Harley Quinn Cosplayer Crystal, Puerto Rico

Our first cosplayer to open the ball this week is a Harley Quinn Cosplayer. Originally from Puerto Rico, her mom’s homeland. She is mostly known as DramatiKosplay, a young and fresh cosplayer from Georgia who loves to attend several conventions like Momocon, Dragoncon, and Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Sometimes, when we live or migrated in another country, there’s still these genes and blood streaming in our veins. Even though your far from where your origin is you still somewhat belong to that ethnicity. 

I’m so proud to show you, another one of a kind cosplayer which I’ve known from a common friend on Instagram, I directly didn’t hesitate to contact her, after looking at those sumptuous bad ass cosplays that she presented. She’s full of awesomeness!

Let’s get ready and read her awesome story!

Harley Quinn Cosplayer, DramatiKosplay

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn by Blackflight Photography

For people wondering why Dramatik? I joined Apha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. in the fall of 2007 and the nickname was given to me (because well….no matter what I tend to be overly dramatic lol).

I love my rescue dogs more than I love anything else, except frogs. I’m a sucker for frogs

Discovering Cosplay

I discovered cosplay through my friend Viatoria Cosplay at the end of 2015. She knows I’m obsessed with Halloween and I get really into the costumes and the decorating.

So she asked me had I ever been to a convention and I looked at her like she was speaking a language I was NOT fluent in. Once she showed me pictures of Dragoncon I was Hooked!

So I got with my fiancé (who had gone to AWA for years) and told him since I wasn’t singing or acting I thought this would be a great creative outlet for me. He agreed and was very happy I’d get to join him in his nerdy endeavors.

First convention as a Cosplayer

My first convention as a ‘cosplayer’ was AWA 2015. I put it in quotes because she was Wonder Woman and I was so anxious and overwhelmed that I wasn’t truly acting like Wonder Woman. But it was memorable.

I loved going to the panels (although I’m more of a Batman/DC Comics nerd) and doing the DC Heroes Villains Photoshoot. I loved the con-goers reaction to my costume and it just made me want to do better.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

My first cosplay that I sewed fully would probably have to be my Storm/Superwoman costume. It was my first time using a sewing machine. so I enlisted the help of my fiance’s mom to teach me the ways of the Singer.

I didn’t do well and it was extremely infuriating (because I figured a black bodysuit with gold trim ?? what could go wrong ?) and a great learning experience.

I sewed pieces of my cosplays that needed to go on real clothing, such as Bombshell Harley Quinn (who is my Fave) and this year I have Finally made a Bunnysuit (Yellow Ranger Bunny) but I’ve also just given up and had one cosplay commissioned (Eartha Kitt Catwoman).

My Creations

Out of the two years I’ve been cosplaying I have made 14 :

  • Bombshell Harley Quinn, No Flutter’s Poison Ivy,
  • Tina Belcher, Fan Art Buttercup
  • Superwoman (Crisis on Two Earths), Storm
  • DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn
  • Rebirth/Derby Harley Quinn
  • Bombshell Wonder Woman and Batwoman
  • Bombshell/Pin-Up Captain America
  • Power Girl
  • Spinelli and Vixen

Obviously, I have a mini obsession with Harley Quinn.

 What does a Cosplayer mean to you?


Bombshell Harley Quinn by Drlawsphotolab

Being a cosplayer for me means no matter your race, gender, sexuality, etc, you love and embody that character! We spend months on these cosplays and literally shed blood sweat and tears over making these characters come to life.

For me, being a mixed cosplayer, I feel like it means MORE when people see me as Harley and tell me ‘OH MY GOSH !!!! You look just like what I would imagine her to be in life !’

Or when I see a little black girl say, ‘Look Mommy! It’s Harley !’ and that parent asks to take a picture of me with her daughter.

That kind of thing makes me continue to cosplay. So little brown children know they aren’t alone in their nerd-om. So they can see a hero (or villain) that looks like them and smile and feel represented.

Worst and Memorable Experience

My Worst Experience

Would probably be last year at DragonCon. I remember I was in a Death Eater Flash Mob and I saw this AMAZING cosplayer.

For the life of me I can’t remember what it is BUT I walked up to the Cosplayer and said, ‘Oh my goodness, I Love your cosplay !’ she said thanks and I followed it up with, ‘Wait, weren’t you at Bunny Hutch last night…’ and before I could finish my sentence she cut me off…looked at me like I was a gnat and said, ‘Um yea I was.

Do you not know who I am? I’m kind of popular.’ I simply responded, ‘No….I don’t.’ and walked away. This was my First Dragoncon and my 1st day at the convention.

