Danganronpa Cosplayer Jordan, USA

A bit of icebreaker for the week of our Interview Series, I invited a divergent Danganronpa Cosplayer from North California, USA. This will be a bit distinguished cosplayer than the rest that I have posted cause it’s more of showing the sexy side of Cosplay without inflicting the most exaggerated side.

Our cosplayer today is Jordan, a young cosplayer mostly known as Jojo Cosplay. She is an absolute Anime and video games lover. have cosplayed about 3 years all together and started making her costumes. Cosplaying a bunch of characters from Disney Princesses, Archer, FairyTail, Boruto, and many more.

Attending into a couple of conventions like SacAnime, Anime Expo, Wizard World etc. She would love to start traveling to different cons around the world in the future. Her final dream convention is KatsuCon! 

Let’s welcome her and know about her wonderful story of Cosplay life!

Danganronpa Cosplayer Jojo Cosplay

Danganronpa Cosplayer

Junko Enoshima by Austin Hahn

Cosplay Discovery

I discovered cosplay just through social media I’m pretty sure. It’s something that I’ve known about for a long time but never really had the courage to cosplay. despite Halloween being my favorite holiday and absolutely loving to dress up!

I was always very fond of Final Fantasy growing up and I was especially attached to Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2. I remember always wanting to dress up as her but I was young and never really had the funds for it. so I quickly realized that it would just be a dream.

A couple of years ago I got really into Anime and instantly was like “OKAY. NOW IS THE TIME I GET INTO COSPLAY.” I jumped right into it and started out as most do, by buying cosplays.

Now I try really hard to make everything from scratch, and I am very happy to say that I’m working on my Rikku cosplay from X-2!

First Convention

Une publication partagée par Jordan Ciera💋 (@jojocosplays) le

My first convention as a cosplayer was SacAnime Summer 2015 if I remember correctly and I was so excited to go and dress up!

It was something I had always been interested in but just never did and it was definitely a memorable experience. It was so awesome walking up to the convention center and seeing so many other people who enjoy the same thing’s I enjoy and seeing all the other cosplayers!

So amazing because even though my cosplays were either store-bought or put together using different articles of clothing, they were well received.

I’d have to say my most memorable convention was Anime Expo 2017. which was also the furthest I have ever traveled for a convention.

I got to meet almost every cosplayer I look up to and I also got to début my Sylvanas Windrunner and D.va mashup cosplay there, which was my first FULL armor build that I was really proud of!


mishap DVA and Silvana

mashup DVA and Sylvana by  Austin Hahn

I honestly just started learning how to sew thanks to my good friend, so I haven’t actually sewed too many costumes. My first cosplay I sewed was Jibril from no game no life and it was completely sewn by hand, which I will never do again!

All together I have sewn 4 costumes I believe, first being Jibril. Then my next costume I sewed was Fairy Asuna from Sword art online, which was my first time using a machine!

After that, I worked on my Rin Tohsaka and Archer mashup from Fate Stay Night and my kimono Rapunzel design at the same time for the same convention!

Although the fabrics I used for my Rin and Archer mashup were a little difficult at times I would say the kimono for Rapunzel was the biggest challenge for me, because I had never made anything like it before!

It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite between all of them honestly. They all have things I’m pretty proud of about them, but I’d have to say I’m probably most proud of my kimono because it definitely took the most skill to make out of all of them.

Definition of Cosplayer

To me, being a cosplayer is just being the nerd that you are and enjoying what you do! Whether you’ve been cosplaying for years and have tons of experience in sewing and building or you’re just starting out and you bought your cosplay.

We should all be able to come together and make friends based on the fact that we all enjoy the same thing! Cosplaying is huge for me.

It helps boost my confidence and it gives me a hobby that I am really passionate about!

To me, the best thing about being a cosplayer is getting to finally wear the cosplay you’ve worked so hard on to a con, and getting such a good response on it!

It really makes all the long nights worth it when you can connect with people because of it!

I love cosplaying for this reason! It’s really allowed me to make so many more friends and it always gives me something to look forward to!

