Deathwing, Sylvanas, and Jaina by Sanguinarius Cosplay

Welcome back geeks, gamers, anime & manga lovers. We’re here again for our Cosplay Interview Series, featuring a cosplayer from an unexpected country. Yes, you’ll be surprised of our cosplayer’s nationality. She is actually from Georgia one of the least countries that you’ll expect that Cosplay exist and yet it does!

I’m so proud to present her works to you and very honored to have her feature on the blog. Our beloved featured cosplayer today will be showing her creative cosplay works from World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Hearthstone and many more.

Thank you again, Ms. Nina, for trusting, sharing us your story and your sublime cosplay creations. We will definitely be impressed by your Deathwing, Sylvanas, Jaina, Arthas, Vengeful Spirit and other works that you’ve made.

Sanguinarius Cosplay

Deathwing Cosplay
Deathwing, Jaina, & Sylvanas Cosplay photos by Teo Photography

My name is Nina Mkhoiani (Sanguinarius Cosplay) I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia a very beautiful country surrounded by mighty Caucasus mountains. My first convention was GAME JAM Tbilisi 2014. I have presented my first cosplay ever Arthas, one of my favorite character from Warcraft Universe.

I have won the main prize at my first convention with my first cosplay ever, this inspired me to continue working studying and practicing. I’ve taken part in local conventions and I’m trying very hard to promote the cosplay culture in my country, we do cosplay in Georgia too.

I am the first cosplayer in Georgia, who have ever attended the convention out of Georgia. It was German Comic Con Frankfurt in 2017 I have even carried the national flag with me as I was very proud to represent the cosplay culture of Georgia.

This year I’m planning to attend the Gamescom 2018. Late 2017 I have been invited to be a judge at a local convention, with other amazing cosplayers.

Cosplay Discovery

Deathwing Cosplay
Deathwing Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

I’m a huge fan of the Warcraft Universe, I had no idea what the cosplay was. In 2013 I have discovered the Arthas cosplay, by Russian cosplayer I followed her tutorial and voilà.

I was not sure and was very nervous about the result but I did it somehow and it brought me the victory. So I decided to continue working and enjoying the amazing process of crafting the costumes. Most of my costumes are from Blizzard Games because they have the most beautiful and detailed characters ever.

Bringing to life your favorite characters is an amazing feeling. Cosplay culture is not popular in Georgia, we have very few cosplayers. It’s very hard to get the materials and we have to buy them online or be creative and find the alternatives in local building material shops, shoemaking material markets.

That’s funny how the staff in shops react to my questions, as they usually sell the materials for building or repairing purposes and it’s always fun trying explaining what you need and what the cosplay is. They always smile when I enter the store and are very curious.

First Convention Experience

Deathwing Cosplay by NinaDeathwing Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

My first convention was very emotional. I was very nervous as it was my first cosplay, didn’t know anyone there and I was hiding somewhere in the corner most of the time.

I remember that someone pushed me to the stage as they have announced the winner, I was so nervous that I did not recognize my name or didn’t hear it. That was a huge surprise I could not believe that. Amazing experience!

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

sylvanas cosplayLady Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

Sewing is not my priority, I sewed only 3 costumes, first was Chun Li from Street Fighters. Actually I glued it up as I didn’t have a sewing machine that time and felt pretty lazy to sew it by hand. so I just glued it up with a hot glue gun and it looked pretty good though.

The second cloth costume was Lina from Dota 2. I have sewed it using the sewing machine, it was a challenge. Most of my costumes are made of the foam, I’m the one who prefers to craft the armor. Cloth details of Jaina Proudmoore are sewn by hand too.

I’m more into epic armors and prop-making than sewing. Foam is the main material I use. As for the props, I use the paper mache techniques and insulation foam.

My favorite costume is the Deathwing from World of Warcraft. It was a huge challenge for me!

Each scale is cut out and sanded individually the whole lot of was and I loved the result. Comparing with the previous works I think the Deathwing is the best one, the more details the better, I love challenges.

Unforgettable Experience

SylvanasLady Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

My worst experience was with my Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplay, it was my second cosplay and I decided to try some different techniques while crafting it.

