Delve into Greek’s Acropolis

Ancient fortress situated on the hilltop of Athens, it represents the political and cultural achievement of Greece in the mid-5th century BC. Acropolis from the greek 2 Greek words “acro” means the highest point, “polis” means city.
It consists three contrasting temples and a monumental gateway,

  • Parthenon,
  • Propylaia,
  • Erechtheion
  • Temple of Athena Nike,

Theatre of Dionysos on the south slope developed after and next Theatre of Herodes Atticus added.

Acropolis, Athens


acropolis places

view of the wall
As we all know Acropolis is one of the famous places in Athens. it has been very popular in city sightseeing and all travel guide books has this site as recommended on their list.

Since this is my first ever exploration in this wonderful citadel I must say It was a bit exhausting after a long ramble until the hilltop.

It was noon after a walk in the city we have decided to visit this well-known unique masterpiece of Athens. but before that we have first entered in the Temple of Olympian Zeus and paid 10 euros for entrance which includes entrance free for Acropolis and its museum.

Theatre of Dionysos


dyionosis theatre


Once passed the first entrance, the first site that you’ll see is the remains of the Theatre of Dionysos. located southern cliff face of the Acropolis is the birthplace of Greek tragedy.

While having a short time scrutinizing the area, I had to take some photos of the nicest mountain views that I’ve seen so far.

Acropolis is found in Athens well it’s a city and normally in a city, you don’t usually see mountains all over. It was a rare moment to mesmerize.

Theatre of Herodes Atticus

heart of theatre

More Views of the Place

With its detailed façade and structure of the theatre. It is also very impressive when it comes to visitors accommodation up to 5,000 capacity.

Temple of Athena Nike

temple of acropolis

temple of acropolis 2

temple of acropolis 3

The sacred bastion builtΒ the southeast edge part and the entrance of Acropolis the temple of Athena Nike.

Nike Athenians in the past strongly believe and worship her to win the war against Spartans.

Eventually led the people to name this temple and as Athena Nike (Nike which means “victory”)

beautiful view

beautiful view 2

The view of the southern part of the city is not just typical it is very remarkable.

Imagining people live just in the corner with a nice view of Acropolis.


beautiful view 3


The Parthenon is one of the finest monument in Acropolis, the most important surviving building in Classical Greece. considered as the zenith of the Doric Order, this temple built as a dedication to their city’s patron Athena Parthenos.

The surrounding was quite noisy since there was some construction ongoing but despite that Parthenon is an enormous temple its history and significance to Athenians is really imposing.

Reminded that;

  • No touching and
  • No Sitting allowed on those precious remains.


palace of athena

palace of athena 2

The elegant building at the northern part of the sacred rock of Acropolis, the temple made of Pentelic marble.

The tour was not yet done after that I had to take some pictures around the vicinity and explore. some edgy places to get a full benefit of this extraordinary place repleted by history.

We had to take a break and drink some water that we packed. and back on the track again for the tour of the rest of the area.

Panorama view from the Acropolis

wonderful view

wonderful view 2

wonderful view 3

wonderful view 4

Soaring the hill was fun, walking and profiting the scenic side of the city and its environs.

Make sure you have your pair of sports shoes cause you’ll gonna climb for long minutes and bring water or food with you.

On the top there is a free potable tap water, you can bring an empty bottle to refill it there it’s totally free.

Things to remember:

  • Toilets are available also and free of charge.
  • It is strictly no eating,
  • no drinking,
  • no touching,
  • nor sitting on the selected sites

I would love to suggest you this place, you won’t spend your entire day here.

Plan it better in the morning and have a lunch in the nearest corner or even plan. An exclusive tour for your partner or family it’ll be great to have a private tour guide only for you.

Important information:

  • Tickets: full price 20 euros/person , reduced 10 euros/person
  • Telephone no. +30 21 0321 0219 or +30 21 0321 4172
  • Open:
    • April-Oct; 8:00 am – 8:00 pm daily
    • Nov-March; 8:30 am – 3:00pm daily
  • Closed:
    • 1st January, 25th March
    • Easter Sunday, 1st May
    • 25th and 26th December
  • Free Admission:
    • Sundays of Nov-March
  • Transport
    • (M)Acropolis or Bus 120, X80

or visit HERE for more info.

Don’t forget to follow my next blog post about Fascinating Athens and its environs.

Greek’s Acropolis



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  1. Vy says:

    Thank you for the information! I was just there last week. If you are a student from the EU, you can even get in for free. πŸ™‚

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  2. May 28, 2017

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