Worst Experience

rin archer

Rin Archer by Austin Hahn

I honestly have not really had too many terrible experiences at a convention thankfully! Although the worst experience I’ve had probably has to be when I wore Sylvanas D.va to Anime Expo 2017 and my armor was malfunctioning literally all day!

Thankfully we came ready and had repair tools with us! As soon as I got out of the car, my leg armor straps broke off of the real armor and we immediately had to repair them.

From then on throughout the day, they broke off a couple more times. Luckily everything else held up pretty well and the costume was very well received!


I have made so many friends through the cosplay community! It’s amazing and I love them all so much! My absolute cosplay queen is Jessica Nigri.

She is the sweetest person I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and you can honestly tell that she puts so much hard work into everything she does!

My other inspiration is Otohime.Nami! I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting her as well and becoming friends with her. She is probably one of the hardest working cosplayers I have ever seen.

She works day and night and she put’s out AMAZING builds in such a short amount of time! Whenever I wanna be lazy, I think about how she pushes through everything so quickly and it makes me want to do the same!


Disney Princess

Rapunzel by Austin Hahn

I’m still pretty new to cosplaying. I haven’t felt confident enough to enter any cosplay contests or anything like that, but I really hope to in the future!

Piece of Advice

Stick with it! Go into it knowing that you are always gonna see amazing cosplayers at conventions and don’t let their talent make you feel bad about your cosplay.

Remember that everyone starts somewhere! Cosplaying is for fun and it’s a hobby that definitely can take some time to get good at!

So just keep working towards your end goal and you will quickly get better!


You can always see me at SacAnime Winter and SacAnime Summer at the Sacramento Convention Center. I never miss those conventions!

I should also be attending Fanime Convention in San Jose, California this year and I’m hoping I can make it out to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California again!

Any other conventions I am unsure of at this time.


Danganronpa Cosplayer

Jojo Cosplay

This Danganronpa Cosplayer super charming, it is truly inspiring to hear about her passion, I like her contrast side of cosplaying. Well, it won’t please everyone but at least it’s showing another class in the Cosplay World.

I am truly thankful to Ms. Jordan for giving me this great chance of sharing with you her story. Thank you again to you! So much passion and greatness on all your works.

I really hope you’ll start joining competitions cause you got it, girl! I love those mashup designs, the costumes are in its finest state. By the way, you should name that “DVA + Sylvana” mashup it’s exceptional!

As a DVA lover, I have collected a lot of cosplayer photos from different cosplayers, but yours is definitely outstanding.

Cheers to your future, I’ll be supporting for your success!!

Don’t forget to catch up our Danganronpa cosplayer on her accounts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and if you do want to see more of her photos you can see it on her PATREON, plus she has some prints available at STORENVY.


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10 Responses

  1. jojocosplayer with custome nerf guns looks great 😀

  2. Helene says:

    I love the sexy side of cosplay! It’s so awesome to be able to express your inner sexiness without being judged for it:) She is absolutely gorgeous!:) I hadn’t actually thought about what would happen if a costume malfunctions, I can imagine that would be an absolute nightmare! Good thing they could repair it:)

    • Alexine says:

      She is indeed, I was very careful not to expose too much cause I know I have some young audience especially in Asian side its a bit of cultural difference you know. But here in EU I supposed there’s nothing wrong with it, I appreciate this side. She is beautifully gorgeous!

  3. Aditi says:

    How sweet. There is something so subtle about this cosplayer – she’s stylish in her own way. All their stories are so inspiring. Cheers!!

  4. Travelquartz says:

    Very cool pictures and outfits , I can see lot of confidence in the pictures, it was an awesome post . Glad that you have covered all the major aspects of Cosplaying and made us aware. I bet she will do well in her competitions ahead !!

    • Alexine says:

      thank you Travelquartz, yeah agree there’s so much confidence and passion in her photos. Glad to know that you liked it. you can always check Jordan’s account. She’ll be happy for sure!

  5. Tyra says:

    Aww I love her passion for cosplaying and the fact that she is confident to show her sexy side through this! My favorite of hers was the DVA and the kimono one! She is beauuuutiful!!

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