Guide to Stolzenfels Castle – One The Game of Thrones Castles?

Stolzenfels Castle is one of the hidden gems castles in the Rhine, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is one of the castles that Game of Thrones used (just kidding!) Looking at the interior and exterior qualities of this castle you would nearly say it has the characteristics of Game of Thrones castle.

Stolzenfels Castle

Let’s go back to the facts. Stolzenfels Castle or Schloss Stolzenfels is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. A former medieval fortress castle turned into a palace. 

In 13th-century, it was a ruined castle gifted to the Prussian Crown prince, Frederick William, in 1823. He had it rebuilt as a 19th-century palace in the Gothic Revival style. 

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Castle’s History

Castles History

The Stolzenfels fort, built by Trier Archbishop Arnold von Isenburg. It was used for levying the Rhine toll until 1412. In 1689, during the Palatinate War of Succession, the French destroyed the fort. And the site became the possession of the city of Koblenz, after Napoleon’s defeat. 

Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm received this castle ruins from the city in 1823. He then commissioned a well-known Berlin architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel. With the reconstruction which began in 1836.

According to Schinkel’s plan, the old walls were integrated into the new building. With its gardens, chapel, and large landscape park.

The official opening of the castle was celebrated in 1842. With a grand costume ball and after that, the Stolzenfels Castle was open to the public and has always been regarded as the epitome of Rhine Romanticism. 

Friedrich Wilhelm IV and his wife Elisabeth stayed a few times in Stolzenfels Castle Until his death in 1861. The castle has remained almost unchanged to this day.

Getting There!

It was our second first day in Hillscheid, Germany, after checking in our hotel we went to visit one of the castles in the Rhine area. The one we spotted on was the Stolzenfels Castle, which was actually part of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Driving to the castle’s place took us around 20 minutes. It could’ve been better if we start to visit the Koblenz city center first, but we’ve decided to go this one first.  

Sstolzenfe Castle of Germany

Searching for a place to park the car, finally, after 2 minutes we found the perfect place. We walk and climb the staircase to reach the Stolzenfels Castle. At first,

I thought it was just close to the road street, but I realized that it is farther than that. Luckily, we wore our suitable shoes with us, and here we go for the walkathon adventure.  

We stumbled into the first walkathon trail view, and it was this beautiful symmetrically aligned figure of the viaduct (bridge). I would say it was unique to see this kind of platform like this in this forestry area.

The Picturesque Rhine River

 The Picturesque Rhine River

Traveling sometimes might be challenging when it comes to the weather issue. However, that day we had a blast! We felt like the Gods are on our sides and gave us the most fantastic weather that day.

Looking at this magnificent view of the Rhine river, it reminds me of one of the overlooking views from the Meuse in Dinant, Belgium. But standing at the bridge is super romantic and just by starring at the river would ease all your worries and pain.

From here, we have our first selfie together. Although my hubby doesn’t want it, he didn’t have a choice anyway (haha) It was a perfect stopover before reaching the castle.

Second Stop

Second Castle

Walking for about 5-7 minutes now, we reached our second stop. I even thought it was the entrance of the castle already. But no, it was a castle-like building just before you arrive at the peak.

Looking at it, I was totally convinced that this was part of the castle (haha). But anyway it looks really pretty, I didn’t even saw the description. There must be something out there. Perhaps it’s a building where the staff stays.

Finally, we’re at Stolzenfels Castle!

we're at Stolzenfels Castle

After a few steps from the last mini like-castle, we finally arrived at our destination. The entrance of the Stolzenfels Castle really looks like an entrance gate from a medieval movie. It gives you that feeling of ancient life and as well as a princess’s life.

Glaring at the beautiful gate gives me a chill of stun. Just looking at its ride, having that view of the Rhine River is fabulous! I’m finally living the movie like features (lol don’t mind me, I’m dreaming!)

at the interior

Entering the castle, we stopped at the entrance counter to ask for a pamphlet and inquire if we need to pay a fee. Apparently, there no entrance fee, except you avail the castle tour, which you can enter the private access areas.

Best of the view of Stolzenfel Castle

At first, we did explore first the public area, where everyone can access it. We stayed for a while and took some wonderful photos, the interior part of the castle is a real gem, even without entering the main castle, this one is already enough to make your eyes happy.

Here are some of the best views!

Do you find it beautiful? Well, this is only the beginning. There’s more to come! Just a little information, I’m using my 125° angle Lens from Bomgogo. These photos won’t be realized without it. Check out my review of this useful product.

The Stolzenfels Castle Guided Tour

The Stolzenfels Castle Guided Tour

After waiting quite some time, we’ve ended up queueing for the castle tour. It was 5 euros per person for the admission fee, and the tour would take for about half an hour.

The guide showed us the way to the interior (private residence place) part of the castle where Friedrich Wilhelm IV and his wife Elisabeth resided. There were a lot of interesting interior designs and as well as decorations.

Every room and place was well presented. The guide explained everything as he could. But here’s the thing, the tour was actually in Dutch. So, we didn’t understand anything at all. Luckily, he gave us a small guide book which is in English (that was a game-changer).

Here’s another thing, filming and taking photos are strictly forbidden. This is all I can show for you now, the view of the castle in the inside.

The Game of Thrones Garden?

The Game of Thrones Garden

As a GOT fan, I have been to many places where some of the episodes of the GOT was filmed. I would definitely say that this garden has that special vibe of a Game of Thrones locations. The elegance and charm of this place are unreal.

Pergola Garden

This place is called the Pergola Garden. Filled with lush rose vegetation, a pergola surrounded by wine and flowers and a Byzantine-style tea hall. There’s also a fountain in the midst of a flower-bed in the form of a gothic rose window.

With this impeccable view, you would surely stay here for the rest of the day.

We were very lucky to get the place solo. Though there was some tourist as well, we took our time to take some photos in the garden. Just a bit sad that I didn’t bring my camera with me.

I would’ve taken some beautiful shots here. Cause with this impeccable view, you would surely stay here for the rest of the day.

Other areas must visit in Stolzenfels Castle

Author’s view

Author's view

I would totally recommend you to visit Stolzenfels Castle. I would consider it as one of the finest castles that you can find in Germany. It offers a great experience of the 18th century renovated castle but originally built in the 12th century.

You’ll definitely learn a bunch of historical stuff. Especially those of the crowned prince of Prussia, and, of course, his life and family. It was an exciting experience and I would surely come back!

Useful information about the Stolzenfels Castle
Opening hours: January – February Sat & Sun: 10am – 5pm
March: 9am – 5pm
April – September: 9am – 6pm
October & November: 9am – 5pm
December: Closed
Admission price for the castle tour: Adult €5,00 and Child €3,00 

For more information visit: Schloss Stolzenfels official website

Guide to Stolzenfels Castle

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