Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer, Lisanna, Belgium

Next on my list for our “Cosplayer Interview Series” an Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer who comes from the country which I am currently residing. They say you should save the best for last, but for me, personally, these cosplayers are the best. 

Her name is Lisanna of DrawMeaCosplay, I have discovered her accidentally in one of the conventions that I have attended. It was this year in FACTS, I was wandering in the midst, whilst of taking photos around the site.

I just found her surrounded by a bunch of photographers taking photos of her. Inquisitive with the notion in the middle of the place, I went t see her and guess what? She was flawless. She was wearing her red costume with her enormous sword.

I thought I was dreaming of seeing Elesis in real life, She was just brilliantly sumptuous with her sublime style of cosplay. 

She is doing cosplay since 2011 and work with her mother (Bibi) and boyfriend (Setheal) and together they are the DrawMeaCosplay team! Be sure to be present at Made In Asia 2018 (Brussels) this year because she has a  HUGE project to show you us all.

I’m sure you are all excited to know her more, so here it is!

Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer

Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer

Elesis Crimson Avenger by Do you have waffles

Discovering Cosplay

Elesis Crimson Avenger Disney&Geeks PhotoGraphy

Elesis Crimson Avenger photo by Disney&Geeks PhotoGraphy

I discovered cosplay at my very first con: Made In Asia 4th edition, in 2011. Saw these crazy and talented people, ran after them to have a picture, and immediately fall in love with this ambiance.

I decided, this day, that I would like, as they do, make people happy by just seeing their favorite character IRL.

First convention as a Cosplayer

Photo by Alexander Atlesque

Elesis Crimson Avenger Photo by  Alexander Atlesque 

So, my first con as a cosplayer was at Made in Asia in 2012, but it was not a “real” cosplay. Just a Lolita dress that I’ve bought. And it was awesome, I really had fun to wear this dress and act like a “princess”.

I remember back then there was a group a young girl running after me just to tell me that I was SO cute and beautiful and I was like “Wow, You just stopped what you were doing just to tell me that? That’s crazy ?!”

So I thanked them and thought that finally I CAN be beautiful, and the way to be was in cosplay. So I never stopped after that and it helps me to be more confident!

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

photo by Douglas Soor

Mirajane Satan Soul photo by Douglas Soor

Well, my first cosplay sewn was my very first cosplay ever: my Dovahkiin from Skyrim. One good thing to know about DmC is that we’re sewing everything by hands and because of that it was long and difficult.

But it works! and Still today! (Even if we finally decided recently to buy a sewing machine. It’s still hard for us to use it haha, we take the habit of being hurt by the needles!)

I always hate sewing (yes I’m definitely more a “crafter” cosplayer than a “fabric’’ one), it’s still the case. This is why I always need my mother to help me today.

But I did some progress and I can be proud to tell “I sewn that! And that and… that too!’’ even if its, not the entire piece (but one day, it will!!!)

My Team’s Creation

So, we made 7 cosplays at the moment :

  • Female Dovahkiin (T.E.S: Skyrim that I’ve designed)
  • Mirajane (Satan Soul version from Fairy Tai)
  • Ryoko Asakura (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • Alisa Bosconovitch (Original skin and red skin from extra content from Tekken 6)
  • MegaGengar(Armored gijinka version from Pokémon that I’ve designed)
  • Elesis(Crimson Avenger version from Elsword)

And my favorite one (and best one) is always the last one because it’s the neatest. but it changes each year, so for the moment its Elesis, but It will be my (secret) cosplay next in 2018, pretty sure of that! (but! A little mention to my Alisa B. red dress, I’m SOOOO in love with this one, it’s so comfy!)

What does a Cosplayer mean to you?

It will be a short answer this time:

  • Make people happy.
  • Make the fan of the character happy.
  • Finally, make them want to take a picture with you and made their day.

If true fans of my character are happy with my job, I couldn’t be more proud and happy.  And what I love in cosplay is simply because it’s a passion that groups many other like crafting, painting, acting, etc.

Something couldn’t be more artistic than cosplay!

Worst and Unforgettable Experience

Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa Bosconovitch by armandwallain

The worst thing was when I let my huge Elesis sword felt on the ground when we were going to a con, I didn’t pay attention. A car just brakes to avoid it, but it was already pretty damaged.

So we went back home, quickly repaired it and go back to the con. I’ve cried like… never before in my life.

Try to understand me, I’ve worked on this sword during so many months then saw it broken was such a pain. The sword has still have some scars from this accident, but now, we laugh about it!

Cosplayers you look up to

Lissanna by Decco Photography

Alisa Bosconovitch photo by Decco Photography

Yes, I followed a lot of cosplayer!Jessica Nigri is my idol and she was one of the reasons I’ve started cosplay when I saw her Dovahkiin cosplay.

