Get to know Eric’s French Wolverine World

Hours before Christmas comes, let me show you another great talented person who has a great passion for Wolverine World of James Howlett, the Wolverine,  Eric or shall we call him as “The French Wolverine” from France.

I recently found him on a Facebook page and his works are exceptional. If you’ll see his photos you’ll probably say he’s the real Wolverine. His profile is a bit impressive as well. He is Cosplayer, Bodybuilder, a Coach fitness and an Airsoft player. 

I would like to thank again Mr. Eric for giving us the opportunity to share his story and discovery about Cosplay. I hope all you guys would have a Happy and Merry Christmas!

Let’s go and discover Wolverine world of the French Wolverine!

The Wolverine World

Wolverine World

Wolverine photo by Michael Caldato Photographe

Hi I’m Eric, I discovered cosplay in 2005 – 2006 when I begin to be an airsoft player and then I want to do the same costume then Snake on MGS3. I always like to play characters who are totally different from me, that’s why I become an actor a few years ago.

It’s the same thing for cosplay and this year a stars really on cosplay with my cosplay of Wolverine.

First Convention

If I remember exactly my first real cosplay was Rios of the video game Army Of Two in 2011 at the Japanimes a little event in the south of France.
I choose the Character of Rios because I have all the airsoft gear, gun, and mask for making a good cosplay.

I remember people were really impressed by my arms and my body proportion at this time I already had this massive muscles and my arms are one of my best body parts.



Exoskeleton by Lytnim Photography

The first costume then I made 100% was an exoskeleton for a movie then make inspired by the movie which Matt Damon Elysium, I love to build this exoskeleton ( you can see pics on my Instagram )

Because before then be a personal trainer I was a gunsmith and build a fake futuristic armor was all fake system for move fight and the weapon, build all of that is very easy for me but sewed I’m not very good on this part.

And the second exoskeleton then I build and you will see in few month, it’s an S.T.A.L.K.E.R exoskeleton armor because it’s my favorite video game and I want to do a great photo shooting for this armor.

Unforgettable Experience

Logan comparison

I never have a very bad experience on a convention, I just remember then some believe that I was Batman…Batman without a cape, with metal claws and yellow costume part.

Definition of Cosplayer


Logan photo by Lytnim Photography

For me, Cosplay is everybody and everybody can, for sure some people have the same face body then some character, such as, a lot of my followers tell me that I look like Wolverine on the comics with my body, especially the version on the crossover on Witchblade.

Logan by Lytnim

Logan photo by Lytnim Photography

They tell me also then I will do an awesome Aquaman, this cosplay will come this summer, but if I want to do Lara Croft or Cat Woman cosplay I can and that could be really fun, for me there is no limit on cosplay, you can all then you want to do.


Logan by Lytnim

Logan by Lytnim Photography

I follow on Facebook and Instagram, Maul Cosplay very great work made by this man I like really like this Last Of Us cosplay, and I follow also Monkeyofsteel Because I do like me a modern version of Wolverine.

Open Message 

The French Wolverine

The French Wolverine

You guys can follow me on my account on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Get to know Eric’s French Wolverine World

The French Wolverine France Pin cover

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