Brussels Airlines flight BRU-PRG

It was Tuesday, 12th of September the day before my special day (Birthday) that I’ve received a message on my phone from an unknown number or shall I say some service provider of Brussels Airlines, the digital copy of my boarding pass for the next day.

I was super excited knowing that I’ll be celebrating my birthday not just in another country but a country who doesn’t use Euro currency. Indeed It’ll be my first time being alone with my hubby touring an unfamiliar city called Prague.

Flight from Brussels to Prague

Prague Holidays

The moment I arrived at home from work, I directly organize all specific things that I needed for that 4 days trip. Then, later on, check on my baby canon if everything is ready for holidays.

On the next day, early in the morning at 5:15 am I was already awake. I actually thought that we need to be at the airport before 7:00 am so I was thinking of taking the train at 6:01 am but I was totally confused. (I used to take trains in the morning to go work) that day I didn’t realize that we need to be at the airport from 7:00 am.

At the Airport

Brussels Airlines

Finally, we started our preparation at six in the morning and took the train from the nearest Train Station at 6:55 am. Brussels Airport was, as usual, a lot of people/travelers outgoing and incoming.

It’s always been a pleasure for me to see how the airport is when I’m not working it feels really weird since I don’t work that day.

Seeing tons of people around strolling with their baggage and trolleys, I remember again that horrible day has passed in this Airport. 22nd March of 2015 I vividly see and feel how it was for all those people were here when the terrorist attacked in this very place.

Anyway moving on to our flight that day, we brought a check-in luggage to be more peaceful in terms of carrying trolleys while traveling. Especially for products, that contain more than 100 ml.

Getting inside

brussels airport

Checking in our luggage automatically by our own (new manual process), Brussels Airlines does let their passengers check-in their own luggage manually with the new system machines.

Meanwhile, passing the control was so easy for us but I got a slight dilemma losing my boarding pass (paper copy). I didn’t panic for sure cause I know I got a backup plan (planned it in advance) my soft copy of Boarding pass on my phone.

Not a surprise announcement when the Airline sent us a notification message telling that our flight will be delayed for 10 minutes (super). The next thing we need was to eat our breakfast cause hey it’s my Birthday remember I need to be full of energy that day.

Who says girls don’t eat bacon?

girls eat bacon

Granting my wish, we went for a breakfast in Belgorama Restaurant. I ordered some bacon, tomato with cheese, potatoes and sunny side up eggs well cooked. The great thing is that they cook the egg in front of you and you can tell them when the egg is perfect to serve for you.

This new self-service restaurant, from the food that it serves classic Belgian dishes on the menu “vol-au-vent” to Flemish beef stew. Also, serves international dishes and vegetarian dishes.

I took coffee as well, for me a day cannot start without a coffee, mostly prefer cappuccino or coffee latte for breakfast, consume 4-5 cups a day I’m a coffee addict for sure.

I can say that I was really relaxing on that day despite the delayed flight, I wasn’t even worried.

The toughest and annoying part

toughest part

Spending for about half an hour for breakfast it’s time to go shopping (just kidding), I honestly don’t do shopping at the airport. It’s not that I don’t like but I just don’t want to spend (frugal girl mode).

The day was really occupied, the shops were kinda busy and I haven’t had the opportunity to say hi to my colleagues.

It was more of a vacation spree time for me I have no intention of ruining my day through worrying a lot about what will happen next.

We directly went to our designated gate, normally flights from Brussels Airlines occupy the gates from A42 however a jolt came for us. Our gate was A30 which is very weird in the area where Ryanair is located.

The moment of truth has arrived, the moment where I hated the most! the moment of waiting the gate to open. At first the expected delayed was 10 minutes and it became 20 minutes and now I’m suffering from boresome. luckily I got my phone with free wi-fi of the Airport and got to release some excess negative energy.

Waiting in vain for our flight, Brussels Airlines Wake up!

waiting in brussels

Suddenly I remember my flight with Emirates back from Cebu to Dubai, that was hauled of waiting. The said flight with the estimated duration of 1 hour and 25 minutes is now 2 hours, I guess this is how Brussels Airlines works now, since we got the smaller Airbus we are not less prioritize when it comes to landing and take off.

