Brussels Comic Con 2018 Terrific Experience

Brussels Comic Con 2018 held on 10th to 11th February at Tour & Taxis, Brussels. It’s one of the greatest events not just for Geeks and Comics Marvel lovers but as well as for those who are a fan of Cosplay and Hollywood Celebrities.

Brussels Comic Con 2018

Brussels Comic Con 2018

Yes! Hollywood Stars, Brussels Comic Con 2018 has offered a terrific experience to its visitors. Why? among other conventions in Belgium, Comic Con gives you the possibility to see you Hollywood Stars/Idols even just from afar unlike other conventions you cannot actually see them when you don’t have that specific ticket.

Brussels Comic Con is likely similar to other conventions like Made in Asia and F.A.C.T.S. that bring you together with all those things that you like. Indeed primarily Comics, TV Series, and Films stuff but also Manga, Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Collectibles etc.

The Venue

Comic Con Venue

This Convention has a wide place to welcome their visitors. Well, not as huge as the other two conventions which mentioned earlier. The area is enough to accommodate hundreds of visitors per day.

There are about a hundred Geek Markets in this event if I’m not mistaken. From Toys, Manga, down to comics and exclusive collections you can find all geeky stuff here.

at the venue

As you enter the place you’ll pass first at the entrance presenting your ticket for the day or a weekend ticket (Saturday and Sunday entrance). For those who are bringing fake weapons/props/gears with them especially cosplayers obliged to pass the Weapon Check Desk. 

The interesting one is the Baggage Counter Desk which you can actually leave your belongings there so you’ll be comfortable in the venue hall. Considering that it’s still winter here people are wearing their winter clothes.

Venue Halls

entrance hall

after the entrance

After the entrance you’ll see the Fandom Hall. Which consist of different booths of TV Series and Films like The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, Disney, Star Wars, and many more. 

Below you will see John Hammond Cosplayer posing for his Jurassic Park booth. How cool right?

jurassic park

Star Wars

If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars? here you’ll see a podium of Robots from the film. R2D2 and the BB-8 statues. This place is always occupied luckily I took this photo when someone just finished taking pictures with it.

The other side of the Hall is the booth of various clubs in Belgium such as Ranger Nation Belgium, Star Trek Fan Club, The Belgian Potterheads and many more. 

venue halls

On the adjacent part of it, you’ll see the Atom Stage or Main Stage where cosplay competition held and programs, singers, actors to present. In the other section, there’s Artist and Guest Alley (Cosplayer Stars and Hollywood Stars) with the photo booth.

artist booth

Artist booth doesn’t end with Cosplayers Sign desk, you’ll see some artists gallery in the area. You’ll see some great artwork of sketching, drawings, and paintings of Marvel Stars and others.

atom stage

By that time on the Atom Stage was Jason David Frank actor from Power Rangers speaking at the stage. Who wouldn’t be starstruck watching him live in reality than on TV? and you could even ask him some questions right on the spot! Brussels Comic Con 2018 is one of the coolest indeed!

Geek Markets 

geek markets

I’m sure you all know what geek markets are, but here in Brussels Comic Con 2018, you’ll see the latest collections and exclusive collectibles. From figurines/statuettes, toys, manga, Disney, souvenirs etc., as mentioned earlier these are pretty cool stuff here as well.

at the venue

For those who are a fan of Overwatch like me, you’ll see many fantastic stores selling high-quality figurines and other stuff of it. As you know Overwatch has an online store (USA based) it’s cheap there but when you order from Belgium you’ll have to pay the tax after (depending on how much you spend).


Though Brussels Comic Con 2018 focuses mainly on DC Comics, TV Series etc., there are some geeky stores for Anime lovers and Koran K-Pop as well. Just passing through a passage from the film My Neighbor Totoro plushies are present.


For K-Pop lovers, there are some things that you can buy like shirts, backpacks, key chains, posters, etc., In other words, this is the world of Geeks, all kinds of possible stuff are here for them (well, for us).

one piece

Let’s not forget my favorite Anime Series One Piece. It’s really great to see this collection and a quick tip to those who love to collect. In Brussels Comic Con 2018 the prices are cheaper, the owner of the store even told me that.

