12 hours Europe Road Trip Vienna to Brussels

At last, the time has come for us to go back to our beloved country after a long haul travel. Since we didn’t take a flight from Brussels to Munich I couldn’t call it as a “transfer” nope, we did a Europe road trip from Marche en Famenne (In-laws house) to Munich then Vienna. Quite an impressive right?

Well, it’s not that really long just almost 8 hours drive to Munich then we spend our night at the hotel. Afterwards, we searched that special tea that my hubby needs to buy for his colleague then we’re off to Vienna for about 5 hours of road trip again. 

Endless Europe Road Trip

europe road trip

Last day in Vienna has arrived, it was 8 am in the morning we directly went downstairs to eat our buffet breakfast. I didn’t have time to get ready, so the first thing to do that time is to eat then get ready for the long haul Europe road trip.

The bizarre thing is I didn’t eat a lot, usually, I ate like a “monster” when I’m traveling but that day I feel like It’ll be a very long one. We won’t have any stops from Vienna to Munich like we did before. Today will be a Europe road trip that will take about 12 hours. 

Last time, I recall it was our Europe road trip to Barcares, France that took us more than 12 hours. If you wanna read how I manage to survive that trip you can check it here: Barcares, 12 Hours Jaunt by Car

Today, since it’s Valentine’s Day, to all lovers all over the world who loves to travel, no matter where you are even if you’re in the middle of your road trip Happy Valentine’s day to you!

Road of Vienna

road of vienna

After our breakfast, we precisely went to our room and ready. Then before 11 am we were ready to check out from the Hotel. If you guys haven’t read my Hotel review yet you can read it here: Exe Vienna Hotel is the best Hotel in town?

But spoiler to you guys, I’m frank when it comes to Hotel Review (haha) honestly prevails! Well, let’s continue. After everything, it’s time for us to check out.

Quick tip for you when leaving your room, make sure to check every corner of it maybe you forgot something. Double check every everything! 

europe road trip 2

The receptionist was very kind to us, assisted us, they checked our room then we were free to go. Next thing to do? Is to get our car and hop! On the road! I took a big slurp of that lemon water at the reception before to go (I was totally thirsty)

roads visibility

As you have seen here the road photos are in the state of calamity (lol) just kidding. The road’s visibility is absolutely compromised by the fog and snow. Imagine me looking at this road telling my partner that I can’t see anything (haha) If I were the driver we are in trouble.

vienna road trip

Indeed, the road was full of this overly contained by the fog. Luckily I have my F1 racer partner to handle it all (haha). The snow doesn’t stop it was almost an hour on the road however, it was still the same old face with snowy and vague!

The Enchanted European Road

enchanted road

magical road

Despite the fuzziness of the road, there’s a favorable side of it. It was this crystallising and magical trees covered with snow! They were sparkling like diamonds on the road! I was completely dazed by its endearing beauty.

beautiful road

the beauty on the road

The view was like in the movie of Frozen from Disney, and it makes me reminisce another one as well. My favorite series now Game of Thrones. Talking about it, I have recently completed the Season 7 and now waiting for its last and final season to be out.

The Beauty of Winter

fogs and snow

Finally, we’ve conquered that misty phase and now after 2 hours, we’re in a clearer and brighter road (well, not that bright since there’s no sun). I can absolutely see all those winter trees from afar, they were gorgeous and those mountains just perfect!

clearer roads

brighter roads

You’d probably say I’m crazy haha cause I can’t stop taking pictures while on the road but hey, this is my way of trying to forget my dizziness, especially with those twirling roads.

austrian roads

It was still snowing even after how many hours like 3 hours already I guess and finally, it stopped. We are about to enter German highway and the trip might be longer than expected.

Welcome to Germany


Yes! Finally! oh, we’re not yet there (8 hours trip to go) but the good news is 4 hours lap is over. We are now is Germany’s highway and as expected there are many vehicles around.