After an eternity of waiting we are now in our Airbus located kilometers away from the gate, we had to take a bus to get to our plane.

Finally we’re soaring!


Getting into the aircraft, It was phenomenal! the plane was so small as if it was the same as local planes in the Philippines. There were about less than one hundred passengers (more less I guess) We were in one bus only to go the taxi area of planes.

As our bus stopped in front of the plane, we were assigned not to descend out from the bus yet. You know why? cause the (cabin crew) flight attendants and the pilots weren’t there yet. (promising right? )

So we have to wait for them to get inside the plane and arrange their stuffs. Honestly as far as I know the in-flight crew members are supposed to be in advance or on time before the passengers arrive, to have the time to check the condition of the cabin, check the safety equipment etc.



Astonishment of deception, I didn’t expect that Brussels Airlines would not give importance on that matter, well except if I’m wrong If the crew were already there to verify everything and came again after. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from them.

The crew greeted us as we enter and search our seats, I didn’t encounter any problems on searching for overhead compartments to put any hand baggage since I haven’t had one. I brought a sling bag with me and that’s all.

The time has passed so fast like a blink of an eye, it was already 10:30 am and we are still waiting for our Aircraft to subsequently move. At last after halting we are now taking off.

Flying mode

While on the air, I was browsing on some magazines and admiring those souvenir statue planes that are on sale. Would love to buy all those plane statues one day. However I prefer those metal made and silver color aircraft like what I saw in Amazon.

Our flight went well, not a lot of turbulence in the air. I slept for the rest of the time and I woke up after an hour we safely arrive in Praha (Prague) “Vรญtejte v praze!!”


Welcome to Prague!


Over all experience was good, nothing to complain for the Aircrafts appearance or size. It was meant for small quantity of passengers so it is comprehensible.

Stewards and Stewardess were kind, friendly, informative but not that “smiley” compare to asian crews.

Things that I’m concern about Brussels Airlines:

  • Security check wasn’t tight, we checked-in our luggage and there’s no control of passport or boarding pass either. when getting out the gate to embark the plane, the officer just scanned our boarding pass and that’s it. I even ask “do I need to show my ID” response was “NO It’s okay” How can you possibly know that It was the real me? without looking at my ID or passport? (I’m just dismayed).
  • Passengers waiting for Cabin Crews to arrive, I never heard of this and this is the first time I’ve ever experience. Maybe it’s not the worst service but this is also disappointing.

Review Score 5/10



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15 Responses

  1. It looks like you had an exciting time for your birthday!!

  2. oussama AKSAS says:

    I agree with you

  3. Eva says:

    It’s kinds sad to read that you gave them such a low score when the flight was just delayed a short time. It seems that everything else went pretty smooth

  4. Kate says:

    Really helpful and honest review. I can’t believe you had to wait for the crew. I’ve never heard of that either and it definitely does seem like questionable customer service practices.

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks, Kate, good to hear that you agree with me. As I’ve mentioned it was my first time too. I have experienced a lot of flights wherein crew passes by on us in the gates but they never let us wait.

  5. First of all. Happy Birthday! Despite the delayed flight and having to wait for the crew, the plane itself looked really nice inside. Very thorough story of your day and experience with Brussels Airline – I felt like I had been there with you!

  6. abbigaylew says:

    ah reading this makes me to want to take a quick weekend cityscape! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’ve never flown with them, but your review makes them look pretty reliable ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m the total opposite btw – I love shopping at the airports, because I never go shopping in the city when I’m home ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks, Magda, at least I gave you some idea about how they execute their service. I didn’t mention how much I paid for the price but yeah price was kinda high that’s why I did expect high service from them. Nice shopping in duty-free shops are cheaper by the way.

  8. Anuja says:

    Didn’t know a Brussels airline existed! I hope to make it to Europe again someday and visit the beautiful country of Belgium.

  9. Detailed, honest review. Happy birthday! And, is there really a place where girls don’t eat bacon?

  10. Wow, that breakfast looks so tasty! I am hungry just looking at it. And great post, thank you for sharing.

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