Disney fan

For Disney fans, you will absolutely love it here. Everywhere you go, you can find Disney items even Disney Cosplayers characters. I think this is one of the conventions that are child-friendly (for all ages).

It makes me remember a friend who collects Disney Christmas balls, well, I’m sure this one might interest him. I’ve also seen Hello Kitty items, actually, there a lot more that I can’t mention everything.

Cosplay Artists

Cosplay Artist

I know a lot of cosplayer who is a fan of these 3 beautiful Cosplay Stars. The one that I’ve known from one of the cosplayer that I’ve interviewed looked up to Yaya Han. I mean she’s just stunning and her works are top!

Luce Cosplay is famous for her Cosplay tutorials on YouTube, one of my favorites is her outstanding DVA Cosplay. Lastly, Tasha Cosplay UK, what I really like about her is that she isn’t just a cosplayer, she does stream and plays online. Her admirable cosplay works? personally, it would be Wonder Woman Cosplay.

This is an honor to watch these three ladies. I did take some photos of them (candid shots). Comment below if you wanna see them!

Hollywood Stars

hollywood stars

There is a quite impressive list of guest here in Brussels Comic Con 2018. Last year I’ve heard that they have also some big stars like actors from the films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Ted and Daredevil.

This year they Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Anthony Daniels & Jeremy Bulloch(Star Wars), Dean Cain (Superman), Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy).


As I’ve mentioned before Jason David Frank (Power Rangers), then there’s Stanislav Ianevski (Harry Potter), Richard Brake & Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones). Let’s not forget John Rhys-Davies one of my favorite from Lord of the Rings.

There are also YouTube artists like Tartinex and Farod from France. They are quite popular as well since we speak French in Belgium their videos are popular here. Lastly, Bernard Minet the singer of the famous Bioman.

Candid Shots at Brussels Comic Con 2018 

lord of the rings

John Rhys-Davies talking with his fans, it’s really fantastic to see him even at a distance. I’ve also seen Dean Cain, he is just handsome as ever. Unfortunately, photos weren’t clear since there were too many people queueing.


Passing in the another panel, I’ve seen Pom was there she’s playing the Mantis character in Guardians of the Galaxy film. I was surprise to her how she really fabulous and cool she is!

Amazing Works



Finally, I wanna say Bravo! to Berserker Fx to their magnificent job. It was on the Dealers Labyrinth hall that I saw these items.

It was stunning to see these impressive artworks that they are creating. If you guys wanna check out their works you can visit their website Berserker Fx or their Facebook Page. 

How to get to Brussels Comic Con 2018

brussels comic con

Via Public Transportation, for those who wanna take Bus (STIB) within Brussels City, you can take Bus 14, 15, 89, 57, and 88. Bus Stops: Picard or Tour & Taxis or Steamers. 

For those who live in Flanders side, you can take Bus (De Lijn) Bus 129, 620, 213, 214, 230, 231, 232,233, 240, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 250, 251, 260 Stop: Ribaucourt or Molenbeek St. Jean. 

Subway or Metro take the Line 2 & 6 and stop at the Yser Station. For Tram, take the Line 51 and stop at Sainctelette. 

Via Train, simply stop at the North Station and you can walk 10 minutes to the venue or else take a bus from there the ones noted at the Bus (STIB).

For more information you can visit Brussels Comic Con’s official site HERE.

Watch out for my next post “Cosplayers at Brussels Comic Con 2018”

Brussels comiccon

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  1. Claudia says:

    It looks like fun! My daughter would love it, thanks for sharing.

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    This sounds like an amazing event and a great opportunity to see the stars. I love all the pictures, seems like lots of excitement and fun, would love to visit and experience this terrific event. The venue looks great.

  3. So super cool. I went to the one in San Francisco in September. So cool. Thanks for sharing.

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    So glad you had an amazing time! Looked like fun!!

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    Love. love. This. I love comic con!!!

  1. February 24, 2018

    […] the one day tour in Brussels Comic Con 2018, as I’ve mentioned from the earlier post. By that time being that I was there, Atom Stage was presenting the Cosplay […]

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