I would say we’ll gonna make it at our parent’s house on time (as planned) but we’ll see.

german roads

We did a quick stop at a gasoline station, fueled up the car and (toilet mode). Drink some coffee, eat biscuits and fruits then after that we have to get home.

Another information for you guys who are traveling on the road, toilets are available at every gas stop or there’s a sign board indicated on the road for drivers who need to take a rest and take a shower or go the bathroom.

Toilets in Germany are pretty clean and basic toiletries are available but you have to play 0.50 cents.

german road

I also have something to confess, actually, when I was in the toilet I found it was cool to see the toilet seat moving to clean itself. I’m amazed so I made a video of myself showing how it works (haha) It actually proves that I don’t use public toilets so it was like first time for me to see this.

Picturesque View

germany road

Back on track, I slept for a while and now I’m alive and kicking again. Time to take some great photos, the mountains are pretty steep and huge. I’ve never seen this when we were going to Vienna.

road to home

steep mountains

Few more hours to go and we will arrive in Belgium, it’s a long one but I hope there would be no hindrance to our smooth trip. For a while now we didn’t experience any traffic on the road. It was smooth all the way.

Our Companion

I think everyone travels with their special buddy. In our case (hubby and me) we always try to bring one of our babies with us (if there’s a space haha) Normally when we are on Europe road trip it’s easy to bring one of our plushies but when it comes to international flights or travels by plane we prefer not to bring one.

Thanks to Pachimari our journey was joyful, she is our little entertainer for the day. Watch me do the whip and nae nae with her on the video haha!

The Best Views of Europe Road Trip


best views

I could say winter road trip is the best of all road trips ever. Why? simply because of its contagious and majestic picturesque views that are undeniably dazzling.

We usually do road trips in summer, spring, and autumn but rarely winter. I guess we’ll do a lot more in the future.

castle view

the castle

I saw this village on the way, and it was a rare gem to take a beautiful shot on this. Asked hubby (my partner) to open the car’s window and I took some photos of it. Winter effect was surely there, it looks like that alluring cinderella castle.


8 hours now on the road, and yes finally (no we’re not yet home) It’s the sun! after a long drive, I have seen the sun rays coming out. The blue sky and those normal clouds. Yuppie! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (just got that lyrics from a song.

the sunny view


We continued our jaunt until suddenly it became directly dark all over the place. It was weird at first cause normally the sun sets before 4:30 pm when it winter but today it was a bit late.

The sky became dark and problems on the road came to annoy us as well. There were tons of deviation signs (meaning loads of work on the road)

Finally, Home


It was 10:00 pm in the evening and we’re still juggling on the road. We send a message to our parents not to pass by cause it’s too late already and still deviations on the road to make our trip longer.

Time check almost 2:00 am and we’re home safe. Thanks God we came home! I have to say that way the irritating road trip (last part) that I’ve ever experience.

Who doesn’t hate “Men at Work” sign? huh! So another tip for you guys out there wanting to do some Europe Road Trip take note: There are a lot of roads in construction especially in Germany. 

You have to foresee that on your GPS or other gadgets. Luckily we always bring one with us, so it saved our day!

Thank you for bearing with me and Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there! See you again on my next blog post!

12 hours Europe Road Trip Vienna to Brussels

Vienna to Brussels pinterest cover

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52 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    What a drive. The views on the trip with the snow, the trees and mountains are beautiful.

  2. Mary Burris says:

    Beautiful scenery! I love the winter scenes, but could easily do without the cold weather. Glad that you had a wonderful time on your trip.

  3. Britney Kaufman says:

    Oh my goodness! Those photos are extremely beautiful. What a wonderful and amazing trip!

  4. Luci says:

    That is beautiful. I would rather drive then take an airplane to see the beautiful countries of Europe.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Luci, that’s a great idea for you. Well, when getting home on my trip from Dubai to Brussels I saw these huge mountains via an aerial view and it was terrific!

  5. Msddah says:

    Such a beautiful view with the snow. I absolutely hate road trips as I find it limiting! But I might just make an exception with a view like that. Great post!

