Firefly Car Rental experience in Prague

For our first car rental experience in Prague from Firefly Car Rental, the company was quite interesting. There were some details need to be shared with those who love to rent the car when they travel.

But this time there will be some changes, It’s gonna be my hubby who will give his insight. About how efficient, accessible, and convenient was the car renting adventure.

I gave him the task cause (I don’t drive yet) he was the one driving whilst the whole time of our trip on the road. He does have that ability to share us his point of view as a driver of the car rented.

Firefly Car Rental

Firefly Car Rental

For our stay in Prague, the rental company was easy to find, easy contact and vehicle directly available. A recent Toyota Yaris (20,000kms), clean and in good general condition.

Some traces here and there from the earlier users, there were 3 traces of slight damages from the front and the tires at the back.

However nothing weird or bizarre in regards to the vehicle’s motor. Being a responsible driver I always make sure that everything is good before leaving the car rentals place.


Doing city trips regularly for a few days, we found that the use of a vehicle on the site is much more interesting and profitable over time than to depend on public transport and/or taxis.

From two days of stay in a city, it is interesting when you opt to stay only in the city’s area of your destination. There are also other transportations like train or tram where you can take to go to the southern or northern part but there’s always some cons when it comes to schedules of the transports

The advantages are many to the few of inconveniences which may occur, and on which we could be attentive.

Second-day dilemma

on the road

On our second day, I was a little worry about a tire in the front. It has some problem, loss of pressure and the alarm light turns on.

As a driver, it’s my responsibility to find a gasoline station where it has an air pressure service to fix the problem and add the required pressure. Fortunately, the dilemma didn’t be all fixed after that day. everything came to normal.

If ever you bump into this situation and the problem persists it’s vital to contact the rental company as early as possible and explain the situation.

We also brought the car to Wroclaw, it was a 4 hours route and the car was resistant. Though it wasn’t that much stronger in horsepower it was enough to bring us to another country.

In a total of 8 hours trip for the car and we didn’t meet any struggles at all.

Another Hitch

the tire

On our last to bring back the car to its owner, we had some complications. The moment we arrived at the parking space of the Car Rental area. Some officers welcomed us and instructed to park the car in a particular place.

When the officer finishes his verification of the state and condition of the car. he told us that we made a new scratch that is not indicated on the last record.

I was a bit furious cause I know myself we didn’t bump or have any minor accident during our usage of the car. Moreover, I was sure that It was an error of the precedent records that wasn’t written in the file. He assisted us and ask to sign his file but I refused and told him that we’ll go directly to the office.

The moment came to explain everything in the front desk of the Firefly office and the end, the officer told us that he will not charge extra. Since we have our insurance paid and all in order.


For our first time voyage in Prague, we chose the company Firefly offering the best price/vehicle ratio. We have already rented cars from 3 different companies and this is the fourth one. Changing rental companies according to some criterion.

We will give some of the tips and guides straight from my hubby’s list.

Tips and Guides

  • Always take pictures of the vehicle BEFORE leaving the car rental office

    Before going on the road, take photos from all angles, from the bumper to the trunk, from the bottom to the top, the wheels, … etc. This maybe seems compelling but it is necessary for not to be neglected for when a dispute with the handing over of the vehicle or simply damage forgot by the controller to record.

  • Ask for a regular charge of insurance,

    you know why? This avoids blocking a huge amount on your credit card (for 3 days its +/-500 euros) but also provides a sense of security as the way of driving could be the opposite of what you know. No stress! No hassle! pay your insurance per day.

  • Try to estimate TWO hours or more between your arrival at the airport and the pick-up of the vehicle.

    (pick up time of the rented car must fill on you document when reserving) It is important to know that the rental companies only through reservation and that if you do not take it after one or two hours you lose the priority on the vehicle. Arriving early is never a worry … late by cons. This to prevent in case of delay of your flight, always possible.

  • Don’t forget to ask if highways are toll-free and ask if it is, asks for a flat rate for the tolls if the company offers it.

    Often, when you travel on the road of Europe, highways, and route, are with tolls. Which makes you pay from 2 euros – 6 euros per toll passage.

  • Ask if you can bring the car to other neighboring countries.

    Stay vigilant to this one cause you might not be permitted to drive the car crossing another country’s frontier and the last thing you know you’re in jail.

  • Lastly ask for availability of GPS, if you don’t own one.

    Sometimes, car rental companies offer it for free.


Value for money: 8/10

Quality of the vehicle: 8,5/10


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22 Responses

  1. i love everything about this site

  2. Helene Choo says:

    Super helpful tips! I don’t drive either but I’ve gone on road trips with friends. Will hopefully remember all these steps for next time:D

  3. Alex says:

    Great tips on hiring a car. We don’t drive (living in London makes it an unnecessary expense) but it’s nice to have the freedom when travelling.

  4. Travelquartz says:

    Those are some awesome tips – the narration of experience makes it even more authentic-hope you had a great time once you fixed these issues

  5. Aditi says:

    Hertz is a pretty good service out here in Malaysia as well. I like the way you’ve focused on checking for insurance as well. Waiting to read more travel stories from Prague <3 Cheers!!

  6. Ajay chander says:

    Hertz is a decent service that i heard of and i liked the way you decored your article and also as your e xploration in Prague.

  7. dawn says:

    this is really informative, especially for our next trip to prague

  8. DTG says:

    Great information and advice – I will keep this post for future reference, the I travel I usually rent a car inn most places so this guide is very useful to have

  9. Jojo Hua says:

    That’s a really good idea to take pictures before. I stayed in an AirBnB once and the owner claimed I had damaged £600 worth of furniture! This was not true and I wished I had taken photos prior to taking the keys as proof.

  10. Sandra says:

    Great tips on hiring a car. Your review and experience makes it even more authentic. We travel a lot to Europe and this will come in handy fro the next time. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Thank you for these tips for renting a car while vacationing abroad. I think it is a good idea to rent a car instead of taking a cab every time you’d want to go somewhere. We will be considering this the next time we travel abroad.

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