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7 hours and 40 minutes road trip to Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the second largest populous city next to Zürich, the pride of Geneva is its famous Lake, Reformation Wall and Jet d’eau, what really make it special to visit is that it has a wonderful panorama view of the Lake and the shadows of the mountain Mont Blanc makes it more magical. Geneva has more than 60,000 residents 37.4% are Catholic, 23.20% belongs to agnostic or atheist, and the rest belongs to Swiss Reformed Church, Muslim, Orthodox, Buddhist, and Jewish. Languages in Geneva are French, Romansh, Italian and German however french is widely spoken by the locals or Genevan or...


Adventure in Lugano, Switzerland

Lake Lugano Switzerland Suisse in french is an independent country in Europe known for its richness, high cost of living and for its incredible landscapes and climates. It has more than 1,500 lakes, it has several of the largest bodies of fresh water in central and western europe including the largest Lake Geneva. In terms of climate it has two distinguish whether, from Alps mountaintop is mostly glacial conditions which lead to often suffers no sun appearance for weeks like most of the european countries do. On the other hand southern part receives the mediterranean climate, with palm trees, sunny...