A Half Day Tour Guide in Brussels City

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  1. The grand palace & the Cathedral are so beautiful.. I didn’t realise there was so much to see in Brussels! Great post 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    This is ridiculously detailed and helpful! The Grand Place is one of the most beautiful city spots I’ve ever been. Love it!

  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Very cool pictures. Living in Holland, Brussels is not too far way for me, and definitely a city I want to visit one day. Now I really know what to expect. Thanks for sharing this 😀

  4. What a great detailed itinerary. I love the map. Saving this for when we see cheap tix to Brussels!

  5. VivaLaCassy says:

    Oh man, this is definitlely a photo heavy post. I spent such a long time drooling over all the cool places that Brussels contains!! Bookmarked for the future! thanks, love

  6. equinoxio21 says:

    One of my favourite cities. Thank you for the quite complete tour.
    Dank u wel!

  7. Lavdi says:

    Your post is making me come back to Brussels. I was there several years ago, but it seems I didn’t see much.
    I enjoyed Delirium in fact and I’d go back there for a beer next time 🙂

  8. I love that you included the map at the end, very helpful! I’ve never been to Brussels, but it’s been on the list, and your post moved it even higher up 😀

  9. Kris says:

    This sounds like quite a whirlwind tour. I really wanted to visit Brussels when I was in France/Belgium last year, but we just couldn’t work it out. I definitely need to go back for a visit on a future trip.

  10. Oh my goodness!! How on earth did you fit so much in; in such a short amount of time?! You must be a superhero of some kind.

    And to have such beautiful pictures from such a whirlwhind, props where they are due girl!

    I’ve been thinking about booking Brussels for a day visit next month but wasn’t sure how much there would be to do, now you’ve convinced me! Thank you!

  11. Oh boy, Brussels was on my list for waffles, but the list of places to see makes me want to visit it now 🙂 Lovely pictures

  12. I just recently got back from Belgium a month ago and loved everything the city has to offer!! I stayed in an Air BNB while I was there and it was walking distance to all the main attractions, what I loved most was definitely the Royal Square ( Church of Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg) it absolutely stunning. The other activity I didi and loved was a tour that took us to all the well-known Belgium choclate stores, to well try Belgium chocolate! Glad you had fun!!

  13. Madhu says:

    Lovely and comprehensive guide! Would have been great tif we could have connected in Brussels 🙂

  14. Ana Ro says:

    That’s just on time, I’m going to Brussels in two weeks 🙂

  15. Ruth says:

    What and excellent post! I do not tend to see so in depth posts about Brussels. I would love to do a similar tour. Like the Musical Instrument Museum and the Mont des Arts.

  16. Lena says:

    Oh, I love the Grand Place in Brussels, it is so dramatic and beautiful with detail. And Manneken Pis, do they always dress him up or was that a special occasion? 😀

  17. Brianna says:

    I absolutely loved my time in Brussels! I would go back in a heartbeat. I see the ole Mannekin Pis is sporting his Delirium wear. I’d know that pink elephant anywhere 😛

  18. egodiary.com says:

    Beautiful, it’s like a trip back in time for me. Remember so well some of the places from our trip 5 years ago. And some a new spots we did not see. I can barely wait to go back some day.

  19. Natalie says:

    Those gardens are so beautiful! I see from your list I missed a few things when I visited years ago. I need to go back and take the kids!’

  20. reachinghot says:

    I really enjoyed your clear tips what to see in Brussels! 😊 You had taken many beautiful photos too!

  21. brencation says:

    I’ll be going to brussels in a few weeks time so this was really useful! You gave me alot of ideas of where I should go visit! Thanks so much! ❤

  22. nice photographs and beautiful place to visit

  23. Such a beautiful place! I’ve never had the opportunity to visit there but it’s on my bucket list. The architecture is amazing!

  24. The grand place are very beautiful amazing pictures 👌👌

  25. Enjoyed reading your post. Brussels is lovely!

  26. Rikki Singh says:

    I Hope this Place is really very Beautiful i always Hear about that place. Some times i was thinking to visit there I Hope i can Visit there Soon….

  27. engrreginald says:

    This places are very beautiful and I love the pictures.

  28. Hi Alexine,

    Great post! Brussels is such a fantastic city, and it helps that it’s a train ride from me here in London! Although I have visited a few times, you post has highlighted a lot of tourist attractions that I was not aware of. Awesome job 🙂

    Best regards,


  29. Farah Sheikh says:

    Thanks for this awesome guide

  30. Utminh says:

    An interesting trip. I like it very much. It will be very economical. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Ghyoneka says:

    I’ve always loved Belgium.

  32. Constance says:

    I’m visiting Brussels soon and this is super detailed and helpful! Thank you for posting this!!

  33. Dieter says:

    Visiting Brussels does require to visit Cheese and Chocolate 🙂 nice collection of pictures

  34. Germany and Belgium are two great countries i would really like to visit someday. With this post, i already know which tourist sites to visit when i eventually find my way to Belgium

  35. TOMAK says:

    Enjoyed reading your post

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