MadeinAsia Brussels Exposition 2017

Friday, 3rd day of March was the opening of one of the Majestic and well-known Asia’s Brussels Exposition in Belgium it’s my 4th time to attend this kind of event, last 2015

March 3,4 and 5 2017 MadeInAsia Brussels Exposition

conventionsI even wrote a blog and shared my pics of this event Brussels Exposition and now here. I decided again to not merely share my pics but also share my passion for this people “cosplayers” whether professionals or not who actually put a lot of effort to come up with their own themes and costumes.

What is Made in Asia all about

tenshinFrom the word itself, it doesn’t solely means all that is expose and presented are all Made in Asia. It’s actually a kind of showing Asian ways, culture and a bit of everything, especially on the animé and manga side.

deadpoolThis is open to all ages event from adults to children. This Brussels Exposition convention is pretty big that it can even accommodate thousands of people a day.
People invited to come with there normal casual wear or with their favorite animé cosplay wear. The fun side is it doesn’t necessarily need to be anime you may even wear Marvel’s, online games, Nintendo or Disney costumes.

Inside the Brussels Exposition venue, you will see a lot of stores who display their products which are definitely for sale:

  • Asian food,
  • Anime posters,
  • Books, manga
  • Figurines,
  • Glasses,
  • Shirts,
  • Dresses,
  • Cosplay Costumes,
  • Stuff toys,
  • Souvenirs, even replica of samurai swords,
  • Statues, and a lot more.

There’s also a room where celebrity guess invited and you can queue for a one on one autograph plus a picture. There is a karaoke room, a big concert hall, a cosplay showroom, restaurants/food, and playroom where you can take part and play and many more.

What is Anime

anime girl

deadpool captain

For those who don’t know anything about Anime World. I’ll try to expand your imagination and let you understand what really is this. People might hear Anime often times but they don’t sincerely know what it is.
It’s simple means Animation with Japanese style implicated in it. It’s literally a Japanese style animated film or television entertainment. examples are

  • Ghost in the shell,                                Princess Mononoke,
  • Spirited Away,                                        Ariety,
  • My Neighbour Totoro,                        Pokémon,
  • Dragon Ball Z,                                        Fruits Basket,
  • Black Lagoon,                                        Ergo Proxy,
  • Angelic Layer,                                        Gundam Wing and a lot more.

What is Manga


Manga, however, is Japanese comic books and graphic novels, there are some manga series turned into anime series like

  • Berserk,                                    Akira,
  • GTO,                                          Fairy Tail,
  • Pluto,                                        City Hunter,
  • Bakuman,                               Tokyo Ghoul,
  • Conan,                                      Black Butler,
  • FullMetal Alchemist,           Monster,
  • One Piece,                               One Punch-Man,
  • Death Note,                             Yu-Gi-Oh,
  • Bleach,                                      Slamdunk,
  • Naruto,

Normally most of them started as a manga on comic books and later turned into animation series. They said that the writer of Yu-Gi-oh was inspired by Pokémon and Magic together that’s why he decided to write this manga.


geeksCosplay is short for Costume Play It’s dressing up and pretending to be a character from comic books, anime or manga.

It’s popular all over in Asia, they even make big events for world cosplayers competition. Some of this people made themselves as cosplayers as a job which is likely considered as a model or mannequin. It’s actually the trend all over the world today.



 The word that often comes to people mind when they hear this Anime, Manga, Cosplay etc is Geek. it considers being a person who loves to play video games, love to read comic books, manga series or even spending so much time on the Internet. So test yourself are you a geek? (smirk).

My Adventure in Brussels Exposition

ace one pieceOn that day while walking around the restaurant/food area of Brussels Exposition. I saw this guy queuing in an Ice cream shop I was curious and when he turned he looks familiar (his outfit) It was Ace Portgas the brother of my Luffy from One Piece cosplayer.

I gently ask him if I could take a picture of him and he posed like an Ace.

The Ghost PrincessOn the other side of the showroom where there were a lot of people cause it’s the “You Play” area, where everybody can take part to play on the spot.

