Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Cosplayer Elithia, Canada

What a wonderful day to start with our next featured cosplayer of the day. Many  of you have wondered about this trio group from Canada, a lot were curious and even ask me personally about more information about them. So here it is next cosplayer is a Diablo 3 Demon Hunter cosplayer.

Her looks, style, poses, and execution of the character are just on the top. Let’s discover more about Ms. Elithia member of the Three Queens Cosplay. Yes! she is.

I would like to thank her again for this incredible cosplay display and sharing with us her story. And for the all their supporters/fans thank you very much for your endless support! What are we waiting for? let’s get it on!

Diablo 3 Cosplayer, Elithia Cosplay

Diablo 3

Demon hunter photo by Narcissus Photography

Hi, I’m Elithia, I was born in Belarus but now live in Canada. You can catch me at some local conventions around Montreal – such as Montreal Comiccon, Otakuthon, and Dreamhack, but I also occasionally venture out to Toronto, Ottawa or Quebec City events as well. I have yet to attend an US convention, but I hope to do so in the near future.

I am part of a Cosplay trio called The Three Queens Cosplay and we usually attend conventions together as we mostly create group cosplay projects.

Cosplay Discovery

My friends Akishuna, Etfy, and I attended our very first convention in 2013 – Montreal Comiccon. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were amaze by all the wonderful costumes we saw there – especially the armored ones.

So we decided to make our own cosplays for the following year.

First Convention

Une publication partagée par Elithia (@elithia) le

After working on our very first Worbla armor costumes for almost a year – we attended Montreal Comiccon 2014 as Alexstrasza (me), Sylvanas (Etfy) and Tyrande (Akishuna) from World of Warcraft.

It was unbelievable! From the moment we entered the convention floor the response from the other attendees was so positive! It was really awesome to talk to other cosplayers and people of all sorts.

Everyone loved our cosplays and complimented us on our hard work. We also entered the masquerade and ended up winning Best in Class in the Novice category.

We were thrill! And we had such a great time that a few days later we decided to form a cosplay group, picked a name and created our Facebook page.



Alexstrasza photo by Narcissus Photography

My costumes are more armor than sewing. The very first costume I made is Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft – but it’s mostly armor with barely any sewing.

The first costume was a journey. Everything was new. I didn’t know how to sew, never used Worbla before, and haven’t own a heat gun or a sewing machine before starting to work on it.

I learned so much! did have some struggles especially with the headpiece – The horns came out pretty well, but when the time came to secure it to my head it wouldn’t hold.

It was 2 days before the convention I’m tired and stressed. It kept sliding off no matter what I did, so in my frustration I just threw it on the floor! And I actually broke it! Some of the Worbla broke on one side.

Luckily my friend Etfy came to my rescue, she told me to get my stuff and drive to her place, we’d fix it together, and sleep over at her place before heading to the con the next day. And we did! I am lucky to have such supportive friends who enjoy this hobby with me.

Since then I made Tinkerbell, Demon Hunter from Diablo III, Maleficent – the movie version, Project Fiora from League of Legends, and most recently White Reaper from Overwatch.

I really want to improve my sewing skills, so once in a while I try to make a more comfy/sewing costume – like Tinkerbell and Maleficent. I usually make these types of costumes around the time of Halloween so they serve as a Halloween costume as well as a more comfortable option for conventions.

Definition of Cosplayer

Une publication partagée par Elithia (@elithia) le

Cosplay has taught me many thing. It helps me express my creativity, learn new skills, improves my confidence. It also strengthened our friendship with Etfy and Akishuna. Sharing my passion with friends really brings you closer together.

I love the cosplay community. Most people are very nice and love to share their skills and experience with others. And I love it when people write to me to ask how I made something specific in my costume. I am always happy to respond, I’ll even take photos and show you what I mean if I feel it’ll help.

We’ve met many wonderful cosplayers and cosplay photographers since we started this crazy hobby. It’s just a pleasure to meet new friends and discover that you have something in common with them and share your knowledge.

Memorable Experience

Une publication partagée par Elithia (@elithia) le

I think my most unforgettable experience was when we won best in show overall at Montreal Comiccon 2015. It was just so unexpected! We wear our Diablo III costumes – Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Wizard.

It was only our second armor project and we were bump up from Jurneyman to Master and won Best in Show. It still feels surreal when I think back to it. I think I’m lucky enough to have never had a really terrible experience. I have had people bump into me in the crowd at a convention and break a piece of my costume, but never anything major.


There are a lot of cosplayers I admire. The first one being Kamui Cosplay. She was our inspiration for our first costumes and we have looked up to her ever since. We have had the pleasure of meeting her at Montreal Comiccon 2016. And she is just so nice! She has amazing books for anyone looking to get into cosplay, as well as video tutorials and more on her social media accounts.

I also really love Evil Ted and Punished Props – they are very skilled in foam armor crafting and have many tutorials and books available for anyone willing to learn.

But there are so many others, I can’t name them all – I can name a few like: Lightning Cosplay, Narga and Aoki Cosplay, Ali Cosplay & Props, Maul Cosplay, Steven K Smith Props, Egg Sisters Cosplay, Papa Cosplay, Erza – Cosplay, Oshley Cosplay, and so many more.

They are all an inspiration.


Une publication partagée par Elithia (@elithia) le

We’ve always competed together as a trio – The Three Queens cosplay. And we are very honored to have won several awards since we started cosplaying.

Here are some of the awards we got in the past years:
Montreal Comiccon 2014 – Best in Class : Novice Category (World of Warcraft – Sylvanas, Tyrande and Alexstrasza)

Montreal Comiccon 2015 – Best in Show Overall – Master Category (Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter, Wizard and Barbarian)

Otakuthon 2016 – Best in class – Master Category Presentation; Best armor – Masters Category. (League of Legends – headhunters Caitlyn, Project Fiora and Project Leona)

Dreamhack Montreal 2016 – 3rd place – Also with League of Legends

Otakuthon 2017 – Best in Class – Master Category – Presentation (Overwatch – Zarya (Original skin), Mercy (Devil skin), Reaper (White skin))

Our most recent award was at Dreamhack Montreal 2017 a few weeks ago – we won 1st place in the cosplay contest with our Overwatch costumes.

Piece of Advice

Project Fiora

Project Fiora photo by Narcissus Photography

The best advice I can give you is “Go for it!”. If you think you can’t do it, try it. You’ll be surprised what you can do. When I first saw all the amazing cosplays at my first convention, I was in awe. I never thought I’d be able to make something like this. But with time, research and effort I learned.

And to this day, every time I finish a costume I look at it and think “Wow, I can’t believe I made this”. And don’t be too hard on yourself. We all fail at some point, just learn from your mistakes.

Future Conventions

Une publication partagée par Elithia (@elithia) le

My most recent convention was Fan Expo Canada in Toronto and Quebec Comiccon. As for next year, I’m not sure yet, but I will definitely be back at Montreal Comiccon and Otakuthon again.

Don’t be shy to come say hi if you see me.

Open Message 

You can follow me on my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviantart


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