Couple’s Beautiful Romantic Love Stories

The world of travel bloggers has become more flexible and upgraded nowadays. Whether traveling solo or as a couple isn’t the same, people are often choosing to travel with their partners or love ones. Today let’s hear some beautiful romantic love stories and adventures of couple travelers around the world.

Joining us are couple travelers from different countries. The most exciting to know is how these couples survive traveling together? there is an ultimate reason for this it’s the power of love. As they say “Love conquers all” no matter how difficult the situation is a couple will survive with the presence of their love and faith to each other.

Couple Travelers Stories

couple stories

Our Traveler Couples will not only share their beautiful romantic love stories but as well as their experiences with their partner in life throughout the journey of being a traveler and blogger at the same time.

They will be sharing their top advises for couples, recommendations of places to visit, memorable experiences and their favorite destination. I always ask this to the couples “What are the advantage and disadvantage when you travel as a couple?” Every couple has different situations, like tall or short couples, athletic or sporty, geeks and other aspects.

Today will be a bit special cause we have a Lesbian Couple from Luxembourg. I am so excited, can’t wait to share with you, our lovely couples stories!

Eloise of My Favourite Escapes

Beautiful Romantic Love Stories

I had lived in four different countries and traveled to as many continents before meeting my partner. Still, he made me discover a whole new world when he convinced me to join him on Heron Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. We had only been together for a couple of months, and this trip as a couple changed my life.

I had wanted to scuba dive for years before meeting him but didn’t feel ready just yet. My mother has an intense phobia of water: she is anxious even in the most beautiful and calm lagoon. Although I’m nowhere as bad, scuba diving appeared as a challenge. Plus, you have to rely on a dive buddy, and I could not pick just anyone.
Having someone you trust by your side is empowering and real support as you go out of your comfort zone. For me, being in a relationship has made traveling easier and more fun than ever.

Eloise and partner

I don’t know if I could have entered the infinite blue of the ocean without holding his hand and looking into his eyes. Once down there, I loved every single thing I saw and forgot I was ever scared. More than 70 dives later in five countries – all done with him – I am still booking some more.

I enjoyed traveling solo so I could do things I love at my pace, never imagined finding someone who on the one hand is happy to run to fit two hiking trails in one day while picking up rubbish on the way.

But, however, also want to spend hours watching the waves crash or waiting for a shy animal to show up.

I never feel like we have to compromise when we travel together because we want the same things; it’s easy. And being able to share these special moments with a special person is gold.

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Perri and Brad from Seeking the Spanish Sun

Perri & Brad Couple Travelers 2

We met back in the summer of 2006 on the beautiful Greek island Mykonos. We were both working seasonal jobs in a hotel and suffice to say we had a blast partying, exploring the island and enjoying the Greek way of life.

Our mutual desire to escape England and see the world is what really connected us and when the summer ended we went on a backpacking adventure in India and South East Asia.

Since then we have traveled to many places across the world and lived and worked in some fantastic destinations. Traveling as a couple isn’t always perfect.

Perri & Brad Couple Travelers 1

There are times when you have no cash, no accommodation or no clue where you are. But I can honestly say that without Brad by my side during those travel disasters I’m pretty sure that I would have given up and gone home.

He keeps me cheerful on the rough days and sane on the stressful days.

Spain is our favorite destination that we have traveled and we are resting our itchy feet here for a while. Spain is the perfect country for couple travel because there is just so much to see and do.

When you travel as a couple the most important thing is a compromise. In Spain I can get my city explorer fix, taking photos of all the old buildings one day while Brad gets to relax on the beach, with a beer the next.

Travel across Spain is cheap and easy, it’s a safe country with a huge amount of history and culture. Not to mention great food and lots of sunshine.

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Ridima and Parit of Littlejoysandmore


I have been married for the past 2 years and since then, we have traveled 24 countries together worldwide. Being in a relationship is not easy; it has its own share of charms, curiosity, and fights. However, one thing that really connects us both is TRAVEL.

From the vast array of amusing trips that I have ever had, the one that I enjoyed the most was the trip to Iceland. Right from the first stage of having it on our dream bucket list to the last stage of cherishing its memories.

This trip has connected us both in terms of better understanding each other and in terms of giving the other a priority over oneself.

Ridima and Parit_Florence

At each level of planning and organizing, we felt more bonded, as we had our own set of the planned itinerary but we preferred to respect the other’s choices, making it imperative to have a good time together.

