Deadpool Cosplay “Kiwi in Australia”

Returning on our Cosplayer Interview Series, we are now approaching winter and to welcome us this week is the “Kiwi in Australia”. Don’t ask me the exact meaning of this phrase. It’s actually the request of our next featured cosplay, head of the family Deadpool cosplayer.

Not just one, not even two but a family who will present us their cosplay story life. It’s indeed an interesting story to know I’m so impatient to share it with you.

Thank you again to Mr. Julian for letting us be part of their history!

Deadpool Cosplay, Dadpool

Hi, I’m Julian Gemmell AKA « Dadpool ». I’m originally from New Zealand but moved with my family to Western Australia 6 years ago. I’ve been cosplaying with my family for the last 4 years.

We are lucky enough to have Australian Supanova, Oz Comiccon and local Pop Con Evolve which we regularly attend.

Cosplay Discovery

Deadpool Family

Deadpool Family photo by Reagan Smash Productions

I actually had no plans to be a cosplayer, I am naturally shy and although I loved seeing other people in cosplay I was too afraid to do it myself. After watching the Heroes Workshop build an Iron man suit in his home on YouTube I just wanted one for myself.

After a lot of research and instruction from the heroes workshop YouTube channel, I finally completed my first costume. When I was building Iron man I never intended to cosplay at cons, I just wanted it for myself to keep at home.

About a month after I finished I heard the news that Oz Comiccon was to have their first con here and for some reason and way out of my comfort zone I thought I would attend it.

First Convention

Une publication partagée par Julian Gemmell. (@dadpoolcosplay) le

Oz ComicCon 2013

It was pretty frightening, I dressed at the back of the car park and ready to turn around and leave if anyone looked at me strangely. Lucky for me people loved it and I spent the whole day being photographed.

I would later be contacted by radio stations and by TV to feature me and my Ironman on how and why I made it. I guess I didn’t have time to think cause the old shy me would never have done it if he thought about it lol.

As well as the local cons I have flown to Sydney Supanova and also to Malaysia where I was a cosplay guest at Project Dark Asia.


Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes

Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes by Reagan Smash Productions

I guess I fell in love with Armor as soon as I made Iron Man and even more so when I branched out and developed my style of armor building with Wolverine and Deadpool.

All up I have made and cosplayed over 10 characters. From Iron man and Iron Patriot to Deathstroke, the Punisher, Nightwing, Wolverine, Gabriel Reyes (OW Reaper) and my favorite Deadpool… as well as building cosplays for my Families such as War Machine, Nightcrawler, The Punisher Family, Mistress Death, Domino, and Cable.

I also built 2 prototype suits for a teaser for Filmscope for their future feature movie / TV series of the Book series « Star of the Guardians ».

Definition of Cosplayer

Cosplay means many things to me but mostly it’s myself getting the opportunity to create the characters I love In a way that I can express myself Artistically.

The greatest gift it has given me is confidence in myself… and I think that is the same for a lot of cosplayers out there.

Worst Experience

Wolverine and Nightcrawler

Wolverine and Nightcrawler

I haven’t really had bad experiences at cons. I don’t take myself too seriously and I realize there are people who don’t always know how to act correctly around you but as a whole people are there to enjoy the characters and cosplay like you.


I look up to every cosplayer brave enough to dress as something they love just because it makes them happy and they want to share it with you.


Punisher Family

Punisher Family photo by Reagan Smash Productions

To be honest, I have been very blessed as a Cosplayer, I’ve achieved a lot of many things in Cosplay. I have made cosplays people have loved. I’ve met my Hero Stan Lee who sculpted my childhood with the characters and stories he made.

I’ve been featured on Australian TV, News Papers, and Magazines. I have Cosplayed for Marvel and Fox at Australian Movie Premieres. I’ve been a guest at local and international cons.

Featured and shared on Robert Downey Jnrs Facebook page where my Iron Man reached 400,000 likes. I have competed in and won at competitions. I’ve been recognized on social platforms by the creators or actors of characters I have built

And I am now featured On the cover of The Worlds première Cosplay Magazine « Cosplay Culture Magazine ».

But the biggest Achievement for me is the love we have in our family and that we could be together and express our relationship through Cosplay.

Piece of Advice

Gabriel Reyes

Gabriel Reyes photo by Reagan Smash Productions

My advice is to have fun…Don’t get too caught up on Likes or followers if you start a page. A lot of the time you can compare yourself to other cosplayers, just remember why you started… you do for fun and as long as that’s why you will always love cosplay

Future Projects/Plans

Con season is over here in Western Australia so its time to prepare for next year. I’ll be at Oz ComicCon and Supanova early next year and hopefully, I will make it to an international Con as well.

Open Message 

 See me and my family now in the current issue of « Cosplay Culture Magazine » 

You can find me under « Dadpool Cosplay »

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Deadpool Cosplay “Kiwi in Australia”

Deadpool Cosplay "Kiwi in Australia"

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  1. Rehmat Jan says:

    good work… i suggest to re design superman costume as well…:)

    • Alexine says:

      Hello Rehmat, that’s a nice idea, maybe he’ll do that for you. You can request to him directly. I’m sure he’ll find that awesome as idea.

  2. Khan Bhai says:

    Deadpool movie is one of my favorite movie it is funny

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