Couple Travelers around the Globe Stories

Overwhelmed with the result of our collaboration with other travel bloggers, I would like to share with you another couple travelers stories from around the globe. This time I will divulge a bit of information about them.

Our couples today are as well come from different parts of the world, they travel together side by side to support each other through thick and thin. Are we talking about married couples? oh NO those words “thick and thin” doesn’t solely apply to married ones.

Some of our couples travelers have met in another country, others has recently traveled together. I’ll be interesting to learn from their experiences as couples whilst traveling.

Couple Travelers Stories

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I love the part that one says “traveling together is all rainbows is lying” that’s absolutely true. Traveling as a couple is not just all about favorable and delightful moments.

How about you? Would you agree? Is Traveling with your spouse or partner easy? Would you travel with your partner around the world?

Let’s hear out our Couple Travelers stories!

Katherine and Hali of Tara Lets Anywhere

Traveling with your partner could be the best and most challenging experience you can have. On the one hand, its profound to witness many of the world’s incredible sights with someone you love.

Hence, you will get to know each other’s quirks and be together 24/7 will probably cause you to annoy the heck out of each other and fight like cats and dogs. Ultimate, your experience will boil down to how you adapt to each other’s personalities.

I backpack often with my boyfriend, Hali. The first few trips were challenging, especially when we found out that we are opposites: he’s very laid-back, while I’m the type of person who plans and secures everything.

couple shot sagada

Initially, it annoyed me that he didn’t help much with research and itinerary; he felt that I was uptight and demanding. Eventually, we’d learn to strike a balance: to delegate responsibilities, understand each other’s perspectives and travel style, and learn to forgive for any lapses. It took months for us to be able to reach this state of harmony.

I believe that travel can make or break relationships. It’s both easy and difficult. If there’s any sure thing about couple travel, it’s that it’s a way to get to know yourself and your partner in a way that you wouldn’t be able to in regular dates and activities.

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Anisa of Two Traveling Texans

My husband, Russell and I have never had any issues traveling together. It’s actually one of our favorite things to do together. For us, we starting traveling early in the relationship since we lived in different countries. Russell was in England and I was in the US, so it was nice to pick places in Europe to meet.

We both like to see as much as possible when we travel, so neither of us minds a jam-packed itinerary. Plus, Russell is so supportive of my travel blog and understands how it impacts our travel. He has his own origami blog so he knows the amount of time it takes.

anisa and russell barcelonaI think it is important to share the workload when traveling with others. I love that he does a lot to help me research and plan our trips. We create a spreadsheet and both work on populating it. That way we make sure that we include things that we both like to do on the itinerary.

We also have different strengths that compliment each other. Russell is better at packing than I am, so he takes the lead on that. Since I am constantly reading travel blogs, I am the one that knows more about the places we should go. I am also the one that knows how to find a good deal.

It’s really hard to choose the best place that we have traveled together because we have been to some great places, but I think our trip to Spain was our favorite.

We were able to see and do so much – hiking, cooking classes, wine tastings, museums, and more. I think it has a special place in our hearts because it was our first long trip together.

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Nicole of Wandering with a DromoManiac

My boyfriend and I have traveled together for almost 11 years now (not full-time mind you, but multiple times a year). We have been in many situations together, from big cities to backcountry hiking. He is by far my favorite travel partner.

Our first trip together was to hike Mount Katahdin in Maine, something neither of us had ever done before. We had only been dating a couple of months at the time but it was one of the most memorable hikes because it was our first as a couple.

Katahdin summitI think the advantages of traveling together are that we both have a natural curiosity about the world, I tend to be more patient when things go wrong and he tends to be more open in attempting new languages.

He is also a more adventurous eater than I am so I think it encourages me to try things I wouldn’t normally do on my own.

We travel best together when it involves being outdoors. We both have a deep connection with nature and hiking through beautiful trails always seems to bring us closer together.

It doesn’t matter how sweaty you are, the natural beauty around you brings out the best in people.

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Rachel of Rachel On Route

My boyfriend and I started small – with the odd holiday when we first met, a week here and there. However the travel bug really caught us, and we worked up to more long-term trips. We spent a year living and working in Canada, and more recently a Working Holiday in New Zealand.

We spent 10 months living in Wellington last year, and had an absolute blast in this wonderful little city and exploring the surrounding area on our days off. After that, we then spent 2 full months backpacking around both islands, which for me was the most incredible trip I’ve ever taken.

