Family Dinner at Casa Velyn, Filipino Restaurant

As a promise to my beloved readers, I will post a short review of the restaurant that my whole family and I went for a family dinner in an authentic Zamboangueno, Filipino Restaurant called Casa Velyn in Zamboanga City.

Following the Filipino traditions, dining out with the family is essential. Not to tell you Filipinos eat a lot, we always have this abundant food at home even though we don’t celebrate any occasions at all.

Food is a huge part of our culture, you will surely see tons of Filipino restaurants in every region that you’ll visit. How will I describe Filipino Food? well, it has this exotic taste and a mixture of Oriental, European, & American influence.

Normal Filipino people eat 3 big meals per day and several snacks or what we call “merienda” between meals. All of them is accompanied by rice and one dish of viands or more.

Casa Velyn 

filipino restaurant

Casa Velyn is a Filipino Restaurant in Zamboanga City, Philippines. It is Family run establishment offering regional Filipino Cuisine and Spanish Inspired Dishes.

The interesting part about this restaurant? is the unique style of its menu’s presentation and the fact that the restaurant’s place was a house before turned into a vintage restaurant.

casa velyn pinoy restaurant

They launched the opening of the restaurant in 2016 and a massive popularity came since then. Furthermore, the place gives their clients an impeccable “at home” feeling. It’s a two-story house so it can absolutely accommodate a big number of clients.

For us, this is not just an ordinary dining out with the whole family. Since I don’t eventually visit my homeland as often, we tend to make our day special as we could and eat out in the best restaurants that we know.

welcome to casa

The first time I came here was April 2017, how was my experience? I’ll definitely let you know all the details as I could. However, this time would be more elaborated surely because it’s my second time around.

We planned to have a family lunch on the second to the last day of my stay in the city. It’s my hubby’s first time to visit here, let’s hope everything went well for him too.

Interior & Exterior Decoration

filipino restaurant

Casa Velyn’s interior is so much of like a Spanish style, for those who didn’t know the Philippines was colonized by Spain for three hundred years.

The Spaniards brought us not just their own cuisine but as well as tons of traditions, influences, and of course these superb designs and decorations.

The designs are evidently a product of Spanish period, even tables are as well have this sparkle Spanish touch.



Inside you will see various types of photos from Filipino traditions, paintings and the city’s photos in Spanish era.

Looking back at that period where the city was completely changed. Those buildings and streets resemble of those I’ve seen in Barcelona.

I would like to turn back time and visualized how was it in the Spanish period, my parents were surely going to school for their Spanish class and people by then were probably speaking Spanish.

Casa to eat

One of the satisfying feelings is knowing about your city’s history. Though way back in my highschool days I had an average grade in History & Geography Class.

This is another chapter for the new generation to cherish, an enriching knowledge of getting to know about the happenings of the past.


Restaurant’s Ambiance 

ambiance of the restaurant

Once you enter this place you’ll feel unique serene atmosphere, as I’ve mentioned that “feeling at home”.

The employees are amicable and helpful, you can ask any queries related to their dishes especially about specific ingredients, duration of the servings, and etc.


Don’t forget to greet the staff when you enter the place, it’s advisable to be polite. Well, in other cities we don’t really great whenever we enter in restaurants or store but here we are in Asia’s Latin City and we love to great each other.

Choose your Table

filipino tables

As a traditional Filipino restaurant, all clients can choose their tables. As far as those expensive dine in restaurants that lets you wait the moment you enter the place and the “serveur” or waiter will tell you where to sit.

You can move your chairs or even the tables if you wish, considering that you’ll ask permission of course.

For Filipinos usually table knives are not used that’s why I’m always terrible when it comes to “dresser la table” preparing the table.

filipino traits

Don’t be surprised when you see only a fork and a spoon, many Filipinos eat with a fork in the left hand and a spoon in their right hand and push food onto the back of the spoon with the fork.

It’s strange but that’s the Filipino way!

The Menu 

the menu

Honestly, this Filipino restaurant is one of the most engaging and alluring menu presentations. Do you want to know why? The menu description is actually written in “Zamboangueno” semi-Spanish dialect.

Even the slightest detail is written in our dialect. You would perhaps think that it is in Spanish, Yes! it is but there are some words that are purely in Zamboangueno.

Spanish Menu

Reading the menu would absolutely astound you if you’re from another city like Manila you would understand what’s on the menu. (In terms of wordings) since it’s a mix of Filipino and Spanish words.

Of course, there’s Adobo, Rebosado, Kinilaw, Sinigang, and many more that are merely Filipino words but there are these Pollo, Vaca, Aroz, Agua and other Spanish words that will jolt you.

But don’t you worry, all the dishes have an English explanation. You can ask the waiter if you aren’t sure of what you will order.

The Food


This Filipino restaurant serves of course traditional Filipino cuisine, among them are Bistek Tagalog, Pancit Palabok, Chopseuy, Buko Pandan, Macaroni Salad, Pancit Bihon & Sotanghon and a lot more. 

They have a wide range of choices, from appetizer entrée, main dish, and desserts. Usually, Filipinos don’t eat the same manner as Europeans who eat one serving at a time.

We usually let all the food served on the table especially rice and the viands and desserts will be served last.

family in casa

As I’ve mentioned Casa Velyn serves Spanish inspired dishes too. One of them is Paella which is very known in Spain. They also serve Gambas Espana & Gambas a la Plancha.

Generally, when the whole family goes out to dine in it will surely be an epic. I mean epic when it comes to how many dishes we will order, for the record a family of 8 can finish 12 sorts of dishes (dessert not included)

We can inevitably say Filipinos are great consumers when it comes to food!

The taste of the food here in this Filipino restaurant? Excellent! I love the Filipino style cuisine though I know not all foreigners appreciate our style of cooking. I could still say that Casa Velyn is one of those exceptional homemade taste. It’s terrific!



One of Casa Velyn’s popular dessert is this “Ice Buko Pandan” or Buko Pandan Ice cream. “Buko” stands for coconut in Filipino while “Pandan” is the Pandan leaves used in a lot of Asian dishes to add a fresh aromatic taste.

One of our favorites is Halo-Halo, apart from Chowking which I personally prefer in terms of desserts, this Filipino restaurant serves a mouth-watering Halo-Halo as well.

If you come here for the first time? Don’t forget to order their special Halo-Halo and let it be served after your meal. It’s a perfect complimentary pinch to end your meal.

Casa Velyn, Filipino Restaurant

Casa Velyn

What a pleasant experience to dine here in Casa Velyn. I assure you’ll be satisfied!

My verdict? I would give it a 9.5/10 overall (Price and Quality of Service)

Prices of their food are cheaper than you think, a dish cost from 100 pesos and above. That’s more like 2 Euros per dish! That’s indeed cheap, right? Sometimes they also offer 50% off and other different promotions on occasions and Holiday season.


The Restaurant is open from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm. 

Telephone number: +63 62 957 4215

Address: 423 Pasonanca Rd. Barangay Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City

For more information visit Casa Velyn’s Facebook Page. 

Family Dinner at Casa Velyn,

Family Dinner at Casa Velyn, (1)

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