Fate Grand Order and Apocrypha Cosplay by Namika Horigome – China/Indonesia

Happy New Year everyone we’re back in our Cosplay Interview Series. Finally, we have our next featured cosplayer representing two different countries. She will be the one who will explain why. Today, she will be showing her exciting cosplay works of Fate Grand Order, Fate Apocrypha, Touken Ranbu, and many more.

Reading our featured cosplayer’s story, I’m super excited to share it with you. For sure you’ll be impressed as I am. So here we go, let’s get to know more about Namika Horigome.

Namika Horigome

Fate Grand Order

Okita Souji of Fate Grand Order by JohanesBP, Yui Ootsuki by Yolanda Felicia, Kousetsu Samonji by Paperfly Visuals 

My name is Namika Horigome, a Chinese cosplayer from Quanzhou residing in Jakarta, Indonesia!

My debut was at BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 2016 as Ayase Eli from Love Live – School Idol Festival. I have cosplayed over thirty different characters with over fifty different outfits since then, including both male and female characters, and I had hosted several cosplay café events.

I usually attend big Indonesian J-culture events held in Jakarta such as Comic Frontier, Anime Festival Asia ID, Indonesia Comic-Con, Ennichisai, Comicfest, but I sometimes attend smaller events such as OTPCon or events held in other cities if there’s some stuff that interests me.

I’ve attended some Chinese J-culture events as well, such as China Comic-Con in Shanghai.

Cosplay Discovery

Okita Souji ascend 1 ver JohanesBP

Okita Souji ascend 1 version of Fate Grand Order by JohanesBP

I really loved anime and manga ever since I was very young. I’ve watched Saint Seiya and Doraemon on TV every day since I was in kindergarten. I read Naruto, Bleach and One Piece religiously throughout my elementary school years.

Being a little kid, I sometimes acted like the characters. I drew clouds with red marker on my black jacket and pretended to be an Akatsuki member.

After I learned how to use the internet (I was around 10-12 years old I think?), I frequently surfed the net to find fan-arts and fan-fictions of my favorite fandoms.

One day, I came across pictures of people dressing like my favorite characters–their clothes are exactly the same as the characters’ and they even dye their hair to match them?! Turns out, that’s called costume play a.k.a. cosplay!

I was really fascinated but, although I remained a geek, I never attempted to really cosplay before I was in college (around 18-19 years old) because I had always thought that I’m too ugly and I don’t want to ‘ruin’ the characters.

My friends from online anime threads kept telling me that I should try cosplaying, and a high school friend who herself recently cosplayed asked me continuously to cosplay with her until I relent, and think, ‘why not? It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Not all cosplayers in the convention are good-looking anyway’.  Little I know that ‘once in a lifetime’ cosplay would get me addicted!

Convention Experiences

Okita Souji ascend 1 ver by JohanesBP (1)

Okita Souji ascend 1 version of Fate Grand Order by JohanesBP

I have attended many conventions before I started to cosplay, being a hardcore animanga and J-culture lover. I had worn clothes like seifuku (Japanese female sailor uniform), maid and Lolita dresses, yukata and even furisode so my first cosplay outfit. Ayase Eli Candy Princess version, being a simple lolita-esque dress, doesn’t feel any different than usual.

The only thing that changes were how so many photographers and other con attendees asked for my pictures. It was overwhelming but very happy because I never thought that people would appreciate my cosplay.

My first convention as a cosplayer had boosted my confidence immensely. I’ve never been to another country’s convention other than Indonesian and Chinese cons.

Costumes/Gear/Props/Armor Making

Okita Souji ascend 3 ver by JohanesBP (first costume sewed)

Okita Souji ascend 3 version of Fate Grand Order by JohanesBP (first costume sewed)

I’m not really sure which is my first sewed costume because as a helpless beginner. My friend helped me tremendously that I think I have no right to claim that I made the costume haha.

The first costume I sewed by myself with absolutely zero help was Okita Souji stage 3 version from Fate Grand Order.

The hardest costume I’ve ever made is Semiramis from Fate Apocrypha. And the easiest was simple kimono such as Yukime from Hell Teacher Nube and the aforementioned Okita.

I have no formal education when it comes to sewing and pattern making. But I have a friend who majored in fashion design (she’s also a cosplayer).

She taught me many things and still helps me here and there until now. I also learned from YouTube videos. Till this day, I find it hardest to make a fitted garment, especially for busty characters.

To make props, gears, and armors, I always used EVA foam because worbla is hard to get in Indonesia. Since I’m not very good at crafting EVA foam, so I usually have one of my cosplay partners. Who is an expert in crafting armors, helps. He’s the one who made my Mordred armor.

Favorite Cosplayer(s)

Florence Nightingale (Fate Grand Order) by JohanesBP

Florence Nightingale of Fate Grand Order by JohanesBP

There are so many other cosplayers I look up to! My role model cosplayer was Ying from Hong Kong. Although she has retired from cosplaying, and one of my cosplay partners NYM from Indonesia.

I’m also a fan of Astarohime Koyu from Russia and Lenneth from Singapore for their amazing skills.