Over the months, we have also learned to divide the travel chores between ourselves. Firstly, it does not fall like a burden where just one person is managing everything and secondly, it feels like a celebration where both involve making it the finest trip ever.

During travel also, we make sure to keep the other at ease. For example, if one finds the restaurant, the other would just follow the directions, if one is tired the other would happily skip the plan for a pub crawl, so and so forth.

Travel has made us wiser, has brought us closer and we feel more affectionate towards each other. Having a perfect companion for life is one thing, having a perfect companion for travel is a blessing.

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Constance & Jimmy from The Adventures of Panda Bear


One of the reasons we love traveling together as a couple is we have a built-in buddy for everything! This is huge, especially for dining out! We love trying out different cuisines at the local restaurants and traveling together gives us a chance to sample as many dishes as we can while saving on stomach space.

Sharing travel experiences together is also a major plus and we always have someone to sit next to on a plane or train!


The major disadvantage of traveling together is making sure you have time to do everything. Compromise is vital and you may need to do things you don’t typically enjoy.

Jimmy enjoys taking in the sights while Constance prefers to document them so that we can remember them forever; communicating with each other on your expectations for activities and experiences is important.

The more we travel as a couple, the better the experience of traveling together and we can no longer imagine traveling without one another. During our first few trips, we were still getting to know each other’s quirks and traveling style.

Fast forward three years and several big trips later, we have gotten to know each other’s routines and preferences making our travel experience more seamless. There will always be a few bumps here and there, but with time it’s become natural.


Our favorite place to travel together was Iceland. The country provided us with a sense of intimacy and seclusion, a welcome breath of fresh air versus compared to a large city.

The long drives around the country and random hikes to hidden waterfalls were amazing. It was just the two of us exploring the vast landscapes and seeing beautiful sights. That was one of the best experiences in the world.

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Mei and Kerstin from Travel with MK (Mei & Kerstin)

ake Annecy Mei and Kerstin

Some people consider traveling with your partner as a challenging experience. But for us, it’s actually the best thing ever, and we’ve decided a long time ago to never travel without each other (unless it cannot be avoided): that is to say how much we love to travel as a couple!

In fact, we must admit that we consider ourselves very lucky to be high school sweethearts, and that travel is what bonded us over 16 years ago! 

Paris Mei and Kerstin

Together since 2002, we have developed an understanding of each other that allows us to communicate sometimes without words.

Just by looking at each other, we usually know what the partner needs or wants.

We’ve been to many places in the world that we consider as perfect for couples, but must admit that France has always been our favorite country to go to for romantic getaways.

May it be strolling on iron bridges spanning over canals in Annecy, visiting splendid architectural works in Strasbourg, or feasting on French gastronomy in Paris, whatever we’ve experienced during our trips in France has always ignited our passion.

And thus we consider France to be the top destination for couple travelers.

Couple’s Top Destination

Annecy Mei and Kerstin

Wherever you go to in France, there are plenty of cultural aspects that favor couples reuniting.

For instance, most hotel rooms only have one double bed. If friends or kids tag along, they’ll have to get their own room, which definitely helps to favor romance.

And compared to other countries, most restaurant tables in France are tiny and usually meant for two persons facing each other.

We know folks who are not used to eat on a “French-sized” table, and may find the intimacy unsettling, but truth be told, these tables are actually perfect for romantic candlelit dinners.

 It’s where you lean closer and communicate by whispers. It’s where you smell your partner’s perfume, or watch the dimples as they appear and disappear. A perfect love bubble!

France is also The country of wine tasting and historic châteaux, where couples can spend an idyllic night like royalties.

Road trips through the French wine regions often led us to charming old towns, such as Saint Emilion in Aquitaine, Riquewihr in Alsace or Chablis in Burgundy, where we love to roam through narrow, cobbled streets, past colorful medieval houses in the historic neighborhoods of French villages.

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Beautiful Romantic Love Stories

beautiful romantic love stories

I would like to thank again our lovely couples for letting us discover and learn more about traveling experiences. Thank you for sharing with us your tips and guides and as well as you precious moments including your beautiful romantic love stories whilst traveling. 

You have touched all the traveler couples out there, you surely did inspire them! Continue to be an inspiration to others! 

Would you like to be an inspiration to other couple travelers? You can!

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