Daenerys Targaryen Cosplayer Trisha, Russia

You are perhaps curious who is Daenerys Targaryen, I bet for those supporters and watching the series have already the idea. Yes! it’s a character from a very known series in the world. Today we’re gonna know more about this beautiful person Ms. Trisha from Russia.

For your information Daenerys Targaryen is a character from Game of Thrones. Now did you recognize her? our cosplayer Trisha Layons will show your that her unbelievable works.

Let’s see how close she is to the original, what do you think? for me, she’s almost like the real character.

I would like to thank you again Trisha for participating to the Interview Series as well as sharing your exceptional cosplay experience and works! Thank you for all your supporters/fans for all their support to you.

Daenerys Targaryen Trisha Layons

Daenerys Targaryen photo by vasiliel.ph

Daenerys Targaryen photo by vasiliel.ph

Hello everyone! My name is Trisha Layons, I’m student from Russia, Moscow and I’ve done cosplays for 3 years.

Cosplay Discovery

daenerys targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen photo by vasiliel.ph

My friend introduced me to cosplay when I was 11 and at first I thought that it was very expensive and hard, so I really got into it at the age of 14-15.

First Convention

mother of dragons

Daenerys Targaryen photo from Trisha’s page

It took place when I was 11. I went wearing my first cosplay of a Vocaloid SeeU (every cosplayer has cosplayed a Vocaloid eventually, I think haha). It was pretty stressful at first, just like every time you try something new, but it actually happened to be not that bad, probably because everyone turned out to be very friendly.

The thing that surprised me the most was probably the amount of photographers who were always willing to work with you, that’s unexpected for me. Then I kinda gave up cosplay and traded it for Lolita fashion, but I also attended cons to hang out with my friends.


Daenerys Targaryen photo by vasiliel.ph

Daenerys Targaryen photo from Trisha’s page

When it comes to sewing, I’m a complete disaster. I really wanna learn how to do it, maybe even attend some courses but due to my University studies it is hard to find time.

I tried sewing once, it was a costume of a character from one Russian book, so I had lots to come up with myself f.e. how the costume should fit or look like in details. So it made the process of creating it way easier. But I do try to make craft myself, I actually enjoy it.

However since Russia is apparently considered to be the world’s end, we do not have all that variety of crafting materials cosplayers have in America or Europe. That is an additional challenge for us, but we are trying to deal with it. We didn’t have access even to EVA foam, it appeared in one store like a year ago or so.

I made dragon’s eggs for Daenerys out of wood and thin foam+ fake sand, her belts out of plastic. Then for my Harley Quinn cosplay I made everything including boots (they are out of EVA and heels as foundation). For Barbie Odette I made accessories (with EVA and metal wires)

Right now I am working on Fem Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (I’ve constructed a base for the pyramid and his huge knife), Bombshell Hawkgirl’s jetpack and helmet and Starfire from Injustice 2 (that’s gonna be a tough one I suppose haha)

Favorite Cosplay


Cinderella by Eva Davidova

My favourite cosplay is Cinderella from the movie, although it’s done fully by my great friend Anastasia Lion (she’s done an amazing work with both Cinderella and Fairy Godmother dresses) and I only glued crystals to a skirt, it took like 14 hours in total (the skirt is much bigger then it looks).

We were planning to wear the costumes to a convention in another city so we had to leave Moscow in advance and it turned out we were not able to finish everything at home. So we took our sewing machine to Saint Petersburg with us!

We were making some props in a car on our way, and we were working the night before the convention. It was worth it though. Fairy Godmother won the best movie costume award!

We used 120 meters of fabric in total and we are planning to make a gown even bigger just like in the movie. This project means a lot to me as I keep hearing that I look like Lily James and I love her so much.

And thanks to this cosplay I was notice by some of my most favourite cosplayers like Alyson Tabbitha. This is just crazy.

Definition of Cosplayer

Cinderella photo by Eva Davidova

Cinderella photo by Eva Davidova

It has become a part of my life. I got acquainted with so many amazing and talented people, all my close friends are cosplayers. Russia is a big country and we are all from various cities so at every big convention when we all come together and finally hang out it is an amazing feeling.

I also developed new skills like make up, retouch, acting, communication, surviving deadlines and much more.

And the feeling that you are doing something other people like is inexpressible.

Worst Experience

Cinderella photo by Eva Davidova

Cinderella photo by Eva Davidova

Russian cosplay community is very strict and rude. You could easily be bullied for nothing, such as, I got negative comments on my Spock cosplay because I had fake ears (like seriously). Or if the shade of your fabric is slightly different, or buttons are slightly bigger etc.

Now it is a trend to tell a cosplayer that he/she doesn’t look like an actor/actress, so the cosplay is bad. Come on guys, seriously? I love international cosplay community cause people there stop by to write a comment if they want to say something good, in Russian only bad stuff one can find in the comment section.

But those are usually left by some lazy people who can do nothing themselves or not cosplayers at all. Russian cosplayers are very nice and friendly at conventions or when you talk to them face-to-face, always ready to help and cheer one another up.


Cinderella photo from Trisha's page

Cinderella photo from Trisha’s page

My best friends squad: Flizok, Matthew Kroner, and Vasiliel. They are all very talented and I feel honored to be close friends with them.

Then I adore works of Alyson Tabbitha, Starbid Cosplay, Kamui, Raquel Sparrow, Jessica Nigri.

And very talented Russian cosplayers: Sladkoslava (also my friend and extremely talented makeup artist), Anastasia Lion, Tina Rybakova, Grange Air (aka Anya Vonti), Kamiko Zero and much more, this list is very long, Russian cosplayers are so talented!


Barbie photo

Barbie photo by vasiliel.ph

When your cosplay noticed by a creator of the origin. Like my Uncharted Cosplay noticed by leading creators, our Baby Driver cosplay, Edgar Wright (director of the movie) liked on Twitter, we are still shocked by that.It happens seldom but such things inspire you the most to keep going.

Also, I sometimes get invitations from TV channels to be shown in various ads and events dedicated to certain movies and shows. That is also a cool experience.

Piece of Advice

Barbie photo by vasiliel.ph

Barbie photo by vasiliel.ph

Don’t listen to anybody but people who you trust and don’t give up if you failed at anything at first. Believe me, attending a convention in a costume you made and receiving all positive feedback totally worth all effort you spent making your cosplay.

Start off by doing some easy crafting and then keep doing something more and more difficult. Ask your friends for help, they might be better at something so you together make a great teamwork!

Surfing Pinterest or Tumbler or seeing other people’s WIPs on Instagram is a great way to get inspiration for beginners.

Future Conventions


Daenerys Targaryen photo by vasiliel.ph

The closest is Ava Expo in Russia, Saint Petersburg in the beginning of December. Then all the cons in Moscow, I don’t miss them.

I wish I could come to any European con but that is too hard for me to organize in the nearest future.

Open Message 

mother of dragons trisha

I’d like to give a shout out to Anastasia Lion who helped me with Odette and Cinderella dresses. She makes beautiful corsets and totally deserves your attention!

Follow me on my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart and VK

Daenerys Targaryen Cosplayer Trisha, Russia

Trisha Layons

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