Diablo Cosplayer Kelly, Luxemburg

This day, another day to show you one of the most exiting cosplayers that I’ve found online. Her passion of crafting and cosplaying has a sheer of fidelity on its character. The moment I saw this Diablo Cosplayer, I said I won’t let the day passed without asking her to take part on my series.

A definite pure ability, she’s one of the most talented person I’ve ever seen. Ask anything and I’ll tell you she posses all those talents, from painting to crafting and sketching, her works are noteworthy. Came from my neighbour country Luxemburg. More known in Cosplay World as Oni Cosplay.

She’s been on Gamescom, RPC, and Dokomi in Germany several times. attended most of the conventions in Luxemburg and often times she also travels to other countries for several events.

Please welcome our next interviewee Kelly!

Diablo Cosplayer Oni Cosplay

Diablo Cosplayer

Lady Barbarian (DiabloIII) by eosAndy

Cosplay Discovery

Though I loved to dress up for Halloween and carnival as a kid, cosplaying started only a few years ago after a few friends of mine and myself decided to celebrate Halloween together but not with the traditional horror costumes.

Back then we all were big anime and Manga fans and decided to dress in our favorite characters. We had fun and thought about celebrating again. I did not know that this was actually Cosplay and I kinda got stuck with the idea of becoming another person through it.

So I was still shy back then and did not want to show my face in public so I decided to make a Japanese demon with a mask as one of my very first displays and I got dubbed Oni for it.

The Name stuck and became my alias Oni Cosplay and that’s where it all really started. That was around 2012-13. I decided after Gamescom 2014 (which I attended with that costume) that I wanted to do something bigger and so began my work on my Lady Barbarian Cosplay.

A real cosplay based on an existing character with every detail possible. since then my cosplay list just got longer and longer.

First Convention

My very first convention as a cosplayer was Gamescom 2014. It had such a huge impact on me though. Since I saw so many great costumes and talented cosplayers.

Though I did not talk to any of them I admired them from afar and was just so amazed back then that I decided that I want to make at least one big armor as well. But that also meant for me to get out of my comfy shell of hiding my face.

In a way Cosplay made me open up more. Made me braver with every time I wore my costumes. The farthest convention I went to was BlizzCon in Anaheim (California America). 


Earthbender by Fotograf-13

Earthbender by Fotograf-13

For my very first Cosplay “The Japanese Demon Oni” I had help from my mother sewing the kimono. The second Cosplay was my Lady Barbarian (Diablo III) which I made with a thermoplastic called Worbla. It was a challenge since I never really worked with Worbla before but it was so worth it. It is still today my favorite Cosplay ever.

I had so many adventures with this costume I just love it. I met so many people who quickly became some of my closest friends and I won the Blizzard competition at Gamescom 2015 with it went to BlizzCon the same year, it got lost during the flight but arrived eventually on the last day.

Been there at BlizzCon seeing Linkin Park while in Cosplay. Got even hired to be in cosplay at the Premiere of the Warcraft Movie in Berlin. I had my ups and downs with it but it was amazing and that’s why I love it so much.

The third Cosplay was an Earthbender from the series Avatar the last Airbender. The fourth Cosplay was Zarya (Overwatch) I won once more the Blizzard competition on Gamescom 2016 thanks to this cosplay.

Definition of Cosplayer

For me cosplay means fun. Meeting new people and forming new friendships. I met so many people in those past 3 years it’s simply amazing how a mere hobby connects so many people.

I grew with it, my self-esteem got better, talking to strangers got better, feeling comfortable in my body and mind. Everything got just so much better with it. And I even managed somehow to make a job out of my hobby.

Worst Experience

Karan (Larp-Barbarian) by Tobias Schmelzer

Karan (Larp-Barbarian) by Tobias Schmelzer

My worst experience? Oh boy… My worst experience would be the one I ‘ve had during Gamescom 2016 in my Zarya Cosplay (Overwatch character)… I had many sleepless nights during the event. I felt sick and went mostly on autopilot.

