Harley Quinn Cosplayer Caroline, Brazil

Our featured cosplayer for today came from a country situated beside Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Have you guessed it yet? Yes! It’s Brazil and she is a certified Harley Quinn Cosplayer.

She’s probably the most look-alike cosplayer to the original Harley Quinn herself played by Margot Robbie from DC Comics. You will surely love her works and cosplay life story.

I would personally thank her for giving this huge privilege of featuring her. Thank you again, “Obrigada” Ms. Caroline.

So proud to show you this fabulous Harley our cosplayer of the day!

Harley Quinn Cosplayer Mizz Rychcik

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn photo by Rafael Tsutsumi

My name is Carol Rychcik also known as Mizz Rychcik. I’m half polish and half Brazilian. I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I have attended a few conventions this year including Anime friends and Brazil Game Show.

Currently page model for 2 Instagram pages: lollipopgirlsig and maximum.cosplay.united

Also I’m a CoverGirl for BlackCandyWhite Music mixes (one of the covers is in full cosplay) 

Cosplay Discovery

Well, my friends were a huge influence on that! They watched the Suicide Squad movie last year and told me I looked so much like Margot Robbie Harley Quinn that I should cosplay her.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention, I thought they were joking with me lol After that, they gave me the Harley’s “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt and we went to my first con together.

I had so much fun, I decided I wanted to cosplay Harley Quinn from that moment on.

First Convention

My first cosplay convention was Up! ABC in April 2017. I had so much fun and made lots of new friends.

After that, I’ve created my cosplay page on Instagram mizzrychcik posting daily cosplay photos and content


Well, I don’t actually sewn unfortunately because I work 40-50 hours/week and I do a lot of sports so I can’t dedicate only to cosplay.

But I like to give my twist to all my clothes and I do all my make up. My favorites props are Harley’s baseball bat (all in wood and very heavy) and her gun made especially for me on a 3D print.

Definition of Cosplayer

It means having fun, making new friends and spreading love and positivity to people. I get a lot of feedbacks that my pictures made someone’s day or made someone smile so,

at the end of the day, that is what it is about: love, friendship, and happiness!

Worst Experience

Harley Quinn 2

Harley Quinn by Rafael Tsutsumi

Luckily, I only had amazing experiences with cons! Sometimes on Instagram, there are some rude and inappropriate comments that I have to drop or even block some users. Other than that, it is all good!


I am very inspired by a Brazilian cosplayer BrSpider he cosplays Spiderman and he is a very sweet and kind person. Had to go to a con with him last August.

I admire him a lot ever since, especially the way he treats his fans. I’d definitely recommend him for a future interview.


The very fast growth of my Instagram page (almost 4K followers in only 6 months of activity in public account), being page model for two cosplay pages.

Having two fan pages and being the cover girl for 2 BlackCandyWhite Music Mixes.

Piece of Advice

Always be yourself and have fun with cosplaying! It is all about feeling good!

Future Projects/Plans

Harley Quinn photo by

Harley Quinn photo by Rafael Tsutsumi

You can see me on my Instagram page @mizzrychcik where I post daily and there are lots of daily fun stories too!

Brazilian fans can see me in person on Comic-Con Experience coming next in December.

Open Message 

Mizz RychcikI just want to thank this awesome blog LexieAnimeTravel for the opportunity to have this interview and give special thanks to all my Instagram followers worldwide.

Including my Mexican fan page on Instagram mizzryquinn_fans and my Turkish fan page on Instagram mizzrychcikfan

You guys are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support!

You can follow me on my INSTAGRAM account.

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