I had this opportunity to meet a young woman doing a cosplay of Perona, “The Ghost Princess” while we are in the middle of the way. I didn’t care to ask her to pose. She turned out really pretty just like the real persona (contented)

Disney Cosplay

meleficentAt the concert hall that day despite the tight passage to walk I definitely have the time to look for my potential model (cosplayer) I’m eyeing on them as usual.

We found this woman with her grand costume Maleficent, she was excellent. I love how she pulls this off, regardless of your age she makes us believe that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being passionate.

You can do things as long as you like it. She may be older than those usual cosplayers around. But I absolutely like the way she poses on my camera, she is preciously adorable.

HiccupMoving on to this little hiccup from “How to train your Dragon” animated movie. In spite of this guys energy moving around it’s a dilemma when taking a pic and maybe the most tiring costumes I’ve ever seen.

Whoever he or she is, she got some hard work to do in there. With her whole body wrapped in this hiccup costume. This paws of her are her legs and arms, doing this place all the time is evidently tiring.

But still a huge clap for her for being effortless on this one.

Death Note

ryukThe most awaited animé cosplay for me is Ryuk of Death Note, I’m a fan of it Kira and L. I wanna see this two together in MIA really good cosplayers, looking forward to it.

Ryuk as you all know I have his pic way back 2015 MIA event, and after 2 years I see him again (lucky).

Online Games Cosplay

zeldaThe tricky thing about cosplayers non professional ones are sometimes when they dressed in their cosplayer attire with a not so known animé or manga character we cannot recognize them.

In regards with professional ones they are superb as always very ready and at point that’s why I adore them all.

warcraftI’m showing the rest of m pictures, It could not be perfect like those of real professional ones. But at least mine are quite raw and pure.

On Saturday 4th of March, the ambiance is largely changed. There were a lot of people as expected and we can’t barely move and walk. the area is overly full of people.


brussels exposition
Bonus photos for those who love One Piece

luffy one pieceA part of me doesn’t wanna share this pictures but I wanted to show how I love One Piece and even figurines ans statues that are for sale, I don’t miss to take pictures of them
luffy one piece 2

Brussels Exposition

Follow my next experience in the Brussels Exposition of MadeInAsia Happenings 2

MadeinAsia Brussels Exposition 2017

brussels expo

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21 Responses

  1. Looks like you had a blast. Would this be something you would be doing again?

  2. Shell says:

    This looks so fun! My family loves to cosplay— mostly Star Trek but Pokémon too 🙂

  3. Dia Darling says:

    I’ve never been but it seems amazing. I really enjoy most any kind of exposition or conference where people with common interests can celebrate them and have a good time.

  4. Shevoneese says:

    I’m a huge fan of Death Note as well. WOuld be interesting to see L and Light. This looks awesome. Ive always wanted to participate in Cosplay but sadly hasnt catch on in my country.

  5. It looks like you all have dun celebrating the things you love. You outfits are amazing !

  6. Elizabeth O says:

    It looks like you have a great time. Cosplay is now in for a teenagers. It’s a new activities, how they can imitate their idol cartoon characters from clothing, how to speak and makeup.

  7. Dieter says:

    looks like a fun exhibition where everything is around entertainment. i am not to much into asian comic and co, but nice photos

  8. i just loved your posts very interesting read ..

  9. Oh, I have missed that. Hope you have enjoyed a lot.

  10. Nice blog, nice pic nice write up. So amazing thanks for this.

  11. Thanks for letting us being aware of this

  12. Awesome post i found here. Thanks for that

  13. Hello,
    I am the girl who did the Perona cosplay, I know that I am late to read this 😀
    I want to say thank you, it’s cool to see me on a press article. It makes my parents proud of me for the work that I need to make this cosplay.
    Thanks a lot (sorry if I made some english mistakes)
    Bye 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Hi, Natacha, I’m glad to hear that you found this article, it’s a bit old but it’s always present on my blog. It stays as a great experience. You have really work hard and your cosplay work is amazing! contiinue your path I’m one of your supporters 🙂 See you on next convention.

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