D Gray Man, Saber, and Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay by Hana Yuki – Myanmar

Welcome back Anime lovers and geeks! It’s been a long time since my last Cosplayer Interview. Today we’ll be going to discover this magnificent cosplayer named Hana Yuki. Showing off her D Gray Man, Saber, Tokyo Ghoul, and other cosplay works!

Since the previous time I have presented you our featured cosplayer, it was totally a great success wherein people are more curious to know more about our cosplayers and their personal life.

Today it’ll be another interview from the least country that you’ll expect to have a lot of cosplayers in their place.

Hana Yuki will absolutely blow your mind with her breathless cosplay works and her story behind her being one of the thousands cosplayer of her country.

Thank you much to you Hana Yuki for giving us this ample time to discover you and your experience in your career as a cosplayer. You will definitely inspire aspiring cosplayers in your country and a role model for them.

Are you ready to know more about this talented cosplayer? Yes right? then, let’s read her story!

Hana Yuki

D gray man cosplaySaber photo by Edwin Lee , Ken Kaneki by NH, and D Gray Man Lavi by Daichi Hotsuin

Hello! My name is Hana Yuki and I am a cosplayer from Myanmar, the country which is known as the golden land. Since I was young, I resided in Yangon, the commercial city of my country where most local cosplay events and conventions often held.

I am usually a solo cosplayer but sometimes, cosplay and photoshoot together with my friends from my country or from ASEAN countries.

  • How did you discovered Cosplay

I watched some Japanese animation series since I was young. Since that time, I always think in my mind that I want to be like anime girls. But my dream didn’t come true when I became a teenager because cosplay was not popular around that time.

During 2012, I found out that there would be a cosplay event in Yangon, Myanmar for the first time. So, I decided to do cosplay at that event.

First Convention

D Gray Man Lavi by Daichi HotsuinD Gray Man Lavi by Daichi Hotsuin

I planned to do cosplay as soon as I heard that there would be a cosplay event in Yangon because I was so eager to do it since long ago. At that time, I only got two days to prepare.

For the event, I decided to cosplay Amane Misa from Death Note because she is not only one of my favorite characters but also her costumes are like casual wear. So, I tried to buy require accessories and devoted to doing cosplay.

One of the memorable things as a first-time cosplayer is on the event day, I was sick. As I was so passionate to cosplay at that time, I did an injection and went to the event. Since that time, I became an enthusiast in cosplay.

Overseas Convention Experiences

Lavi (D.Gray-man) - DaichiD Gray Man Lavi by Daichi Hotsuin

Yes, I have been to other country’s convention. I attended “Cool and Kawaii Japan Festival” in Laos as a guest cosplayer. I have also been to cosplay events in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The difference between conventions in my country and oversea events is that cosplay culture in our country started in 2012, later than another country.

That’s why most people in our country who did cosplay around that time have difficulties to make costumes/props, and also encountered problems about where to buy the necessary raw materials to make them.

During that time, most of us have to learn by ourselves. When I went my first overseas trip as a guest cosplayer, I felt that there are so many cosplayers and photographers there and I admired them.

As for now in our country, cosplay culture becomes popular and people who do cosplay are also improving in skills.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

saber - edwin leeFate EXTRA Saber Nero photo by Edwin Lee 

The first cosplay costume I have ever sewed is Tohsaka Rin’s from Fate/ Stay Night. I sewed most of my costumes by myself. My most favorite costume among them is ALO version costume of Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online). I use Eva form and Worbla for armors.

Favorite Cosplayer

Saber (Fate EXTRA) - Edwin LeeFate EXTRA Saber Nero photo by Edwin Lee

My role model cosplayer is ATO from South Korea. I love all of her cosplay because her cosplays have naturalness.

Unforgettable Experience

kaneki tokyo ghoul by NHTokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki photo by NH

During the time I went to AFA Singapore, as I was there for only a week and I have a photo shooting for every day, I felt tired and eventually fall asleep at the event.

My friends took photos of mine while I was sleeping. When I woke up, my friends show me those photos which make me not only embarrassing but also laugh at the same time.

Definition of “Cosplayer”

Photographer - NH kanekiTokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki photo by NH

Cosplay is an important thing in my life. Without cosplay, there won’t be Hana Yuki. I learned most of the things such as sewing, photo-editing, singing, dancing and doing make-up.

By doing so, I got self-motivation that no matter how difficult to do the things, if you try hard, the result will be great. By doing cosplay, I also got many friends.

I also have the feeling that my life becomes perfect because of cosplay. These are the reasons why I love to cosplay.

Greatest Achievement

Kanzaki Ranko (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) - Edwin LeeThe iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Kanzaki Ranko – Edwin Lee

I was chosen as a guest cosplayer for “Cool and Kawaii Japan Festival” in Laos during 2013. As a cosplayer, I want to try harder to improve myself and to cosplay all of my favorite characters in the future.

Piece of Advice

Doma Umaru (Himouto! Umaru Chan) - Edwin Lee Himouto! Umaru Chan, Doma Umaru – Edwin Lee

Cosplay is a fun hobby. If you are going to cosplay, be patient and take your time to study about the character that you are going to cosplay.

You don’t need to be in a rush to have a perfect cosplay. Learn slowly and steadily and you can have a great cosplay.

Open Message

Hana Yuki photo by Edwin LeeHana Yuki photo by Edwin Lee

I will be at most cosplay events in Yangon, Myanmar. In this year, for an overseas trip, I have a plan to go to AFA Singapore again.

Thank you very much to each and every person who supports my cosplay. I will keep working hard to improve my cosplay experiences and skills. I also want to thank you for the interview.

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D Gray Man, Saber, and Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay by Hana Yuki – Myanmar

Hana Yuki - Myanmar

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