Some of the other local Indonesian cosplayers that I admire are Frea Mai for her sewing skills, Nico Moony and Alianisha Krishtalia for their makeup skills. Kazuya Ayu is my muse in cross-dressing.

If they get the next interview of this series, that would be great because I think they’re very underrated! The others I mentioned are quite famous already.

Unforgettable Experience

Mordred armored ver (Fate Apocrypha) by JohanesBP (1)

Mordred armored version of Fate Apocrypha by JohanesBP

Best: I consider my first cosplay café event, Rendezvous of Swords, a Touken Ranbu café event that is held in 2017 is one of my best experience.

It was a new experience for me and did stress me out but I get to meet many new friends, works alongside people I thought was too far above me (even becoming good friends with them now!)

And learned a bunch of new things such as marketing, acting in character for a long time and talking with new people (a.k.a. the customers). When the café is over, I’m so in denial.

Worst Experience

I got sexually harassed at a con once. Usually, I can ignore some catcalling and inappropriate comments as it was quite common here. But there was this time when I couldn’t move because it was extremely crowded.

And a large group of people wants to take their pictures with me. Suddenly, a random man showed up from nowhere and touched my breast area, then he quickly faded away into the crowd before anybody could react.

Fortunately, I’m wearing fake boobs because the character has a gigantic breast. Still, the incident left me stunned for several seconds.

Definition of “Cosplayer”

Semiramis (Fate Apocrypha) by JohanesBP (hardest costume sewed)

Semiramis of Fate Apocrypha by JohanesBP (hardest costume sewed)

Thanks to cosplay, I meet many new friends who shares the same avocation with me. Anime and manga is not a mainstream interest, especially the fandom.

I’m currently in such as Fate series and Hypnosis Mic is not as popular as, say, Dragon Ball or Detective Conan.

I also learned many things that never occurred to me before, namely pattern making, sewing, photography, photo editing, posing, makeup (I would never touch makeup if I’m not cosplaying) and cross-dressing!

Kousetsu Samonji

Kousetsu Samonji (Touken Ranbu) by Paperfly Visuals

Kousetsu Samonji of Touken Ranbu by Paperfly Visuals

Yes, although I’m a tomboyish girl in real life, I’ve never thought that I could ever dress up as a man convincingly.

The most important thing I think cosplay has taught me is social media skills. I was very shy online although I’m more sociable in real life. But it was impossible to me to approach and talk to new people online back then.

Even after we’ve become friends, I rarely chat them first. My bad social media skills has costs me many friends that I no longer meet in RL (due to school/work reason).

To discuss new cosplans and arranging shots, I’m forced to chat other cosplayers and photographers. It was hard for me at first, but eventually, I got better.

I’m still quite awkward today and mostly won’t chat my friends first if I got no question to ask, but at least now I can maintain an online conversation well.

Greatest Achievement

Mordred casual ver (Fate Apocrypha) by JohanesBP

Mordred casual version of Fate Apocrypha by JohanesBP

I’ve been invited as a cosplay competition judge and a guest to few local events such as Sakura Matsuri 2017 and MSI Gaming Festival at Indonesia Game Xperience on 2018.

I also have been cast in several local cosplay café events. Such as Rendezvous of Sword and IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Party on 2017, IDOLiSH7 Kitchen and Cafe Stile on 2018.

People might think that those aren’t big achievements but for me, it was something unthinkable back then when I’ve just started.

I think this is what I deserved for my current skills. I do want to upgrade my skills more, achieve more, and I sometimes wonder if I can get invited as a guest to big events or even to another country.

But for now, if I can make people who claim the characters I cosplayed as their waifu or husbando happy, I would be satisfied.

Piece of Advice

Ootsuki Yui Project Krone ver (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) by Yolanda Felicia

Ootsuki Yui Project Krone version of IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls by Yolanda Felicia

Believe it or not, hard work pays off. Even if you feel ugly, by learning how to do the right makeup and wig styling.

Remember, everybody’s face and skull shape are different. Even the ugliest person will be able to look stunningly gorgeous!

But the most important part, don’t forget to have fun! If you’re not happy, all your hard work will be meaningless.

Cosplayer’s Message

Otabek Altin (Yuri on Ice!!) by Indra Adryan

Yamada Ichiro of Hypnosis Mic – Division Rap Battle by Fanni Ichwan & Otabek Altin of Yuri on Ice by Indra Adryan 

You’ll mostly find me at big Indonesian big J-culture events held in Jakarta!

I plan to attend Comic Frontier 12 that will be held in Jakarta on 2019 February 23-24th. I also have two upcoming cosplay café in Jakarta on February and March 2019, so stay tuned!

My Facebook is Namika Horigome. I don’t really have a page but it’s not a private account by any means. My photographers will tag the account every time I do a shoot and I often upload my cosplay photos as well.

My Instagram is @enouviaiei and I have a Cure WorldCosplay account. I’m not very active on Cure WorldCosplay because most of my friends are on Instagram.

I would like to thank God, Lexie for this opportunity. All people I had worked with and had trusted me, people who love and supports my cosplay, and people who’re reading this.

I’m not perfect and will never be because I’m just a human, but I will keep learning and try to get closer to perfection. 

Fate Grand Order and Apocrypha Cosplay

Namika Horigome China

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