Are you a Chronicle Lover? Berlin Awaits You

Berlin, The Capital of Germany in the northeastern part, Its worldly known for its beloved country’s emblematic history which until now has its traces that could be found in the City.

It’s the largest among all the cities of Germany it’s also covered with many parks, forests, gardens, rivers, and lakes. It also has a temperate climate like Lugano, a bit glacial in winter and warm in summer

Berlin, Germany


About the People

This City as a lot of variety of foreign residents although German is the official language.

Apparently, locals can speak different languages, since they have foreigners migrated in here such as Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Polish and English of course and a many more.

Germany the country itself is full of history not just from medieval ages but up to 19thย  century.

The famous happenings after World War II, Cold War, Berlin Wall and the well-known person all over the world Adolf Hitler.

The Tools


It’s a 3 days plan in Berlin and I have prepared this two significant and helpful maps to guide us in our brief tour.

“Le guide du routard” and “Cartoville Berlin” both in the French version, you can also find your own map guide as I always say everyone has their own preference.

Again I do not follow all the guides that are indicated in these books I only choose what I prefer or I can do considering the time and of course the fee

The Roadtrip

The distance from Brussels to Berlin is quite long around 8 hours it’s almost the same as Lugano and Geneva by car.

3-4 stops on the road include coffee break, breakfast in-car (with homemade food), gassing up, and necessary rest from the severe fatigue of driving.

We took a hotel from IHGย as usual with buffet breakfast, wi-fi included while parking is excluded.

It’s a walking distance to Potsdamer Platz which is likely the city center.

After hours of driving we finally arrived at Berlin, the first thing that I noticed was there were a lot of “travaux” roads in construction. there were roads that are closed and deviated that makes us 9 hours of travel in total.

The Ruins



When we arrived at the hotel first thing comes to my mind is to search the nearest grocery store and buy some stock of food for the rest of the days that we’ll gonna stay.

Asking from the receptionist about the weather, the nearest subway stations, and restaurants, and a City Map.

The hotel is actually situated where there were restaurants in the vicinity and a grocery store which closes at 9:30 in the evening,

It’s the first time in the history of my life that I have seen these hours of opening and closing from grocery stores in Europe.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz 2

Potsdamer Platz 3

Walking around until city center, It was not so crowded not like other cities. large space for people to walk, and really nice view.

I have seen the cloud formation and the color of the sky that time it was fascinating, after a quick walk.

Mall of Berlin was the next to visit and at the same time, we need to eat also kinda late lunch. after that, a bit of window shopping then walks around the are

Pavillon Der Einheit

Pavillon Der Einheit

Pavillon Der Einheit 2

Pavillon Der Einheit 2

No, I’m not in Korea I’m still in Berlin amaze by this structure house build in the middle of the wall of Berlin.

Sadly on the part, the wall is already gone you can see only this few pieces of the wall including this here in the picture.

Its called “Pavillion of Unity” found near Potsdamer Platz.

Wall Watchtower of Berlin

Wall Watchtower

The last kind of tower that preserved in Berlin situated near Potsdamer Platz from the border of Erna-Burger-Strasse. you can definitely access inside and go on the top to have a panorama view of the city.

open 11:00 am to 3:00 pm entrance fee of 3,50 euros/person

Personally, I didn’t wanna go up cause it seems not to hight for my taste.

I prefer higher than this tower and plus Berlin offers a lot of Panorama View and I’m looking forward to it.

Spy Museum

spy museums

spy museums

Next stop for Day 2 is The Spy Museum, 5 minutes walk from the Wall WatchTower.

The experience was really great at the entrance of the Museum a high technology portal passage like a color changing stairs, various kinds of gadgets displayed and a lot more treasures for spy collectors.

Berlin, believed to be the Capital of Spies, for more than 1,000 pieces of exhibits exposed in the museum.

You will learn when and where it all started, very interesting to know this kind of stuff.

This will surely awaken your imagination and probably to be more vigilant on how simple objects could be used as a weapon.

Some of the Collections

spy collection

spy collection 2

Unfortunately for you, I won’t show that much of photos this is really a must to go Museum.

If you love history, Spies history, from Sci-Fi and Spy Movies to Agents and Fakers, Secret Weapons, Coders, and Gadgets these are unbelievable creations,

However, the entrance fee cost a bit higher than expected its 18 euros/person and the Museum is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Science Center, Berlin

science building

science building

The Ottobock Science Center in Berlin featuring its eye-catching modern faรงade also known as “Muscle House”.

It actually offers viewers to learn more about their own body in an interactive and playful manner.

There are mostly concentrated on inventing new gadgets to help those handicapped persons. Here you can test the wheelchairs, bicycles, and other stuff that are innovatively created for handicaps.

They are open every day and the entrance is free of charge so you can freely enter in and discover their wonderful exhibits.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial 2

Also known as Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, I presume that It’s particularly clear the name of the place itself explains everything, at Cora-Berliner-Strasse.

Before the Second World War began the City of Berlin has one of the largest population of Jewish inhabitants.

This memorial place has vividly caught attention from the media, resulting in some speculations about the victims details and etc.

The Entrance is found on the other side of this place from where we were.

We walked around having no idea what’s inside of this blocks, trying to find the logic of how come they made this form.