Zarya literally killed me on Saturday (day of the competition) I was only able to somewhat function thanks to the many friends I had there. Helping me to not faint on the spot.

After the whole stress situation and the last announcement of my win I was happy and could not believe it. Yet the happiness just did not last long: I got a huge hailstorm for the win, got many really nasty comments and so on.

It got really bad so I banned my Zarya Cosplay into a plastic box and I did not take it out anymore until this day. But I plan to revive her someday I just love her character even though I hate my cosplay.


I do look up to some other cosplayers one of them is Lightning Cosplay. A very talented and super nice cosplayer. It’s RainingNeon Cosplay is another one I look up to.

She inspired me to actually go for the Barbarian. Who would I recommend? Hogal Cosplay! A very talented cosplayer and deserves to be recommended.

She was one of the first Cosplayers I made friends with and soon she became one of my closest friends I have. So yes I d definitely recommend her.


Zarya (Overwatch) by Harui

Zarya (Overwatch) by Harui

My greatest achievement so far was the two Gamescom Blizzard Cosplay championship wins I made in a row and the invitation to the Warcraft movie Premiere. 

My greatest recognition was with my barbarian when the one who designed the Diablo Barbarian actually came to me asked for a selfie, a normal photo and then told me who he is and that I would look exactly how he imagined his Barbarian.

This made me so so happy at that moment.

Advice to give

Une publication partagée par @onicosplay le

Whatever you do, whatever your level, remember to have fun. Cosplay is all about fun if you don’t have it then you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t take your hobby too serious. Trial and error go hand in hand. When something is not to your liking don’t worry you’ll become better and better as time passes just do it at your pace.

My best advice I can give you regarding building cosplays:

  • Don’t rush your Cosplay! What good is a cosplay that falls apart because you did not take your time while building it?
  • Don’t rush your paint job! A good paint job makes every prop better even if your armors build looks not so decent. A bad paint job, however, can destroy the best prop builds.


I’m at RPC for sure, then I m at Gamescom 2018 (both are in Germany) as well.

You can find me on the events in Luxembourg such as Luxcon. And at Elfia and Animecon in Netherlands. 


Oni Cosplay, Kelly

Oni Cosplay, Kelly

What a lovely words from our participant, I’m blown away from all her works especially those Barbarian looks, that’s just so amazing! I love those expressions and appealing poses that she makes.

Those pieces of advice are undeniably top! I know it’s been hard for you after that brief stressful competition but you still did you best and you won the 2nd time around.

I would love to see you again wearing Zarya in the future with a bit of innovation (different skin) perhaps. you know what I mean! You’ll surely look gorgeous.

Congratulations again for the recent win with your Karan (Larp-Barbarian) for winning the “Best Original Design”

Lastly, I wanna let you know that even if you’re not the “sexy” as many negative comments that people say to you just shrugged them off they’re all jealous of you. You are fabulous and stunning the way you are!

Thank you again for this divine interview, I’m so lucky to have featured the Goddess of Barbarian!

I invite you all to visit and follow Oni Cosplay’s accounts, promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Support her on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and if you’re just in the vicinity don’t miss to visit her ONI’S WORKSHOP which offers Workshops, Supplies & Handmade Costumes for Cosplay LARP & Garb.



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  1. Aditi says:

    This was such a refreshing read. THese cosplayers continue to inspire us everyday. I like how soulful her eyes are. Haven’t you noticed? 🙂 Cheers!!

  2. Tyra says:

    These cosplayers continue to amaze me! As I scrolled down reading and looking at her cosplay, I kept wondering how she was able to get that fur so nicely sewn onto the armor and such! Wonderful talent, I’m completly in awe of how different and detailed each of the cosplayers are in your series. Oni Cosplay killed it and she should know!

  3. Helene says:

    She is so badass!! I love her cosplays they’re such strong female characters, we need more of those as role models in our lives! Plus, she’s from Luxembourg, like me:D Representin’!

  4. Travelquartz says:

    Wow, such an inspiration to read this post. She is doing so well and I am sure she will continue to achieve greater heights. I love her confidence and personality. Will surely follow on Instagram .

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