That’s my worst costume ever and worst convention too, as the stage host was a very annoying and disturbing guy, he made insulting comments related to my body on a stage in a mic.

So yep that was the worst experience and the worst costume I have crafted ever, however, I took the second place according to the votes. I was wearing the Sylvanas costume and dressed my friend in my Arthas costume.

We have made a performance to show the story of Sylvanas, how she died, how she was a banshee and the final look of Sylvanas hunting Arthas down, my friend helped me with Sylvanas banshee and Sylvanas elf cosplays.

The video is available on my YouTube channel, even though the jury didn’t get it I guess and the best performance nomination went to Crying Amumu.


Jaina ProudmooreJaina Proudmoore Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

There are the cosplayers I know “digitally” I have met very nice guys in Germany. The rest cosplayers I know personally are from my country.

We are like a big family, so I don’t even know who to recommend because all of them are amazing. The first international cosplayer I have met online and had conversations with is Velissedra, I love her works she is amazing.

My favorite cosplayers, that I follow and study from are Kamui Cosplay and Narga I just love the works of Fenvaria cosplay and how detailed are her tutorials, she is amazing!

Another amazing cosplayer inspired me to craft my next costume male Necromancer from Diablo III is Kureiji Cosplay.

Definition of “Cosplayer”

Jaina CosplayJaina Proudmoore Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

For me Cosplay is the art of making the costumes, that includes different techniques: sculpting, carving, sewing, creating a pattern, painting and other different skills that are combined into the amazing art of Cosplay.

When I craft, I lose the track of time. Some people find peace and relaxation in Spa Salons, in nature and etc. I find it in my workshop listening to the music and creating, bringing to life my favorite characters. When I craft I forget about the things, forget about the everyday routine and I really enjoy the process.

The best thing about being the cosplayer is the actual process of creating, after creating comes the convention and whole bunch of emotions along with the difficulties to walk normally.

I love it how people react and recognize the character I’m wearing. Wearing cosplay is like being another person for a day, feeling the connection with the character and be the part of this amazing culture.

Greatest Achievement

Vengeful Spirit CosplayVengeful Spirit Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

I have mentioned the achievements above, not much but very important for me. My goal is to maximize the popularity of cosplay culture in Georgia, to raise it up here and spread it out in the whole country of Georgia.

My dream is to get to Blizzcon someday, however, it’s very hard to get the US visa from Georgia. I’m selected as a contestant for the Boston Comic Con. I was going to be the first cosplayer ever from Georgia there. Unfortunately, weeks before the convention they refused me in giving the visa and I don’t even know the reason why.

I had to send the apologies emails to the host and felt very awkward. Maybe this year I will be luckier.

Another goal is to get a new workshop and purchase some cool tools, in order to make the open doors days and let other cosplayers craft in my workshop for free.

As for “where to craft” is pretty common problem.

Peace of Advice

Arthas cosplayArthas Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

There is only one advice, don’t be afraid just try it work on it and you will do the thing. Watch the tutorials, follow the other cosplayers, check how they do it and you will maintain your own techniques.

Always do the research follow other cosplayers, as they give you great tips and inspiration. We share our crafting process in order to give tips and help other cosplayers.

There are lots of amazing cosplayers who inspire me, I follow them I learn from them. Cosplay is an art, and the art needs an artist, be the artist do it yourself craft it that’s not that hard as it looks like.

And remember that first of all cosplay is crafting and creating something amazing, don’t give up!

Rome wasn’t built in a day! You don’t need expensive materials to craft, there is always an alternative.

Open Message

The trio Cosplay Deathwing, Sylvanas & Vengeful Spirit Cosplay photo by Teo Photography

I would love to thank the photographer I work with Teo Aladashvili, she is awesome and all the photo shoots I have made I made with her.

See me at Berlin Comic Con 2018, Germany on October 20-21 and I really hope to see you guys there. My main costume will be Necromancer from Diablo III.

You can join me on my social media accounts for updates and progress of my costume making.

Follow me on my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, & Patreon Account.

Deathwing, Sylvanas, and Jaina by Sanguinarius Cosplay

sanguinarius cosplay

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