Solo Travel in Bucharest – How I Survive Traveling Alone in Romania

Traveling alone or Solo travel might be an easy option for single travelers, especially women. It is maybe one of the difficult moments for a couple of travelers who frequently travel with their partners.

Are you a solo traveler? Or have you traveled solo yet?

Join me in my solo travel adventure in the most prosperous city in Romania, Bucharest.

Solo Travel Romania

Honestly, I have never tried traveling alone, since my Hubby and I travel together, where ever we go. Though there are some exceptions, like traveling to the Philippines (cause it’s my homeland).

I did my first ever travel to the Philippines alone, and I posted an article about it as well. But today we are talking about solo travel to another new country to discover.

Nevertheless, I have never traveled alone after I started my life in Belgium.

The Flight

The Flight Solo Travel

Preparing for the day of my flight to Bucharest, I was totally in a vague state. My head is confused, and my heart is pumping like it wanted to come out from my body.

I bought the ticket to Bucharest online, well, technically it was my Hubby who bought it. It was pretty cheap for that season, cause he bought it as a gift for my Birthday.

Arriving at Zaventem Airport was pretty easy. I took a train from the nearest train station in our place. It took me only about 10 minutes.

At the Airport solo travel

Stepping into the check-in desk was the most critical moment. I was always nervous, cause back then, I didn’t have a European passport. I only have my Philippine passport. So I wondered what will happen that day.

I handed my documents to the front desk officer. And, I was surprised, she didn’t ask further questions. She just passed me back all my documents and told me about the gate and terminal number. Whoof!! What a relief!!

Bucharest flight

Queueing for the immigration control, again, I was quite nervous about what will be the outcome. But then, I told myself to stay calm, and indeed, everything went well.

I passed the immigration control. And now, waiting for my plane to arrive.

The time was super fast. The next thing I know, we are already at Bucharest Airport.

Solo Traveler Adventure

Airpot struggle

Getting out of the plane, it was the most wonderful part. As you know, I have a chronic struggle with riding planes. I only brought a small hand suitcase and a backpack.

Exiting Bucharest Airport would be the easiest part of this trip. I was in the arrival hall and started to search for a bank. I wanted to exchange my Euros to Romanian money (Romanian Leu or Ron). Finally, after a few steps, I found an ATM machine and withdraw some Ron.

The next thing to do now is to arrive at my hotel. I only have two options, it’s either to take a taxi or take a bus. I’ve decided to take the bus and started my adventure without any guarantee of succeeding.

Romanian money

I found the bus station, my only problem is, I don’t know where to buy the ticket. Asking some people around but unfortunately, they don’t speak English. After asking more, I finally encountered someone who can speak my language. Whoo!! That was intense!

The lady helped and showed me where to buy the ticket and told me where to get the right bus. I was also checking on my GPS on the phone to reassure that I will not miss the bus.

Solo Travel Struggles 

Bucharest Hotel

Thanks to the lady who helped me out, I was able to arrive at my hotel safely (Hello Hotel). Around 6:00 pm I checked in and rest a little while, then came out again for dinner.

Asking the receptionist if they can serve dinner. Sad to know that my hotel doesn’t serve dinner, so I went to the other Hotel & Restaurant place to dine in.

I would say my first real struggle is looking at my hotel room empty. Without anyone with me. I felt sad! I’m always used to booked hotels with my hubby and we enjoy the moment of discovering our hotel room.

Hello Hotel

Dinning in the next door hotel, I was served in a cozy table. I ordered wine and a simple steak and fries dish.

Sitting at the table made me realize how sad it was again to eat alone. Haha, back then, I was laughing at those people who eat alone. And here I am eating solo with my fries and steak.

I called my Hubby to video chat with him while I’m eating. My first day is almost over. Well, there was still time to visit the city. However, a solo traveler like me would be risky (another struggle right).

hotel late night

Finishing my lonely night with a cappuccino and a Korean drama series. Though I wish to go out at night but decided to stay at the hotel for security purposes.

Selfie, Selfie.. a lot of Selfies

Selfies Solo Travel

For the first time Solo Travel, I’m aware that I should bring a tripod to get good photos of myself. However, I prefer to travel light so I minded bringing nothing special on my solo travel city trip adventure.

I could’ve asked people around to take a photo of me, but, anyway I don’t really mind taking selfies. I enjoyed my 3 day trip to Bucharest! Nonetheless, the advantages and disadvantages of traveling solo are there. You just have to enjoy it and be free.

Commute solo travel

I’ve planned every single tour that I did in Bucharest, didn’t even ask for a tour guide. I commuted every day and visited those spots that I wanted to go. All in all, it was a fruitful Solo Travel trip.

Would I go to Solo Travel again? Yes!! I’d love to, as long as it’s not a dangerous country/place.

Watch out for the rest of my travel stories in Bucharest, Romania. Another blog post will be posted!

Solo Travel in Bucharest, Romania

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