Spending 24 hours a day together for 8 weeks wasn’t always easy. We had the odd squabble and little things that wouldn’t normally wind you up sometimes escalated just because we didn’t have any time to ourselves.

Rachel and partnerFor us, the key was communicating. Learning to discuss problems, and resolving them as quickly as possible so we could carry enjoy enjoying our trip. And also recognizing that it’s OK to want to have a little time to yourself.

Ultimately, the moments and experiences that we shared unrivaled. I look back on those, ‘oh my god I can’t believe I’m here’ moments, even more fondly because I got to share them with my favorite person.

And having someone to talk to, laugh with, goof around with, discover, hike, eat and drink with, etc!

I love sharing incredible experiences with him, and I have found that having a shared history brings us so much closer together when we are not traveling.

We quite often reminisce about our trips (even about the lover’s tiff) and laugh about them now.

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Adam and Lianne of Lianne Bronzo

We (Adam and Lianne) are Americans who have never been to America together. We met in Korea in 2013 and began traveling together immediately – weekend camping trips, international holidays, and backpacking around Asia and Australia.

The only relationship we know is that of a nomadic one. We both have experiences traveling solo but found that traveling as a couple has several advantages. For one, traveling as a pair is generally safer as you are less of a target when in a pair (not that solo travel is dangerous).

Further, traveling as a couple saves money. In Asia, it’s cheaper and more comfortable staying in a private room than a dorm. When it comes to food, we usually order several dishes to share so that we could taste test a variety of dishes instead of committing to one.

Lianne and Adam

Adam’s stomach is especially handy when Lianne can’t finish her meal. That’s teamwork! And of course, you have always someone with whom to create everlasting memories as you see the world, all while growing together and fostering a unique bond.

You learn about each other’s habits; when traveling, you see each other at your best and worst but are always there for each other when times get rough.

Despite all of these perks, traveling as a couple certainly has its challenges. As with any relationship, you must communicate, learn how to deal with stressful situations together, and work as a team to keep things balanced.

We lived out of a converted station wagon as we road trip in Australia for a year, and did those cramped living quarters get tough! So it’s essential to keep your own hobbies and have alone time for the health of personal and the relationship.

Challenges aside, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Jen of Passions and Places

We got married last August and left our jobs to freelance and travel full-time last October. After spending some time visiting our home state
of Montana and then taking a road trip across the Deep South, we flew one-way to Bangkok.

For the past nine months, we’ve been exploring Southeast Asia together and working while we travel. Traveling as a couple means having a loved one to share new experiences with, which often makes them all the more meaningful.

jen-ambrose-ryan-victor photoThere are also lots of smaller, more mundane advantages to traveling together, like being able to trade-off the planning and navigating, which can make travel easier and less tiring.

Plus, we’ve been able to land some house sitting positions, which are typically easier to come by as a couple than a solo traveler.

Of course, any couple who says traveling together is all rainbows is lying! It’s a lot of one-on-one time together, often in stressful or frustrating situations, especially if you’re working on the road.

Traveling with a partner can also make it harder to meet new people or to find time for yourself.

Every few months, we make a point to spend a week or so traveling solo, which we love because it challenges us in different ways and opens us up to new experiences – and we always look forward to reuniting again.

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Couple Travelers around the Globe Stories

couple around the world

Special thanks to couple travelers and their partners: Katherine, Anisa, Nicole, Rachel, Lianne, and Jen for taking part and making this collaboration possible. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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  1. Satish says:

    Interesting. One should be lucky enough to get a chance to roam around the world. Good to see you guys enjoying..

  2. This is so nicely captured! After travelling together for so many years, we finally have accepted, the we as partners enjoy each other company the most when travelling! And rythm is juts fab. Well if you are doing another edition, we would love to get featured from Backpacking Series 🙂 Happy travels and explorations! Love.. Backpacking Series

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Backpacking Series. I would love to include your story on my next edition. Please do send me an email so I can send you all the details! thank you.

  3. Thank you for so much of motivation. I have been traveling solo most of the time and after my marriage, we are planning for a couple travel. Though I have no idea how it would work, reading about so many couples feels great.

    • Alexine says:

      That’s so nice to hear from you Purvi, so happy to be able to motivate you. I really thank these wonderful couples here they are so courageous to travel with their respective partners.

  4. Tony says:

    Really nice (cutesy) stories. I think it must be great to have someone to travel the world with. Although, travelling together has to be one of the biggest tests that a relationship can endure! I wish longevity to all of these couples featured! 🙂

  5. Claire says:

    As they say, if you want to see how solid your couple is, travel the world with your partner! 🙂

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