Guilty Crown Cosplayer Sara, Spain

This second participant of this week’s “Cosplayer Interview Series” is one of those I look up too. She’s a blogger, a student, a cosplayer, and a lot of talent from this beautiful person. A Guilty Crown Cosplayer from Madrid the capital of Spain. However, in the World of Cosplay, you’ll see her as Sariiit Cosplay.

Sara has attended many conventions in Spain like (such as Japan Weekend Madrid, Heroes Comic Con Madrid, Imavega, Freakwars, Cifimad, Heroes Manga. Also in Dublin (Comic-Con Dublin) while she was living there. She belongs to the community group called Arkadiam Cosplay where many cosplayer gathered.

Without further ado, let’s welcome our next cosplayer!

Guilty Crown Cosplayer

Guilty Crown Cosplayer

Inori Yuzuriha by Francisco Montes

Discovering Cosplay

Actually, when I meet with people who love my cosplays and what I do they always ask me this very same question, but I really love answering it all over and over!

I can say that my story with “costumes” (in this case) started since I was a baby because my mum was always dressing me up as different characters in every party we had!

When I was growing up my love for costumes became even stronger until one day, when I was about 13 years old. I read for the first time the word “cosplay” and I really saw myself reflected in what that article about cosplay said.

Even though, I didn’t start cosplay as a serious thing until I was 15 when also my love for the performing arts started to mixed together with my love for the costumes.

First convention as a Cosplayer

League of Legends

Janna League of Legends by fotojcamposcosplay

My first convention as a cosplayer was Cifimad and I went there with my cosplay of Padmé from Star Wars Episode II, I even enrolled myself in the cosplay contest!

Sadly I did not win anything, but it was a first memorable experience. I remember when I first arrived at the convention I was afraid of people laughing at me or something that, in the end, many people were asking me for photos and telling me how pretty I was with that cosplay.

It really made my self-esteem went up a lot! I guess that thanks to that person who loved my first cosplay I was able to keep going forward with other cosplay projects that I had in my mind.

The farthest convention I went was in Dublin (Dublin Comic Con) during the time while I was living in that city. It was really amazing!

I mean, I had never seen a convention as big as that one, all the cosplayers were super talented and really friendly and what I can remember clearly is that seeing all of those great cosplayers gathered together, I thought that one day I would like to be like one of them.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

When I started serious with cosplay, the first thing that came to my mind is that I wanted to do my own costumes. So my first costume I’ve ever sewed was my cosplay of Asuna Yuuki from the anime Sword Art Online II with the help of my grandmother.

Thanks to her I learned how to sew and from that moment  forward  I had sewed up to 8 cosplays:

  • Nike Remercier (Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii),
  • Queen Henrietta (Zero no Tsukaima)
  • Kaoru Kamiya (Anime and live-action Samurai X, Rurouni Kenshin),
  • Inori (Guilty Crown),
  • Janna Pool Party Version (League of Legends),
  • Janna Christmas Version (League of Legends) (this one is in process),
  • Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha),
  • Juliet Capulet (Romeo x Juliet)
Favorite Cosplay Costume

I couldn´t decide which costume is my favorite since. I love all of them but what I can say with any doubt is which ones are my two favorite cosplays that are Inori from the anime Guilty Crown.

Because of the strong personality, this character has and its principles and Kagome from the anime Inuyasha. (which is my favorite anime ever) because I truly see myself as reflection of Kagome in the screen.

When I started making this cosplay I really wanted to do my best, because for me, her,  as well as the whole anime series, has been really important in my life. I wanted to make a little tribute to it. Actually, this will be the first time I´ll be wearing this cosplay to a convention. I’m super excited!

Actually, this will be the first time I´ll be wearing this cosplay to a convention. I’m super excited!

What does a Cosplayer mean to you?

Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki by Francisco Montes

In my opinion, be a cosplayer means much more than simply be wearing a costume, once you have put on your cosplay you have to start acting like that character. You have to feel the emotions of the character you have chosen running  through you, because after all, you have brought a fictional character to life, haven’t you?

Cosplay has helped me a lot in developing my personality and to forget to be shy. But what I truly owed the most to cosplay is that it has brought to me wonderful friends that are like family.

I guess that what I love most about cosplay and the best thing about it is that some days I can forget about being myself and have a good opportunity of being someone totally different, with another life, with another feeling and with a life full of adventures.

