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rome challenge 2

20€ in Rome challenge! Day 2

The weather in Rome was gradually turning into a sunny ambiance we had our breakfast early in the morning. As expected a plate with Italian bread and croissant with some cheese, butter, ham, bacon and extra add ups like honey, sugar,...

Rome Italy

20€ in Rome Challenge! Day 1

Rome has a lot of museums, landmarks, monuments, we are talking about Colosseum, Faro Romano, Altar of the Fatherland. Those are some places that has entrance fees so it’s a matter of way to find a good spot to visit freely....

Milan, an almost Perfect City Trip

Welcome to the city Milan, among the cities of Italy. Milan is one of the underrated city is not popular as Rome, vacation spree as Capri nor lovers place like Venice. it has the most prestigious collection of Museums and landmarks. especially...

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