Disney Cosplayer Jimmy, USA

Another cosplayer to know today, Are you curious? It’s gonna be something unique and special in the world of Cosplay. Our participant is a primer Disney Cosplayer all the way from San Diego, California USA. He is one of those cosplayers who already have a lot of experience in his field.

For about 7 years of cosplaying, attended conventions all over southern California year round. He has also been running his own character company for around 6 years.

His Name is Jimmy Sherfy, he loves Disney, anime, comics, cosplay, and other festivities. What I have noticed from his cosplay style is that he’s more emphasizing the crossplay in his characters portraying.  

Cosplay has a portmanteau which what you called crossplay and cross-dressing. Have you ever heard of it? I know I have already mentioned about genderbend before. However, this one means “the cosplayer dresses up as a character of a different gender” 

For example, I know all of you knows “Cinderella” her original gender is female right? to make a crossplay of it. All you have to do is portray Cinderella into a male gender. Which you will see more in Jimmy’s cosplay style. 

I’m sure you’re all curious and excited so let’s welcome our next Cosplayer! 

Disney Cosplayer Jimmy Sherfy

Disney Cosplayer

Idina Menzel by tyrawrrnosaurus

Cosplay Discovery

I started attending San Diego Comic-Con when I was about 12 years old. really into comics at the time, and anime the following year.

I always saw people dressed up in costumes there but never thought I’d ever join in on doing that. and was always an overweight kid with little confidence.

First Convention

It was in 2010 at Anime Expo. I had attended the con for about 7 years already. So, I knew that cosplay was huge there. My boyfriend at the time and I had decided to make our own Mario Bros. cosplays.

We wanted to do characters that hadn’t seen cosplayed very much. We ended up making our own mascots and I was Petey Piranha.


Those first mascots didn’t have a lot of sewing. Mostly hot gluing. I later took a sewing/costuming class in college and got my sewing machine.

I’m not sure how many costumes I have sewn myself. Sometimes I’ll only make a small piece of a costume and alter other pieces.

Definition of Cosplayer

Cosplay is the way to express your passion for the fandoms that you love. Anybody can dress up as their favorite characters.

I love how the community can bring people together. I’ve made so many friends since I threw myself into this hobby.

Worst Experience

I haven’t had anything that horrible happen to me. I suppose one thing has lots of nasty comments on social media.

That literally started happening within a couple of months of my first cosplay where I was not wearing a mascot/my face shown.

At this point, it happens on a weekly basis, sometimes daily. The first few times, it did bother me a bit. Now it’s become something that I can laugh at and help spread positive messages instead of focussing on the negativity.



Viktor Nikiforov by thesteelshark

There are a group of girls here in SoCal, that goes by “Cosplay on the Rocks” They always had amazing costume every year at SDCC from my favorite fandoms.

I started “following” them online, even before social media existed. I got to become friends with them years later and even cosplay with them.


The only achievements that I can claim are when people tell me that any struggle that I have overcome has inspired them to reach for their own cosplay goals.

I’ve been getting messages from moms lately, saying that their son’s want to dress up as Elsa (or some other Disney Princess).

They said my genderbend cosplays were a great idea to show their kids that boys can dress up as princesses too.

Piece of Advice

spark Cosplay

Spark by yorkinabox

The only advice I ever give is to HAVE FUN! Don’t stress out (too much). Don’t worry about what other people think about you.

Cosplay is for anyone and EVERYONE who wants to take part!


I will be at Los Angeles Comic-Con (Comikaze) at the end of October. I’ll be on a panel on Sunday (I’ll be posting the info on my social media as the date approaches).

I don’t have anything else scheduled for the rest of the year yet. The next major con here will be Anime Los Angeles, next January.


Jimmy Sharfy

Jimmy Sherfy

I’m pretty sure you comprehend now what crossplaying means. Jimmy has an enormous talent, You can see it right through his eyes. Those cosplays he did out there are fantastic. I’m very lucky to get a chance to interview a star like him.

The story about his worst experience is an eye-opener to other cosplayers who are struggling the same situation. Take Jimmy’s advice just laugh at it and don’t take it too seriously. People are sometimes jealous that they cannot do the same as what you can.

I would like to thank you again for this wonderful read, so inspiring and motivating! you are a certified Disney Cosplayer no doubt on that. 

I love all your photos, this was the most difficult post that I’ve ever made. (decision-making of photos) A huge BRAVO to your talent and works. Keep it up! I’m sure there are more people who will adore you all over the world. (that includes me already)

We’ll be here to support you! more and more success!!

Let’s follow Jimmy’s account on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.



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11 Responses

  1. Travelquartz says:

    Negative message on social media is a cost what famous people usually face, glad to know you have overcome the hurdles like these and focus on the positive feedbacks. keep up the good work and you will reach great heights pretty soon. Enjoyed reading this interview !!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Travelquartz, you’re right social media is intimidating if you take other people’s criticism seriously. I truly admire Jimmy’s courage. We wish him all the best!

  2. Helene Choo says:

    Love love love love love!!! As a fellow Disney fan I’m finding this soooo awesome:D Pfff, let haters be haters, you know you’re doing something cool and unique when crappy people hate on you. Good on Jimmy for brushing it off like a boss:D Love the Ariel cosplay the most, so gorgeous!

  3. Michael says:

    I could imagine me maybe thirty years ago in some of that gear. Nice read 😎

  4. Aditi says:

    It’s really nice to see genderbend cosplays. Good to see people defying the norm. This cosplayer has been an inspiration for so many. Cheers!!

  5. Tyra says:

    Waaah I looove this Disney Crossplay! I wonder what he would,look like as Mulan! Hell yeah im glad he brushed those haters off. There are people out there who,loves his photos. He is even inspiring kids which is pretty awesome!

    This is one of my favorite posts!

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