Europeo Hotel Review – Your Budget Hotel in Naples Italy

The cost of living in Naples, Italy has evolved rapidly. To find a perfect budget hotel in this city wasn’t indeed easy. Before jumping on to our European road trip, we first made it sure that we could find a cheap hotel in the center of Napoli.

Europeo Hotel

While exploring the internet world to search for the best-fit hotel for road trippers like us. I have found this 2-star hotel which has most of the requirements that we need: bed, wifi, breakfast, near to the city center, and much other stuff.

At first, it was hard to truly find an affordable hotel near the city center of Naples, all hotels are charging 50 euros, and above per night without any other extra add-ons.

Now, what made us decide to take this budget hotel? Is it really ideal for road trippers? How would we rate it out of 10?
Well, all I can say is you’ll surely find it out after reading this hotel review.

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Europeo Hotel

Your Budget Hotel in Naples Italy

Europeo Hotel one of the budget hotels that you’ll find in the center of the capital of Southern Italy, Naples. Located few meters away from Major Naples sights, such as Posillipo and Certosa e Museo di San Martino Napoli, underground station, as well as Museo subway station.

The hotel is also a few blocks away from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore one of the famous squares of the city. It is surrounded by cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and even a small supermarket, which is really perfect for budget travelers.

Europeo Hotel budget hotel

I say it’s perfect because, during your stay in Naples, you can buy your food at the supermarket which will be cheaper than eating out every day at the restaurants. (another budget travel tip for you) 

The hotel has this artistic Latin art style combining some of the Italian statues as design. It was pretty surprising to discover in this little quaint there’s an artistic charming murals.

I’ve also seen some paintings and some artistic designs like cut chair glued at the hallway. It was fun to discover some art and architectural ideas. I might be using it as a design to my future house. (who knows)  

Reaching the Hotel

Naples Hotel

I have to be honest cause it’s also for your sake. It wasn’t that easy to find the hotel. If you follow the address? it won’t give you the exact Hotel place cause the point of address has many other residential houses/apartments around the area.

On our way to find the hotel, we followed the address on the map. I doubled check since we have to GPS (one in the car and second on my phone)
The one from the car has some problems on locating the address cause of the narrow and stip cobblestone road.

We arrived at the road indicated in the address, it was just in front of a University. The place was covered by graffiti-strewn arch or vandalism as we call it in my Filipino culture. There was no sign of Hotel Entrance, Then I noticed signs for the hotel, through a metal security gate, down an alley which appears to me as a residential gate.

I saw a person getting out from that gate, I entered without thinking of ringing the doorbell (how stupid right), and I walked till I saw some signs to the Hotel. Took a very tiny lift up to the fourth floor and there I saw the reception sign. Finally! I found it!

Our Room

Our Hotel room

Hubby was waiting outside with the car while I was checking if I was in the right hotel. I returned to pick up Hubby and took all our belongings and did our final Check-in, and whoop, we finally arrived in our hotel room.

Our Hotel room - Europeo Hotel

We reserved for a double room with a city view for 4 days and 3 nights. After the receptionist showed us our room, we carefully check if everything is working, especially hot water, the toilet sink, towels, and toilet paper.

The room has a flat-screen TV telephone, a desk, a closet with clothes rack, safe box, and extra blankets on the closet. At the bathroom, there were some toiletries, hairdryer, and a shower.

Budget Hotel Europeo

I also ask for the wifi connection hoping that they have a fluid internet connection. Fortunately, it was not that bad at all.

It was already late when we arrived in Naples, so we didn’t have time to do a tour in the evening instead we searched for a supermarket nearby. A small Carrefour Express located not so far from the hotel. We bought food for our dinner and some chips (my cheat days delights) 


Budget Hotel Breakfast

In 3 days straight, we have our breakfast serve at 9:00 am. Yes, we are lazy travelers who woke up late in the morning. We have requested the hotel receptionist for a cappuccino for me (with a lot of milk) and a classic black coffee for Hubby.

We thought of buying some food in the corner for breakfast, but instead, we just ate what is served since it was included in the room price.

The hotel staff serves us a classic breakfast with croissants, madeleines (french small sponge cakes) yogurts, juices, packed toasted bread, and small portions of chocolate spread and jam.

The saddest part was we didn’t have a mini fridge in our room. My yogurts can’t last long, so I ate them first, and the rest is for an afternoon snack.

The View

The city view

Included on our room’s feature is the city view, I was a bit curious to see it, but I wasn’t expecting a lot since this is a budget hotel located in a quirky place.
In the morning, I directly open the door/window to go to the balcony and see what’s behind those curtains. The sun was shining even though it was a bit chilly, and I saw the view of the area.

Naples reminded me of someplace in my country, especially in the crowded Manila. I was astounded how people live in such a narrow and compact place here in Naples.

I thought that there was no space even for cars to park and the city was very congested. (That’s only my personal opinion) But still, I’m amazed by how people live happily and proud of their city.

Hotel Overview

Hotel Europeo Overview

There are some Pros and Cons of staying in this hotel. However, if you’re an open-minded traveler who aims to visit the city without thinking about luxury and fancy hotel features, then this budget hotel is excellent for you.

The best advantage of the hotel is its location. It is located in the heart of the city center with lots of nearby food vendors (pizza & pastry), and small restaurants that are pretty cheap.

If you think of it you don’t need to get a ride of subway or bus to visit the tourist places in Naples. All you have to do is walk.

As for the Cons, the Hotel is at the fourth-floor residence building. The lift was really small for 2 persons only. I recommend you not to bring a large suitcase, so it’s easier for you to access the building.

I’ll give it an 8/10

It was a good experience in a budget hotel. Our 4 days of stay was quiet, and we enjoyed visiting Naples.

Visit Europeo Hotel for room availability

Your Budget Hotel in Naples Italy



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