During that time I’m not Sara anymore, I’m a completely different person that you will have to meet again to know me.

Worst and Unforgettable Experience

I´ve had plenty of bad experiences but all of them funny in some way: people confusing my character for another, getting stuck while I was giving a conference about cosplay.

I even remember (how could I forget it) that in one convention a guy came running telling me to marry him since he was super in love with my character…etc

Cosplayers you look up to

Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama by Francisco Montes

As every cosplayer, I also have my role model cosplayer which in my case, apart from being cosplayers are also bloggers. These two beautiful girls are PeachMilky and Zekia. I think that interviewing one of them would be fantastic!

Of course, I have cosplayer friends! I love hanging out with them, playing video games altogether and making cosplays together from different animes, series, video games…

I meet wonderful and talented cosplayers during the conventions.

Greatest Achievement

This last year  I’ve been super busy with different cosplay projects, conventions… I’ve been also invited to attend as a cosplay guest this last summer to Imavega.

That is a convention that was held in the North of Spain being also a judge in the cosplay contest and giving a conference about how to start in cosplay. I’ve been invited to Freak Wars by the hand of the talented photographer Jack Fluck who contacted me to attend the convention as his model.

I feel super proud of myself of what I have achieved in this cosplay world in the last year thanks to my perseverance and hard work and also thank my friends and all those people who have supported me since the beginning and have believed in me and my work.

Advice for New Aspiring Cosplayers

Mara Jade Skywalker

Mara Jade Skywalker by Jack Fluck Photography

What I always say to amateur cosplayers is to keep doing their best until the end and they will see that the hard work they have put is always rewarding in the end and, obviously, to never give up and have faith in themselves!

Friends are really important since you can ask them for some help but, also, almost every cosplayer is willing to give you a helping hand in everything you need, so don´t worry and contact them! If not, you will only have YouTube or some books.

Where can we see you?

I’m always present in almost every convention that’s celebrated in Madrid, if I’m going to go to another city or country to a convention I always let my followers know by my social media so they will be able to see me if they are in the same convention as me!

Future Plans

Regarding my plans, I’m currently studying  Business and Administration at the University and in two years I’ll probably go to Korea and then to Japan to finish my degree to complement it with something related to the fashion world or cosplay or video games.

I haven’t decided it yet! Also, in the cosplay field, I have many projects in mind that I’m working on them and looking forward to showing all of you, so be on the ball on my social media!



Sariiit Cosplay

One of the finest interview I’ve ever had, Sara has just bewitched me with her charm. The first who gave me all I wanted to know, some cosplayers are reserve (though I comprehend them) but I totally adore this girl, with a lot of projects of her future. It’s gonna be a definite struggle of choice between careers.

Her story of being unknown to becoming one of the shining stars in the world of Cosplay. It is very inspiring! I could understand that guy (the one who propose her) that’s just the cutest story.

Thank you again, Sara, for this wonderful privilege that you have given to me, a huge pleasure to share your story and experiences to the public. “Muchas Gracias”!

If you were charm by this beautiful person, follow her social media accounts FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.





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  1. Rahat Arora says:

    I enjoyed to read your posts on cosplayer which are very interesting. Nice post written.

  2. Helene Choo says:

    Yay Madrid! didn’t know there was such an active cosplay scene here:) I love her point about not just putting on the costume and dressing up as the character, but acting like the character and BEING the character. So cool!

  3. Tyra says:

    Yaaaay another cosplay interview. Always excited to read these even though I don’t know much about cosplay, I’m learning. It will be super cool if she goes to Japan. I looooved it when I was there, I’m hoping to go again. I like how with cosplay although you dress an be another character, you still express yourself. Even for Sara, although she was shy, she seemed grow and really enjoy cosplay

  4. Aditi says:

    I am getting to know about cosplayers in the most elaborate way possible through your posts. Thanks for that! This is yet another unique one with a really evolving sense of style. Cheers!!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Aditi, I’m so happy to hear that. I know it will be off topic to other bloggers and that they might that be very familiar about this topic, I’m just happy to be able to share more information, more experience based from cosplayers themselves.

  5. Travelquartz says:

    Just like every other post we have a unique story and message here. being like a character and not only being in costume is such an important input here. this just shows how serious is this work and requires a lot of focus as well. Kudos to the efforts they put in. Lovely pictures again Alexine , thanks for introducing us to the best of it !

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