Couple Travel Stories, Experiences, and Recommendations

Another month to share some Couple Travel Stories. Traveling as a couple is neither simple nor uncomplicated. Traveling solo is already a hunchback of every individual what more of two individuals who have a different perception, attitude, and point of view. It may be very convoluted.

However, with the presence of love to each other the whole experience would turn into one of the most wonderful moments for them. Sometimes there will perhaps be some misunderstanding that can cause extreme arguments but in the end, love prevails.

Couple Travel stories

Today, we’ll welcome some of the couple of travelers from around the world sharing their couple travel stories and experiences with us. Let us hear their travels, recommendations, including tips and things to do on their favorite travel destination.

Let’s welcome our five Couple Travelers and their Couple Travel Stories!

Jesse and Lauren of Wandering Stus

Wanderingstus photos

Hi Everyone! We’re Jesse and Lauren Stuart. We quit our corporate jobs in 2016, placed our Missouri lives on hold and sold some stuff (a lot of stuff) in order to fulfill a dream. We’ve backpacked across, over and through it all.

We’re here to bring you to travel tips, advice and just your every day how to’s to help you plan your biggest or smallest adventures. Our goal is to show you how to travel and hopefully inspire you to go to those faraway places you’ve been dreaming of.

Favorite Destination:
Nepal. It’s inviting, chaotic and honestly unforgettable. All of these combined are just a few reasons why Nepal is our favorite destination. We landed in Nepal with our heart set on doing the infamous Annapurna Circuit Trek. A trek that takes, on average, 18-25 days to complete.

Now, we’ve never hiked at high altitudes before or for weeks on end at that. So, to say this was going to be a big adventure for us….well, let’s just say big is an understatement. As big of an adventure this trek was going to be, we were both excited and ready to get going!

wanderingstus hiking

Throughout the hike, we were challenged with steep inclines and long hiking days, but the views, oh the views, we’re so beyond worth it! We are firm believers that everyone, at least once in their life, should see the majestic mountain range that is the Himalaya’s. What are you waiting for? She’s waiting for you!

The advantage of Traveling Together:

You get to experience such beauty and unique cultural experiences with each other. You have your best friend right by your side and unknowingly, you are making beautiful memories that will last you both a lifetime.

Travel has had such a huge impact on both of our lives and we are so happy we have been able to share some of life’s major moments with each other. There is no one we’d rather roam to faraway places with.

Disadvantages of Traveling Together:

As much as we love spending time together, traveling just you two is a lot of “quality time.” Ha, don’t get us wrong, we love each other and so enjoy each other’s company but every once and while we need our own space and “me” time.

You know, a few hours where it’s just you going and doing what you want to do? It’s only healthy to make time for yourself and our travels have definitely taught us that.

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Sophia of To Eat, Drink and Be Married 


Traveling as a couple has always been amazing for us! We have not found any problems or disadvantages with it. We love being able to pack up and go (especially when it was just us two), and we always try to make sure we are going to a new place.

Traveling together is so much more fun and convenient than traveling alone. It is so great to have the company on long flights and when you are traipsing the world!

Sophia Couple Travel

Favorite Destination:
Our favorite trip was probably our honeymoon! We stayed four days in Rome and five days in Paris. It was romantic, exciting, and so fun. We can’t wait to go back! Within the United States, our favorite location was either Boston or Philadelphia. We had so much fun exploring all the small shops and restaurants in both locations.

We have made some incredible memories traveling together. One of our favorites was finding out that I was pregnant in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will forever hold dear the memories of being in Cincinnati, Ohio and celebrating our little one on the way! Everywhere we go, we make sure to take lots of photos to always remember our travels together.

Couple Goal:

As a couple, our goal is to visit every state in the United States. So far, we have visited 24 (25th coming before the end of the year!). Every location holds a special memory. We believe our travels are going to be some of our most prized memories for the rest of our lives and can’t wait to keep seeing more of the world.