I could have let her ruin the rest of the day but I shook it off. wasn’t letting some ‘popular’ person steal my newbie shine. (I still have no idea who it was to that day).

My Memorable Experience

Once Momocon 2016 came, I was ready to network with anyone I could and fully embody every character I had worked on. One of the most memorable experiences, I’ve had would have to be last year.

When I met Beau Billingslea (Voice of Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop). I went up to him to ask him for a picture and he loved my version of No Flutter’s Poison Ivy so much, he asked his wife to take my picture!

Right after that, I saw Dino Andrade (voice of Scarecrow in Arkham Knight) and HE asked for my picture as well !!! It just made my whole convention.

Cosplayers you look up to

I look up to a few cosplayers.
  1. Is Yaya Han. I think as a minority and a woman, turning her cosplay into an amazing business is something to definitely follow.

  2. Cutiepiesensei. I remember seeing her at Anime Weekend Atlanta as Sailor Moon Satsuki mash-up and my jaw dropping to the floor. I’m not one to take a ton of pictures of people’s cosplays but this one had me floored. So I got my picture of her Then saw her win their cosplay contest! She is also relatively new to cosplay (I want to say a few years)…but what she has done with her concepts are immaculate!

  3. Wholesomejoe. He may not know I look up to him but again, his mash-up of Beetle Juice and Ghost Busters had me floored. I met him last year at DragonCon and stopped him for a picture. He was EXTREMELY nice and answered EVERY dumb question I had about his costume. I also didn’t realize he did an amazing Mistah J mash-up of Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker. I’ve yet to snag a picture of him as Puddin while in Harley but I have shot with him as other characters.

There are a LOT more cosplayers out there that I love and look up to, but I’ll keep it top 3.

Advice would you give to New Aspiring Cosplayers 

Well I’m far from a perfect cosplayer and I’m still a newbie myself, but the advice depends on what type of cosplayer you want to be.

If you are looking to be ‘Cos-Famous’ then network, network, network! Go to all the big shots and get to know the photographers. Don’t harass them (please don’t harass them) but start-up a conversation and get a card.

Get solo shots of your work and present on all social media platforms. If you’re the type of cosplayer who LOVES their work but isn’t about the limelight…Do not let the making of the costume destroy why you love to cosplay.

Sometimes cosplaying can seem more like a chore or a job…dont’t let it! Do what you’re capable of and if you have awesome friends, have them help you.

But always love what you’re doing and fully embrace your Cosplay, because the more you love it, the more the public loves it!

Where can we see you?

Rebirth Harley

Harley Quinn by fairylunaphotography

I will be in Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kami-Con, Momocon, and Dragoncon in 2018.




What an amazing story from our Cosplayer, I’m contented to share her story with you. Indeed there’s no perfect cosplayer! It’s how you handle yourself a cosplayer in front of the public. I’m so happy to hear about Crystal’s memorable experience, I’d love t meet those people you look up to!

And I want to tell you, you’re such a hardworking and passionate artist, who’s devoting her time to make all those fantastic costumes. A million thanks to you for giving me this chance to feature your incredible talent and works.

Count on me as one of your supporters, we’ll be here to support your works and success all the way!

Don’t forget to follow DramatiKosplay on her social media accounts: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TUMBLR


Our Cosplayer Interview Series has been very successful and occupied this month. We had a lot of entries and I’m sure you’ll love all their experiences.


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  1. Helene Choo says:

    OMG I love Harley Quinn!! I swear I’ve said this about pretty much every single cosplayer character you’ve interviewed haha! Maybe I’m even more of a nerd than I think I am… Her version is amazing!! I also love her vision of creating more racially diverse superheroes/villains:D I’d love to do an Asian version:D

  2. i can stop thanking you for the kind of info you provide on this site, please keep it up

  3. aditi says:

    That’s one bold and beautiful cosplayer. I love her unique and innovative costumes. Cheers!!

  4. Tyra says:

    Is his last photo of her dressed as Penny from the Proud Family?! Waaah if it is that’s awesome! Cosplay is so cool, just barely maybe in college heard and knew about it. I didn’t imagine the amount of work that goes into each costume. These people are all talented! One day I hope to be Shego from Kim Possible.

  5. Travelquartz says:

    I love Harley Quinn as a character. Getting to know about cosplayer was such a delight. It must be a great feeling to dress up like her. I read that she was most preferred character inspiration in previous Halloween too. Loved this interview.

  6. DTG says:

    Great post and so interesting, the outfits are so amazing, I want my own outfit now, after reading all these posts.
    Loved reading this interview. Great series you have shared.

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