  6. I am in awe of the picturesque landscape and appreciate all these photos. With your narrative, I felt like I took the trip with you! Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear. Thanks for taking me to your adventure. 🦋

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you, Evelyn, I’m so touched. Thanks for reading it, that’s my point to bring you guys (my readers) with me on my adventures. So happy to hear that you liked it!

  7. Emily Fata says:

    Vienna is a must-see for me and near the top of my travel bucket list! I’ve been to Brussels though, and it’s such a fantastic, beautiful city. I’d love to take this road trip one day!

  8. Brittany Anglemyer says:

    I love the whip and nea nea video! Too cute. Sounds like you have a long journey. I love road trips but always get that “are we there yet” feeling before it’s over with.

    • Alexine says:

      Haha Brittany thanks, I got the same experience of that “are we there yet” with my niece one time. It’s adorable right? love to hear that you enjoyed reading!

  9. Megan B says:

    Ohh I want to do this so badly! This looks like a stunning journey. You’re inspiring me to get out and adventure 🙂

  10. Elizabeth O says:

    Vienna-Brussels is truly stunning, especially in the snow, it’s a shame the longevity of the road trip was irritating but you got some absolutely beautiful pictures.

  11. Nicole says:

    You captured some truly gorgeous photos on your road trip. There is something so very magical and peaceful about freshly fallen snow. Thank you for sharing your road trip!

  12. Looks like a beautiful place to visit, a winter wonderland

  13. Kelly Edgar says:

    What a gorgeous adventure and I love those pretty pictures, a winter wonderland! Vienna has been on my bucket list for ages and now I need to add Brussels.

  14. Lisa Rios says:

    This looks like so much fun. I’ve never been to Europe, but I know already it’s gorgeous. I want to go one day

  15. Esme Sy says:

    I really love all your winter road shots here! Vienna has always been my dream place ever since being raised as a child listening to Mozart and learning about his history. I’d take more than 12 hours…maybe 12 days at least for a vacation! 😀

  16. Corina says:

    Such a cool road trip and I love how you described every step of the way! And the amounts of snow are quite impressive!

  17. Wow, the landscape looks gorgeous with the snow and mountains! I’ve visited this area but in the summer, so it looked much different then.

  18. What an incredible road trip! The scenery was stunning! I bet you had a great trip.

  19. Mirela says:

    Lovely post! For the winter pics, of course and very informative. 12 hours only for Wien to Brussels sounds awesome! The roads are clean, good to know!

  20. Suzy says:

    Wow those roads looks beautiful but scary to drive through! So annoying about the road works but glad you made it safely 🙂 Quite the end to your trip!

  21. Andrea Mayfield says:

    What an amazing road trip! I am sure you had so many lovely views, great photos!

  22. Beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing your adventure, love the winter wonderland views

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Kate, It’s so hearth warming to hear that people liked this kind of narrative post. I know it sounds a cliché but I really prefer it like this.

  23. Anisa says:

    The snow and the fog make for great pictures but terrible driving conditions. Doing that drive is very ambitious. Kudos to the driver – that couldn’t have been easy.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Anisa, the driver is no other than my hubby, he’s used to it. He loves to drive even in winter it’s kinda bit challenging though but I have 100% trust in him. Thanks to him everything went well!

  24. Jac says:

    I’m always a bit nervous about driving in winter just because i’m from the tropics and i’m worried about dealing with snow and all that jazz! But it does look very pretty 🙂

  25. What a beautiful post! I love Europe by snow. I agree that winter roadtrips are especially beautiful. You also came across my home, Bavaria. 🙂 The picturesque village with the elevated church is Anger in Berchtesgaden. I love this place…

    • Alexine says:

      Wow, thanks for that information Ricarda, it was hard for me to locate exactly the places we have just passed by. Your City is really beautiful, I’m looking forward to come back and hopefull pay a visit to your city.

  26. This is totally amazing. Driving through the snow. Lovely roadtrip

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