Honestly when you see the list of places that you must visit in the area you literally ignore to read the information you just follow what the book says and be discovered it for yourself, after a few moment we decided to do a tour in the inside

Inside the Holocaust Memorial

jewish museum

jewish museum 1

jewish museum 2

The moment I entered the place I felt something, I felt a lot of chills this place is so touching. there are different stories of life mostly struggles.

I can’t imagine how they have lived their lives, hearing their story makes me feel helpless. if I was in their shoes that period.

I felt sympathy and hate at the same time how come the authorities let this happened how did the world turn out to be hell for this innocent people. Moving on, I don’t want to specify more to go into details.

let’s just leave it that way its the past and we’re happy that at least some people survived. I have learned a lot from this tour, I would never forget this one.

To visit the Holocaust Memorial is free open from 10:00 am to 8:00 in the evening.

You will receive an audio guide for this tour (for free) you can make a tour for about an hour or more but surely bring some tissues with you cause you’ll be moved and might shed tears unintentionally.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

One of the best-known landmarks of Germany is the Brandenburg Gate.

Located west of Pariser Platzone it’s an emblematic symbol of its major historical events and also a symbol of Unity and Peace.

In 1945 after world war II Berlin has lost almost all of its infrastructures, buildings, and apartments and the city were then divided into four sectors administered namely USA, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

Due to the unification of Soviet zone and East Berlin, KPD and SPD to form a Socialist Unity Party.

Severe conflict risen between Allies and Local party organizations and Berlin Wall built to divide the city into two East and West Berlin.


Access to West Berlin through the Soviet Occupied Zone was difficult. travel is only permitted on transit routesย until the war has ended Berlin Wall demolished in 1989 and reunification in 1990.

I recommend you to read the whole history of Germany.

Especially the period of Cold War where Germany divided, the Berlin Wall created and how Berliners went through this situation.

It will help you understand more the story of what I’m saying about the victims and the people’s wound.

Bear of Berlin

As you visit the City, Statues of Bears are all over from key chains to stuff toys to souvenirs mugs, postcards to t-shirts you’ll find it everywhere.

The figure of Bear use as a charge in the “Coat of Arms of Berlin” shows a black bear on a white shield and on top of the shield is a special crown “people’s crown” the state logo.

Sometimes interior and sports logo which features the arms shield, without the crown and its used in Germany to denote republic. The bear’s popularity begun in the 17th century is now called as Berlin’s Mascot.




Means “Little Traffic Light Men” this is Germany’s symbol of pedestrian Signals, you will notice it usually when crossing roads in the traffic lights instead of a normal human figure like its gonna be like this as you see in the picture.

This symbol is very popular in Berlin when the time where the City divided into two since then they have already different symbols a figure “woman” in red color in the west and the green color “male” wearing hat in the east.

There was a time that this image was prohibited to be on the streets. but East Germans made a successful nostalgia movement which made the Ampelmannchen return to pedestrian crossing from then on it has become a Virtual Mascot.

We passed by on this Ampelmannchen shop where all various types of pedestrian symbols around the world are shown, and souvenirs.

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)

berliner dome

berliner dome

Located in the northern area of the Spree Island is the Berlin Cathedral short-term for Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church.

from the name itself it has never been a cathedral since it has never the seat of a bishop however it’s definitely a crowd puller.

I haven’t personally entered the Cathedral since we arrived there a bit late but I have gathered some info on the 90-minute tour if you’re interested.

It offers to see the ministry church and it impressive cupola, different chapels, the imperial staircase, Hohenzollern crypt (100 coffins) and its Museum and an access to the top of the dome.

Entrance fee is 7 euros/person opening and closing hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm from October 1st to March 31st closing time is 7:00 pm. Admission is 1 hour before the closing time.

Altes Museum (Old Museum)

Altes Museum (Old Museum)

Altes Museum (Old Museum)

Can be found just a few minutes walk from Berlin Cathedral is the Altes Museum, is the oldest museum in Berlin.

known for it Classical Antiquity collection, It has several exhibitions from vases, sculptures, crafts objects, jewelry, and its main highlights are the statue of Berlin Goddess, The Praying Boy, Amphora of Berlin Painter Throned Goddess from Taranto.

Its main floor provides a panorama view of ancient Greece from 10th to 1st Century BCE.

Also has the coin collection from Roman Empire crisis years in the 3rd late century about 1300 exposed.

There are a lot more to look forward to however for me I have already seen this kind of exhibits, from several Museums that I went in Athens, Rome, and Paris I would rather skip this one and give way for other interesting spots to explore.

The Museum is closed on Mondays, its open from Tuesdays to Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm entrance fees is 10 euros per person.

Roads on work

roads at work

As walking through this filled with “in construction” roads I have seen a corner where a woman was exposing some paintings, they were really attractive and ended up buying one of it.

As she was explaining about the purpose of her selling them for a school project of from an Art University.

She said that those 15 paintings made by the different artist including her.

There was one that really caught my eye, it was with lamp figure ballerina like with a sheer of vivid colors.

Astonishingly the one that I chose was her creation and she was very happy and pleased and even sign the painting on the back of it.

We continue to walk around and look for a spot to go next, not that far from where we are. Well, this is all for now but I still have a lot to show you and don’t forget to check out the next part of my journey in Berlin

Follow my next adventure in Berlin

Are you a Chronicle Lover? Berlin Awaits You

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