.

Piece of Advice

JUST DO IT. No buts, what ifs, and negatives. Just have fun and go with what you what you want and how you want it to be.

I know that everyone has issues and one doesn’t need to be “perfect” It’s simply about how you work with what you have and make the most out of it.

Future Conventions

Megurine Luka and Kaito

Megurine Luka and Kaito photo by Eric DC

There aren’t any conventions anytime soon but if there will be, I’ll surely be posting about it.


Veronica Manuel

Veronica Manuel Cosplay

What a wonderful display of cosplay works! Veronica has tons of stunning photos on her Facebook page and it was like a magical anime world looking at those photos. 

Honestly, all of them are perfect, six years of experience in the Cosplay World, indeed something to be proud of. 

Personally, I would like to thank you for giving this huge privilege to feature you in our Cosplayer Interview Series. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

Hoping to see you one day in one of the future conventions in Zamboanga City. I’m sure your supporters are all excited to see you back as well. We’ll just be here at your back supporting you! 

Let’s follow Veronica’s account on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and WORLD COSPLAY.

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