Gamescom 2017 galling horde

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  1. Jane says:

    This looks like fun. My brother would be all over this! I’ll have to send this to him.

  2. nufafitc says:

    Really great article. I’ve been going to Gamescom for years (both as press and visitor) and I can tell you that they won’t change a thing. It’s become worse and worse with too many visitors and an organization that can’t really be called that. I’m going to write about my own 2017 experiences, but it really wasn’t the best. Too many people, not really time to play or watch anything, too crowded. I’ll check out your blog, thanks for stopping by at mine. Stay tuned for that article (will probably be more than one) ;).

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks Nufafitc, I feel you too. I hope the organization will do something. If they will receive negative comments online I’m sure they will surely move.I’ll be looking forward for your post.

      • nufafitc says:

        I think they’ve received lots of negative feedback, both from visitors and the press. The problem is that they simply don’t care. As long as people spend money and come in droves, they won’t change anything. You might have seen that they had construction sites. But they only made the business areas bigger to get more money from exhibitors. It’s really too bad…
        Thanks, it will take some time, the article will probably be divided into many different parts with lots of pictures ;). BTW, I really liked yours. Have to check out your other posts :).

        • Alexine says:

          Thank you very much for you sweet words, hope we cross each other one day 🙂

          • nufafitc says:

            Would be nice, yes, maybe next year at Gamescom ;). Although I might try to get into the business area, as it’s less crowded there with more space :). There are also other events in Germany worth going to, or in Europe, that aren’t as stressful :).

  3. I am filled with excitement after seeing your photographs.

  4. I wish I had the chance to attend gamescom… However, I did not know the negative points you mentioned, but they make sense. Good post!

  5. Julie Wright says:

    I am World of Warcraft player and have often wondered about going to this or saving up and going to blizzcon, but I am not a keen flyer of long distance, so might try something like this first!
    Thank you for being informative and also detailing thier faults, so perhaps if i did go , know prepared!

  6. wow great article and amazing picture here…. 🙂

  7. soo says:

    This look really fun. Thanks for sharing this article,keep it up

  8. Wow this looks like a gaming paradise. Tons of fun photos

  9. Oh wow! That looks like so much fun for people who love this! That looks like so many people (might give me anxiety lol) Glad you had fun, love seeing all the cosplay

  10. Utminh says:

    Your article is very good. I like your image very much. I would love to attend.

  11. Jane S. Susaeta says:

    this looks fun. Never been to any of these events and this article makes me curious about it


  12. engrreginald says:

    Wow…. This event is going to be awesome, how I wish I can grace the occasion but still I will love to come back to your blog to read more. Thanks for This great information

  13. Oh! My gosh! I feel like flying over there! Lol. It looks really interesting

  14. Wow, those are some amazing outfits! It’s crazy how good people have gotten at cosplaying. I’m jealous but I could do it if I put the work in!

  15. Kiwi says:

    Ive heard of DragonCon (which we have here in atlanta) and ComicCon but GamingCom is new to me. Wow it is massive I would love to Cosplay and participate!

  16. This looks right up my street! So much fun.

  17. My sons would love to go to a convention like this. They are gaming fanatics, so this is right up their alley.

  18. White Pen says:

    This one seems so cool and techie. Everyone who got here have child in their hearts and really enjoy events like this.

  19. lucicoo says:

    Seems like a great play for those who love all the lovely nerdy stuff. I wish I had one close to me.

  20. Looks like Blizzard really took over! My company was there too (with a much smaller presence). Did you happen to see Lipa Learning?

  21. great article look like fun interesting post

  22. Really this is an amazing article to read. Great effort and photos and information’s are stunning. I am lucky to get chance to read your excellent post.

  23. such amazing place, i like the statue of Junkrat, it looks awesome!

  24. Trisha says:

    Your pictures in here are the bomb!!!!

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