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Kiyoko of Footsteps of a Dreamer

Footsteps of a Dreamer

I lucked out in that my boyfriend is pretty laid back when it comes to traveling. When we pick a destination, he usually only has one or two things he wants to do there, and leaves the rest up to me (which is great because my list is usually pretty long).

On the other hand, he gets way more excited about food than I do, so he’s usually in charge of deciding on the restaurants and nightlife. Booking flights and accommodations we’ll usually do together. It works for us.


The only times we ever might run into conflict is when trying to pick a budget for our trips. He’s much more of a budget traveler, and while I’m no luxury traveler, I certainly don’t mind spending a little more for an activity I’m interested in. Still, we always manage to work through it and figure things out.

My favorite trip together is probably when we went to New York City for New Year’s Eve. It was our first trip together, and just after the ball drop, he said “I love you” for the first time. I think it will be pretty hard for us to top that one.

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Aditi and Amit (AdMit) of Lyf&Spice

aditi and amit

Our top destination as a couple: Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
These gorgeous ‘jewels of the ocean’ as we like to call them, have served as our annual scuba diving getaway. In fact, they were just an hour away from where we stayed in Malaysia.

For 3 years, we would escape from the grind into the island’s sparkling waters and admire different phases of the underwater life during our diving trips. They were more to us than mere beaches and the bay.

First off, they formed our first beach halt. Secondly, we got to experience beautiful events like deep-sea diving, snorkeling, kayaking and turtle hatchery activities all within the bounds of a private bay.

We would just lie there, in the hammock, and stare at the endless sea and picturesque views. We’ve had quiet beach walks as the sun set.. Sigh! So many memories.. and so beautiful!

The white sand made it even better. This is where I first stepped more than ankle-deep into the water and finally took the plunge only to emerge as a scuba diver.. and beyond.. as an open water diver along with Amit, the adventurous half.


Reasons to visit:
– Crystal clear waters and fine white sand
– The best of both worlds: island + good connectivity with the mainland
– 2 islands to choose from: the quiet and secluded Besar island and the party-focused Kecil island
– The best parties during the peak season
– Unimaginable underwater life
– Limited Wi-Fi and poor connectivity
– Difficulty to cope with routine life post travel

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Hayley and Donna of NoSightseeing

Donna & hayley

The phrase Route 62 doesn’t immediately conjure up a vision of romance. But take your beloved and spend a week or two traversing this road and you’ll soon change your mind. That’s because Route 62 is South Africa’s wine route – one of the best and longest in the world.

With endless vineyards, nature reserves, picture postcard towns, the route has it all.

Hire a car from Cape Town and drive just 40 minutes to reach your first destination – the town of Stellenbosch, with its oak-shaded streets, Cape Dutch architecture, boutiques, cafes, art galleries and delicious weekend food markets.

Just down the road is the French colonial town of Franschhoek. Be careful, as here you might be tempted to treat your other half to a semi-precious stone from one of the towns exclusive jewelers. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far, pair wine tasting with Belgian chocolate or hand-made cheese at the Franschhoek Cellar.

Hayley nosightseeing

The hidden gem on this route is the town of Robertson, known locally as the Valley of Wine and Roses – how romantic! Not as frequently visited by foreign tourists due to the pull of the more well-known towns, Robertson is a haven of tranquillity. On the way, stop in Calitzdorp for lunch at Giovanni’s, where the grape vines are so close you can touch them from your table on the deck. Ask Giovanni for a shot of his home-made Amaretto – it’s divine.

When in Robertson, stay at Rickety Bridge and spend at least a day exploring the nearby wine farms. What could be more romantic than cruising along the Breede river with a picnic from Viljoensdrift? Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, fill your bellies with butterflies on a tandem skydive at Robertson’s Airfield.

The only bone of contention might be whose turn it is to drive.

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Couple Travel Stories

couple travel

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