Kamui cosplay is just a talented girl and the other star to follow. InfamousHarleyQuinn is such an amazing girl who makes me smile, too. I can tell you plenty of other examples but the list will be really long!

And if I have to suggest you someone for an interview, I’ll choose Azelyah Cosplay, because she’s such an adorable girl and she deserves to be known!

Your Greatest Achievement

MegaGengar photo by Phillostar - PGB Photographer & Creative 1

MegaGengar photo by Phillostar – PGB Photographer & Creative 

Every finished cosplay is an achievement for me. We worked so hard on them, during the entire year sometimes, so they are our awards. I don’t need more!

But I have to admit that being invited as a cosplayer guest at Comic-Con Gent this year was pretty badass!

Advises would you give to New Aspiring Cosplayers

Darklaw Ace Attorney

Darklaw Ace Attorney photo by  Phillostar – PGB Photographer & Creative

Well, my vision of cosplay is pretty complicated and just a few people share it with me, so its hard for me to give some advice. My goal is to be accurate as much as possible.

So, if you want to achieve this goal, find A LOT of reference pic (like A LOT) and TRY. TRY, again and again, so many materials, so many different technics, and NEVER give up until it’s perfectly the same result.

Nothing is impossible. The only thing that can block you is money. So, if you want to make a huge built, save a lot of money first, too!
After that, if being accurate is not the most important thing in your life well, do what you want no matter what other people think and make other people happy as much as you are wearing your costume!

Where can we see you?

Well, because my next “secret project” will be a PRETTY HUGE built I can’t make a list of the next con I will be able to go because all of my money is spending into this cosplay and don’t have any extra money for cons.

You just can be sure to see me at Made In Asia 2018 in Brussels for the moment, but I will do my best to go out of Belgium this year if my wallet wants! But be sure to not be disappointed if you see me at MIA!!



What an honor to feature one of Belgium’s rising cosplayer star, I find her extremely humble in spite of her achievements received. I have seen her photos on Instagram that were reposted for a feature (including my photo of her). She was also featured and interviewed in another blog.

That makes her one of the shining gems, with absolutely a charming personality as well. Thank you for taking part of this simple interview, I did love your story, all your hard works are paid off. Hoping for your success and I’m pretty sure you can find a good sponsor.

To know more about Lisanna’s world you can check her on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, Cosplay-it, and CosplayWorld

Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer, Lisanna, Belgium

Draw Me a Cosplay

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  1. Helene Choo says:

    You’re amazing at capturing cosplayers with your photos! Love the MegaGengar idea, how fun would it be to cosplay a Pokemon?:D I think I’d love that:D

  2. Heraa Farooq says:

    Wow Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplayer is looking amazing. I wish I could try those avatars. The pictures are amazing.

  3. Wow Elesis Crimson Avenger’s cosplays are fantastic. Just showed my husband and he was in awe!

  4. Kimberly Kruty says:

    Wow so cool! I didn’t realize how much goes into creating the costumes and make up!

  5. Travelquartz says:

    I am so looking forward to the cosplayer series that you are sharing I loved reading all the posts. Each post has a unique story behind it. The colors and interviews only add to it. I liked all the costumes of Elesis.

  6. Aditi says:

    It takes a dream team to get the final look with such perfection – right from the conceptualization and colours to costumes, props and backdrops. Cheers!!

    • Alexine says:

      Yes, I do agree, I really have a huge honor to have Lisanna and her team to present to the public, their works are superb! Thank you lovely Aditi.

  7. DTG says:

    WOW these costumes are jut incredible I love the red outfit at the top, you have taught me so much throughout your posts and I really love reading them and looking at the stunning photos.Hope you have more posts like this.

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks so much, DTG, It’s a heartwarming messages from a successful blogger like you. This is another world as I can say, I’m so happy to share with everyone.

  8. roadaviator says:

    Amazing. The character, the costume and the interview look awesome. This is something new for me, I never knew about the cosplayers. Good to know about Lisanna of DrawMeaCosplay or Elesis Crimson. I think it takes a lot of efforts to create a play, choosing and designing actor and costume. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Rahat Arora says:

    Wow Elesis Crimson Avenger’s cosplays are fantastic, seriously saying with your posts on cosplays I am now getting lot of interest to read more about cosplays. Keep sharing more about them.

  10. Wow an amazing selection of costuming and make up! Love this 🙂

  11. Khan Bhai says:

    All the avenger girls looks very cute and beautiful

  12. Matthew says:

    This is a great post thanks for sharing.lots of work you did

  13. Wow…this is wonderful with excellent pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

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