Black Butler, Persona Five, and Fate Grand Order by NYM – Indonesia

Welcome back guys, it’s been a while since I last published my Cosplay interview. Our cosplayer today will be showing some of her striking works of Black Butler, Saber, Fate Grand Order, Persona 5 and many more.

Before we reveal her true identity, let me thank her first for giving me this great opportunity to share with you guys her cosplay works and story of her adventure of becoming a cosplayer she is now.

Thank you again NYM for sharing us your story! More success to you and to your team.

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Get to know – NYM

Black Butler by Johanes

Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler, Abigail Williams, & Futaba Sakura Persona 5 photos by Johanesbp

My name is Rina, or you can call me NYM as my cosplay page name. I’m a half Chinese, born and raised in Indonesia. I’ve been active and attending cosplay events in Indonesia since 2008, both annual and smaller conventions.

I’ve been a fan of Japanese culture since childhood, it isn’t always just about anime, and manga until I’ve taken notice of Japanese themed events being held occasionally in my country.

There I see for the first time, people who called themselves a cosplayer. A few years later, my friend who was a cosplayer at that time asked me if I would like to join to cosplayer with her together for the first time.

I said ‘sure, why not’ and participated in a competition for the group cosplay category.

Convention and Experiences

Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive3

Ciel Phantomhive of Black Butler photo by Johanesbp

I already forgot the name of the first convention. I attend as a cosplayer, but it was indeed a memorable one because that was also my first time joining a real cosplay competition and performing a short cosplay skit with 2 of my friends. We didn’t win, but that experience makes me wants to perform again and do it better.

As I keep cosplaying, I got the experience of winning a competition as far as winning the 1st place. It was fun, not the winning part, but the thrill of preparing the cosplay from buying fabrics to choosing background music for the skit.

I don’t do cosplay outside of my city back in the days due to my limitation as a student. But counting to this day, the farthest convention I’ve ever attended were Anime Festival Asia in Singapore (2016 and 2017) and Frankfurter Buchmesse in Germany (2017). 

Costumes/Gears/Props/Armor Making

Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive of Black Butler photos by Johanesbp

I’ve lost count as I don’t always make my costume myself. I got a lot of help from friends and other people, especially for the armor/weapon parts.

But if I had to mention my latest creation, it was my Saber Artoria dress from the Fate series, also some Blend S’s maid uniform which was worn for a Cosplay Cafe.

Stocking by NophNov Photography

(self-made costume) Stocking from ‘Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt’, photo by NophNov Photography

Favorite Cosplayer(s)

Abigail Williams photo by JohanesBP1

Abigail Williams of Fate Grand Order photos by Johanesbp

My cosplay role model is Reika, due to her awesome cosmaking skill and everything. She’s also one of my first inspiration to do crossdress/crossplaying.

Maybe it’s weird to say, but I also look up to my cosplay partner Namika Horigome, mainly because despite her being younger than me, her passion for cosplay is remarkable.

Unforgettable Experience

Abigail Williams photo by Johanes BP

Abigail Williams of Fate Grand Order photos by Johanesbp

Probably, one of my unforgettable experiences was when I work at a booth in Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia. I got a surprise birthday party with a cake, and candle blowing, it was a blast.

My worst experience, when I once lost my phone during a convention. Apparently, some conventions in Indonesia didn’t have enough security measures and many pickpockets roaming around.

As I’m not paying attention to my bag because I was cosplaying, my newly bought phone got stolen. Since then, I rarely carry any bag with me while cosplaying and left them somewhere safe.

Definition of “Cosplayer”

Futaba Sakura

Futaba Sakura of Persona 5 photo by Johanesbp

In my opinion, cosplaying builds up many skills, which I never thought I’d be willing to learn before. Other than crafting small accessories and costume making, makeup plays a very important role in cosplaying.

Being quite a tomboy myself, I used to hate makeup, but because I love cosplay so much I force myself to learn about makeup and slowly accepting it as something I would enjoy.

Greatest Achievement

Futaba Sakura by johanes

Futaba Sakura of Persona 5 photos by Johanesbp

My achievement in cosplay competition was long past, I don’t think they’re relevant to be mentioned anymore. If I had to mention my recent experience which I feel great about, it’s when I got chosen as the cast of Rendezvous of Swords (2017), I was in mad love with Touken Ranbu that year.

Hotarumaru by Rendezvous of Swords

Hotarumaru by Rendezvous of Swords

I’m also a cast in other Cosplay Cafes such as IDOLiSH7 Kitchen (2018) and Blend S’s Stile Fan Cafe (2018).

Piece of Advice

Saber Artoria by Johanes

Saber Artoria Fate/Grand Order photos by Johanesbp

The Internet is your best friend if you need to look up stuff to learn. If you enjoy cosplay, please do whatever makes you happy, enjoy the process, there’s no right and wrong in doing what you enjoy as a hobby.

Cosplayer’s Message

Master Artoria FATE photo by

Master Artoria – Saber (Fate/stay night) photo by Johanesbp

Thank you to Lexie for this opportunity to share my stories. For everyone who made my cosplay journey a joyous one, and to everyone who’s reading this. I enjoy cosplay and any aspect of it, I’m not perfect and will never be.

I’m currently on a short break from cosplay activity. Hopefully, you can see me again at Indonesia conventions in around 4 more months.

photo by NyM

To know more about my projects. I am currently only active on my personal Facebook Page – NYM, and Instagram @nym_nononym.

If you would like to follow my personal Facebook, by any means, you are welcomed to PM me through my page first.

Black Butler, Persona Five, and Fate Grand Order by NYM

NYM - Indonesia

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